Rifting Apart

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Demasiado trevido a donde nadie he ido antes
Rifting Apart
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Veracruz Missions
*Production number: VERA-RP6x03
*Initiated: 160120
*Ended: 160120
*Year: 2391
*Forum Thread: Rifting Apart
*Previous Mission: Tale of Two Lionhearts
*Next Mission: Neutralized by a Nebula
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Aryela Dagger


Captain's Log:

Stardate: 160120

Alert Status: Green

A most interesting event. We have responded to a Federation distress signal which originated in a nearby nebula. What we found inside was Major Asbrink and what remained of the USS Lionheart. However, we soon discovered both the major and his ship had arrived via a rift from an alternate universe.

The doctor has healed his wounds, but our science department is reporting the rift is expanding. Our best information tells us we must not only return the major, but also get the battered hulk of the Lionheart to fly again, so both may be returned and allow the rift to seal.

In service, Flt Captain Kinney Randt-Rhode