Respiratory Distress

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Respiratory Distress
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP044
*Initiated: 120122
*Ended: 120325
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Menagerie
*Next Mission: Betrayal
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120120: I have received an urgent communique from the sparsely populated FGC - 5002997 Star System, 8 light years away. Little is known about the area as it is deep in the Takaar Nebula. It was tough for Ops to clean up the signal, subspace communications being compromised by the effects of the nebula. According to my communications officer, the one of the two inhabited planets of the system is struggling to maintain life support inside a specially constructed dome, and whoever is in charge of the settlement on the other planet is refusing to assist. While we don't want to be drawn into an internal conflict, we cannot ignore a request for medical assistance. The Norway Class cruiser USS Mak'ala NCC-64993, under command of science officer David Bravin, has been charting the Nebula. I have ordered them to FGC I to assess the situation.

The Intrepid Class USS Argonaut is to pick up a senior diplomat here at Astraios and make best possible speed to rendezvous with Mak'ala... but given the distance, even at top speed, she will not reach the system for at least 7 days.

I had assigned this task of charting the nebula's far reaches to LTjg Bravin... he is surely a capable officer, handling his first command... young but dedicated and thorough...still... I'm throwing him in the deep end with this emergency...

Crew participation

LTjg David7 Bravin (Captain)

LT Dolfke Barbosa (Tactical/Security)

LTjg Genny7 Markus (Medical)

Cadet Saraleah Sands (Helm)

Cadet Mark Claridge (Ops)

Cadet Begum ATA (Observer)


Leader of Planet FGC 1 (Genny7 Markus)

Planet FGC 2 Ship's Captain (David7 Bravin)


Reporting: Captain David7 Bravin, USS Mak'ala, 120122: Whilst on my first Command, aboard the Norway Class ship USS Mak'ala, on a routine scientific survey of the Takaar Nebula, I received a sub-space message from Astraios. I was informed that a distress call had been received from the planet FGC 1 in the nearby FGC-5002997 star system. Apparently the planet's inhabitants were struggling to maintain life support inside a specially constructed dome. Also, that the other inhabited planet in the system was refusing to assist. My orders were to travel to the star system and assess the situation. Accompanying my orders was a reminder not to be drawn into an internal conflict, but that we cannot ignore a request for medical assistance. I was also informed that, having regard to the circumstances, the USS Arganout (with a senior diplomat aboard) will rendezvous with us at the star system in 7 days time.

I ceased the scientific survey and ordered that we set course for the FGC- 5002997 star system.

Coming out of warp within the star system, as we were not certain of the situation that we would find, I ordered that we go to Yellow Alert.

I instructed Helm to take us near to the inner planet FGC 1.

I then asked for a communications channel to be opened to the planet below.

I informed the planet that we had received their distress call and asked for further information as regards the assistance they required.

I received a reply from the Leader of the planet to the affect that the dome was damaged and that they were running out of air. I then enquired whether they needed medical assistance, to which the reply was affirmative. I also ascertained that there were over 1,000 people on the planet, which made mass evacuation out of the question with a ship of our size.

I ordered a Medical Team to beam down to the planet in order to render medical assistance. However I was informed that this was not possible as there was a force field preventing teleport. At this point a spaceship appeared on our scanners with weapons at the ready. We went to Red Alert, with raised shields and had our weapons at the ready.

I asked for a communications channel to the ship and spoke to its Captain. It transpired that the ship was from the other inhabited planet FGC 2 and was responsible for the force field. I explained that we had arrived in response to a distress call and that in order to render medical assistance we needed the force field to be lowered so that we could beam down to the planet. Having first managed to gain the Captain's trust that we posed no threat, he agreed to stand down his weapons as we had done. He agreed to lower the force field, but only for our Medical Team to beam down to the surface. I ordered our shields to be lowered in what I said was in a further sign of trust (although we needed to do so, to enable teleport to take place).

Our Medical Team beamed down inside the dome and reported on the situation. Several casualties were beamed up to the ship and taken to Sick Bay for treatment. It was evident from the reports that I had received from our Medical Team and from the Leader of the Planet, that repairs were needed to the dome in order to stop the leak of air. I made a request to the Ship's Captain, for us to be able to send a team of Engineers down to the dome. The Captain was reluctant at first, but finally agreed to a Team of Engineers being sent "to carry out emergency repairs only".

Once our Engineering Team was safely down and carrying out repairs, I contacted the Captain of the ship and the Leader of planet FGC 1 in turn and informed them that we were expecting another of our ships to arrive in the next few days with a diplomat aboard, who may be able to help with the current situation.

We are currently in orbit above FGC 1. Our Medical Team has returned and are helping treat the casualties we brought aboard. Our Engineering Team remain on the planet, carrying out emergency repairs to the dome. I await the arrival of the USS Argonaut, with the hope that the senior diplomat will be able to be of assistance.

I wish to place on record my thanks to all members of the crew for their help in this Mission.

In particular, to Helmsman Sands and Operations Officer Claridge, since it was their first Mission aboard the USS Mak'ala.

Also to LT. Barbosa, for working so well under difficult circumstances and to Dr. Markus for her medical leadership.