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SS Peedy Thor
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"Things are only impossible, until they are not" ~ Jean Luc Picard
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Construction Data
*Registry: 122355
*Type: Headquarters
*Commissioned: 180301
*Construction: Cascadia
*Station Designer: ASDB
*Operational Status: In Shakedown
Senior Staff
*Commander: Kermie Mistwallow
*Executive Officer: Vacant
*Chief Engineer: Vacant
*Chief of Security: Vacant
*Chief Medical Officer: Draco Dimanovic
*Chief of Operations: 3249Rowena Resident
*Chief Science Officer: Isis Gaelyth
Design Specifications
*Type: Headquarters
*Hull Composition: Hull composition.
*Levels: 9
*Crew Compliment: Crew supplement.
Computer Systems
*Computer Systems: Computer Specs
*Shields: Shields
*Armor: Armor
*Phasers: Phaser Systems
Auxiliary Craft
*Auxiliary Craft Compliment: Auxillary Craft/Shuttle supplement


The station is named after one of our more prominent members, the late Admiral Peedy Thor. We strive to continue his vision and drive to make the station a crowning jewel of UFS. Admiral Peedy Thor, Gone but Never Forgotten.


The SS Peedy Thor is a Watchtower class station, located in the heart of the Pinastri System just beyond the Humboldt Belt sitting in geosynchronous orbit with Pinastri IV, also known as Pinastri Prime. Construction of the station began a few months after the Volcanic Eruption on Pinastri Prime. The Pinastri Ground Facility was forever gone and in our minds we were uncertain of the future. We lost many good crew members and still feel that loss every day.

During this time we resided on the SS Athena. The Athena was a small Marine station with very cramped quarters for our large crew. Many of the crew were reassigned to other ships of line, while a small number of us stayed on the SS Athena. Even with the lessoned numbers we were still quite cramped and medical conditions were not the best with so many crew still there. The engineers, with help from civilian contractors, began to construct what would someday be the SS Peedy Thor. The Peedy Thor was assembled on-site during a long two year process. We weathered several ion storms, a chaotic system full of dangers, and the occasional malfunction of equipment.

During its assembly, the station was positioned in orbit of Pinastri III. However with the lower gravitation of the planet and the increase in freighter and mining traffic to and from the Humboldt Belt and the outer planet’s moons, the station was moved to its current position in orbit of Pinastri IV (Pinastri Prime).

Though the struggle to complete this station has been long, and filled with tragedy, it has also been rewarding. To see the planet burn and the SS Peedy Thor rise like a newborn baby, born in the heat of battle, to carry on with its first screams being “UFS Strong”.

Crew Manifest

Construction and Initial Assignment

Technical Data



  • Type Symmetrical Multi Modulation Subspace Graviton Field Generator
  • Number of Grids 732
  • Power Output 19.200 Gigawatts
  • Shield Range 20 Meters from Hull
  • Frequency Range 52% of EM Spectrum



Type X

  • Number of arrays 16
  • Strength and Power Output 68 Gigawatts
  • Effective Range 1.500.000 Kilometers

Type V

  • Number of arrays 10
  • Strength and Power Output 25 Gigawatts
  • Effective Range 1.500.000 Kilometers

Torpedo Systems

  • Compliment 400 Torpedoes
  • Torpedo Types Photon
  • Number Launchers 8
  • Range 3.000.000


Support Craft

Dedication Plaque

SS Peedy Thor Plaque.png

First Contacts



Missions of SS Peedy Thor Alpha Shift


Missions of SS Peedy Thor - Beta Shift

PTRPMW001: Rude Awakening (180314)

Cross-Fleet Missions