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General Data
*SIM Type: SS Athena Missions
*Production number: ATH-RP043
*Initiated: 110220
*Ended: 110220
*Year: 2386
*SIM Concept: IViking Wizenheim
*Historian: Thallanor Rasmuson

During a routine workday aboard Athena, an unmanned shuttlecraft is detected on sensors, drifting through Athena airspace.


Captain's log, stardate 110221:

While I am on LOA for the next few days, I have left Athena in the very capable hands of its officers. Today, Braxx, Taurik, Michel, and Victoria are scheduled for bridge duty. Hopefully for them, nothing awry occurs.

Computer, end log.


Speaking to Braxx, he has indicated to me that things were far from normal on Athena. Based on his report, sensors detected an unmanned shuttle drifting through Athena airspace. With sensor resolution increased, a faint life sign was detected and the vessel was tractored into Athena's shuttlebay. With a forcefield erected around the vessel, research continued and the life sign was determined to be that of Athena's own iViking Wizenhelm, who was in a comatose state.

iViking was beamed directly to sickbay under Victoria's orders, at which point she departed to see what she could determine as to the cause of his current condition. Meanwhile, Taurik and Michel started going over the shuttle in an effort to determine its origin. While they worked on the shuttle, Braxx and Victoria determined that iViking was infected with a rapidly morphing mutagen and soon, iViking started convulsing. After Victoria stabilized his condition, they started disassembling the DNA of the mutagen. While they were able to determine some aspects of it, much of it was left up to them to begin constructing an anti-mutagen. After several hours working on the patient and the anti-mutagen, they produced a hypospray that was then administered to iViking.

After monitoring his condition for several minutes, a follow-up scan found that all traces of the mutagen were eliminated. iViking was advised rest before returning to active duty.