Rocky Recovery

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Rocky recovery
General Data
*SIM Type: Pathfinder Research Facility
*Initiated: 110902
*Ended: 110902
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [[1]]
*Previous Mission: Kellen Empire - The Nile Part 3
*Next Mission: Smugglers Cove
*SIM Concept: AndromedaStJohn Aeon
*Historian: HarleyQuinn69 Resident

The crew of Pathfinder Research Facility went on a mission to recover Meteorite samples after the recent meteorite storm in Pinastri IV .


Acting Commanding Officers Log

Stardate: 110902

Location: Xo's Office PRF

Alert Status: Green

The mission was to locate and retrieve samples of the fallen meteorites from the recent storm that occurred in the Pinastri region, there was tracked debris from the storm with a rough location on the far side of Pinastri IV located on the C1 continent.

I assembled the crew and we took the runabout USS Iznogoud to the far side of the planet, all systems were checked and the shuttle was eased out of docking by Cmdr Offcourse, a course was plotted to one of the known locations and it would be a short hop there.

On arrival of the location the shuttle was put into a holding pattern above the surface and the away team beamed down. On arrival to the planet’s surface it was noted it was a forested area, with tall trees of unknown species ( to be determined later on examination of the samples taken)

The teams were split into two to cover more ground and spread the search out. Lt Cmdr Offcourse headed team A with lt Starr and i headed Team B with Cmdr Dagger, we dropped down from the waterfall area carefully and ascended the rocky face heading towards the location of one of the downed meteorites, there was a fair amount of insect life and some large spiders around. There was no visual evidence of any meteorological disturbance in the direct area so we continued our search.

Cmdr Dagger spotted a large lake area with a smaller lake to it side, the readings on the tricorder shot off the scale, it was evident there was something in the water after scanning the water to make sure it was safe to enter, there was the usual small aquatic life but we took it steady surface swimming out to the approximate location and we took a free dive down to see what we could find.

As we dove down the water was relatively clear, as we neared the bed of the lake there were a few rocks visible, on scans it showed they were what we were looking for. They were too big to bring back so we tagged them for transportation back to the shuttle.

As we came out of the lake Team A appeared and had a couple of samples as well, after a short discussion we collected some of the fauna samples whilst we were here and headed back to the shuttle, once inside we beamed up the meteor we had tagged.

Cmdr Offcourse plotted a course back to Pathfinder station and we headed home, as we entered pathfinder we docked and beamed the rock to the science lab for later analysis and i headed down to the lab in order to store the samples we had collected.

Computer End Log