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Commanding Officer's Log

Stardate 100105

As our Engineering Team have been checking both repairs on existing and newer structures, reports have been coming in of biological remains that appear to be similar to the pregnant sea creature that was encountered last year. Pathfinder personnel have been put on alert to keep their eyes open for any sightings of the creature(s)and all personnel have been assigned to assist in searching for the creature(s). Our teams are working diligently to find the source of these remains and what they mean.

I hope our presence on the planet did not bring about the current weather crisis and has caused a determental effect to the enviroment which has caused any harm to the intelligent lifeforms on Pinastri IV. Speaking of the planet, despite having been in this area of space for as long as we have I've noticed as of late that many officers and cadets still can't keep straight which planet we have settled on. Perhaps it's time to talk with the Admiral about considering naming the planet properly instead of just using the system and number designation. I'm personally drawn to the idea of naming our home here for the first Human to explore the Delta Quadrant, John Kelly, who's remains were discovered by the U.S.S. Voyager during it's journey home through this Quadrant.

Domhnall Skytower LT. CO Pathfinder Research Facility

Mission Reports

Computer Start recording Executive Officer´s Mission Log Lt. Nabuleone Rhode Stardate 100105

While reading lots of padds and refreshing my knowledge about the Prime Directive, I was alerted by the CO that Engineering found remains of the sea creature we encountered almost a year ago. It is assumed that the changes on the surface of Pinastri IV (weather conditions, tectonic activities, and so on) could have something to do why the creature - or remains of it - appears again.

The Pathfinder crew started to recover biological samples and remains of the creature, including some water samples, which I personally recovered from the area where we recovered the remains and where the sensors showed some bio-signs. Well, I cannot deny that I am still a scientist.

During the recovery I felt a whisper in my head, just like if someone tried to enable a telepathic connection, but my telepathic abilities are non existant and Vulcans or Betzoid crewmembers were not available, so I returned back to PRF, with the water samples and for a routine check at the sickbay. The routine check results a few weird reactions in my body and in my blood, but they were just temporal and I dont felt bad at any time during my duty shift. I will let check this, by medical, a few days later, again.

All samples and remains are in secured areas at the sickbay and in the science lab for further examination from mediacl and science staff and I hope the results of the medical and scientific lab researches will bring some light in the darkness.

End Log Entry Computer Stop recording

Sea Creature Redux - 100105 - Operations Log :

Officer Name: Krimsom Sands Your Rank: Ensign Your Position: Communications Office PRF

Incident Report (i.e what happened, what did you do): While working my station on 100105 the scientist on PRF came across something that required them to take a biological matter sample. Once the sample was obtained I initiated and monitored that transport of the samples to sickbay for Medical and Science to study. While doing their investigation Medical came across some odd readings in the sample and requested that we get a sample of water from the area that the sample was taken from. I arranged for sciene to get the sample for medical. While waiting for the sample Ensign Korobase went through past records and found that the DNA of the samples matched those of a pregnant Sea Creature that was discovered last year. While plant side Lt Rhode's started hearing voices in his head. I ran a scan and found no life signs around him. I then beamed the Lt. Rhodes and the sample to sickbay. I then recieved a report from the SFC that they sighted a large infrared cluster about 150 kilometers southwest of the volcano. They stated that they cluster was moving slowly to the west. I then recieved a call from Security stating that they have found the remains of a creture on the small island near the HMS Enteterprise. I sent a Science team to the sight to study the remains. The remains where then sent to sickbay where they started their exam on the creature. The SFC continued to monitor the large IR cluster which was still heading west from its last reported location. All incoming data was rerouted to both Medical and Science so they could be informed with what was going on as well.

Follow up actions (if applicable): I recommend that we continue to monitor the IR cluster. I will also work with the other Ops members on coming up with a means of communicating with them as well.

Sea Creature Redux - 100105 - Medical Log : Acting Vice CMO Lt JG Sounj Winslet

To: Dr Scorpio Wycliffe Cc: LT Nabuleone Rhode

Re: Sea Creature Redux- 100105

Today, it was finded biological sample at close to water. Science go out and collect this biological samples and sended this to PRF Medical. Cadet Alexandrea Swords und I start work on scan of biological samples, takes note of DNA remain, anything that not good. Dr Meta Korobase comed in about for this time for to help with.

This both sample was examinated and it was find that both sample has DNA of Sea Creature after consult with database combine with this scannes. We finded a level of Histamin and Mercury , Alcholol from scan of biological material sample.

Dr Korobase calles for to see if water sample can bee of collect to quiz the water on to see if a connect can bee seed about between readout and water. A few second after, Dr Korobase finded this blood work of sample was say wrong was organs possible. This leaded way to us thinkes this condition was cause by creture itself.

But during time of this, LT Nabuleone Rhode comed to gettes sample of water and this water probe. But wenn he was down, he heared wispering. It was no cause pain or anything. this was just there. The intresting thing for this, was at this time, a life form is spots life form near LT Rhode. He was beem to sickbay immediate for checkup.

Dr Korobase check out LT Rhode and treet for Mercury poison. At time, Dr Korobase detect alcholol in LT Rhode blood. This no settle good with LT Rhode, so I decide scan after wait minutes 15. At time, i see mercury is allmost gone, and no alchohol. I assume this beecaus of for unknow reson, that This Mercury, show auch as Alcolol. LT Rhode dimiss on back on duty and Dr Korbase leafed.

A few remain was finded and beem to sickbay to bee look at. This is still bee look at Moment.

Sea Creature Redux - 100105 - Medical Log :

Officer Name: Meta Korobase Your Rank: Ensign Your Position: Pathfinder Duty Doctor

Incident Report (i.e what happened): Returning from holiday leave off world I found Doctor Sounj Winslet and Cadet Swords examining a strange sample, found in the water on Pinastri. The three of us examined it, finding it's DNA structure to be similar to the Sea Creature we encounted last year. There were heavy traces of mercury and alcohol found in the water near the sample, possing possible risk to UFS personnel. Medical placed the samples into isolation to continue to study them and find out what we can. Attached is the biological survey of the sample.

Follow up actions (if applicable) Continue the search for the sea creatures and attempt to minimise the risk of contamination from the mercury and alcohol. Sea Creature Redux - 100105 - Medical Log :

United Federation Starfleet Sector 001 & 002 Pathfinder Research Facility

Pathfinder Research Facility Medical Report

Officer Reporting: Cadet Alexandrea Swords Mission Name: Sea Creature Redux Stardate: 100105

Arrived at PRF sickbay at 0900 hrs. Upon receipt of samples from unknow biological found on planet surface, began DNA scans. DNS showed samples to be from same biological creature discovered last year.

New samples however showed an unknown contaminant. High hystamine levels in samples coupled by high mercury levels. Subsequent tests showed that contaminants could infect huminoid species. At this point it was strongly suggested that all personnel who came in contact with either the sea creature species or the samples come immediately to sick bay to be examined. It was discovered that contamination in huminoids caused both mercury poisoning and an odd alcohol poisoning. The Executive Officer reported to sick bay displaying raised alcohol levels and mild mercury poisoning. Medication was administered.

We must conduct further tests to determine the following:

1. Is the elevated hystamine levels in the creature a result of some type of allergine or contaminate that we inroduced to it.

2. Is the the elevated levels of mercury in its system a symptom or are they necessary for the health of the creature.

3. It this is the reason, how is this cross contamination happening? Is it airborne, water or some other form.

Much more needs to be learned about this speicies, but before we can, we must awnser the questions already posed in ensure farther harm is not done in either direction.

Cadet Alexandrea Swords Gamma Company Cadet (guest in mission)

Sea Creature Redux #2 - 100109 :

PRF Crew Attendance

Commanding Officer - Lt Domhnall Skytower Executive Officer - Lt Nabuleone Rhode

Chief of Security - Ltjg AndromedaStJohn Aeon Security Officer - Ens Hawke Caiben Security Officer - Lt. RobotBoy Alsop

Chief of Science - Lt Chronos Xaris Scientist - Lt. Sofrosta Fleury Scientist - LtCmdr Gijsjan Broek (as Holo transmission from Wasteland-System long range mission)

Operations Officer - Lt.JG Kryjeck Martynov Operations Officer - Ens Krimsom Sands Operations Officer - Ens Melina Firehawk

Doctor - Lt.JG Sounj Winslet

Chief Engineer - Lt.Cmdr. Sov Meriman Guest Engineer - Ens General Joubert

Mulgrave Dwi as "the Creature"

Sea Creature Redux #2 - 100109 - XO Log :

Computer Start recording Executive Officer´s Mission Log Lt. Nabuleone Rhode Stardate 100109

We continued the research of the sea creature. Sensors detected biosigns of the creature on the surface and two teams spread out to research. A security team tried to locate the sea creature and a science team continued the survey of the place where we found the remains. Security captured a living creature and transported it to PRF sickbay. Enginering installed a tank to create an acceptable environment for the creature. The science team had communication problems and I supported the team till their return to PRF. Medical, Science supported Ens Firehawk, which is an aqua beased lifeform, and half-vulcan Ens Caiben to communicate with the sea creature what was very difficult. The sea creature is an intelligent and generally a friendly lifeform, but the lack of communication can cause misunderstandings which can lead to an aggressive behavior of the sea creature. Everyone from the crew did a great job to handle the situation in a good manner.

End Log Entry Sea Creature Redux #2 - 100109 - Science Mission Log :

Name: Chronos Xaris Rank: Lieutenant Shift Time: 12:00

To :Lieutenant Nabuleone Rhode

Science officers present Lt Chronos Xaris Lt Sofrosta Fleury

Assisting Officers Lt Nabuleone Rhode XO Ensign Melina Firehawk OPS Lt jg Sounj Winslet Medical Ensign Hawke Caiben Security

Science Report

The sea creature has returned to the Pathfinder Research Facility and was taken into custody without incident. The creature was studied by Lt Fleury by making acoustic recordings.

Science Log LCARS : and

The creature seems hostile and unpredictable. Further study is needed. Ensign Firehawk connection with the creature is an asset that needs to be exploited.

The creature was transferred to the under water holding area for further study. The area is big enough so the creature feels safe and comfortable.

[10:48] Melina Firehawk: If we can erect a containment field in the water around it, the creature could be released into the water and have the freedom to swim. I could join it down there and perhaps make more progress with communication …..It won't be total freedom, but close enough while we communicate.

[10:54] Melina Firehawk: Sir, if we're able to transfer the creature, I think we should let it rest before we try anything. I'm picking up that it's tired and weak [10:55] Chronos Xaris: and we need to be sure and observe the creature for any hostility


The recent changes to the planet my have the creature agitated and disorientated.


We need to be alert for more creatures in the area. Continue observations of the creature by telepathic means.

End Science Report

Sea Creature Redux #2 - 100109 - Engineering Mission Log :

Officer Name: Sov Meriman Your Rank: LT.CMDR Your Position: PRF C.ENG

Incident Report (i.e what happened): SD 100109

Engineering team was assisted by Ensign Generaal Joubert of ASDB.

Instructed to prepare a special heated tank for the alien species. Engineering teams utilised industrial replicators to prepare special transparent aluminium panels for installation. One replicator malfunctioned slowing progress.

Ens Joubert was assigned to complete installation of the panels using a shuttle to lower them into position. He was called away on an emergency encounter with an alien to sickbay where he continued to reconfigure the environmental controls to establish a tank there in one of the medical bays for science to monitor.

Follow up actions (if applicable)

Sea Creature Redux #2 - 100109 - Medical Mission Log :

Officer Reporting: Ltjg Sounj Winslet Mission Name: Sea Creature Redux pt 2 Date: 100109

Today we here that at Quarks, disturb is take place. Ensign Caiben is sended down to see on this. When he get there, Hitman Jayaram was also at this and Medical was putted on Standby. The ... person was try to nock over Ensign Caiben and try to do same with Jayaram. A minute later, this ... person start run from Security and go into the water.Ensign Caiben go back to Quark to help with Science und here strange noise from the water and it was detect that lifeform was around.Science arrive and has did research around this time.

A few minute later, the creature was sight beehind Cadet Sileena Allen and was try to scare her.Security respond and it is thinked that the creature is Empath, for it was send Cadet Allen images same with Ensign Caiben. Over a privat com, Cadet Allen telled me she was ok. It was rembered that Creature from last year was telepathic.... so it is thinkes that the creature that was lossted and beeing chase around today was from last year the one that was letted go.Science was ability to record sound of what was hered so they can look into it.

A few minute later, Creature go down, and it is seem to bee unwell.It is beam to sickbay under forcefeld with Ensign Caiben and LT Robotboy there, and water is place in area. I let EMH do what is in need. EMH and I findes that creature is esausted, has no eat in a few day, and many old injury no heeled right. EMH run dermal regenerator over creature. Nutrient was relese into water for creture. I has never seen Creature of this specie, so no much can be did. I was no shure what drug can be use or what, as well as the EMH not know creature specie. So we quit and let creature heel on it own. Science, the XO, and Ensign Melina Firehawk, Ensign Joulbert come to see with creature. LT Xaris say it look like creature from beeing release on last year.The creature wake up and life fish is relese for the creature to eat. But it not eat, is see remain sit on consul from another creature of it on kind.

The creature gettes angry and Ensign Caiben try communicate with creature. i risk set in Kayolane to sedate it, but it not work. By now, Ensign Caiben tell that the Creature is mad for it own friend that remain lay on side. The remain is clear from sight from creature.With communicate with creature, it is finded out it is female, and that the mate was what we finded. The creature thinkes that we kill the mate. Ensign Firehawk thinked of maybee let her commicate with creature, in besser area- maybee with in the Substation. But with beeing monitor. Untill then, creature remain secure in sickbay.

End Log

Sea Creature Redux #3 - 100116 :

PRF Crew Attendance

Commanding Officer - Lt. Domhnall Skytower Executive Officer - LtCmdr. Nabuleone Rhode

Guest Security Officer - Octavio Baily

Scientist - Cmdr. Gijsjan Broek Scientist - Lt. Sofrosta Fleury

Operations Officer - Lt. Kryjeck Martynov Operations Officer - Lt.JG Krimsom Sands Operations Officer - Ens Melina Firehawk

Doctor - Lt.JG Sounj Winslet Guest Doctor - Lt. Piper John Medical Trainee Cadet - Alexandrea Sword

Chief Engineer - Lt.Cmdr. Sov Meriman Engineer - Ensign Shran Zeid Guest Engineer - LtCmdr. Ronin Calayan

Cadet Kavea Pearl (Observer)

and Mulgrave Dwi and Otheno Floresby as "the Creature"

Sea Creature Redux #3 - 100116 - XO Log :

Computer Start recording Executive Officer´s Mission Log Lt.Cmdr. Nabuleone Rhode Stardate 100116

Today we continued our researches of the sea creature which is quartered in Aqua Substation of our colony. Ensign Firehawk made good success to communicate with the sea creature. Both were aqua based lifeforms and they communicted via telepathy - sending pictures from mind to mind and Ensign Firehawk found a way to translate the pictures into spoken words. All these actions wer observed and supported by the Pathfinder scientists Cmdr. Broek and Lt. Fleury. Again we had communication interferences and fluctuations in the energy grid of the station. While the operations officers monitored the internal sensors and Chief Engineer Meriman checked the energy grid, I moved to the Aqua Substation to support the research team. Ensign Firehawk was outisde the station in the water to create a comfortable ambience to ommunictae the with the creature and Cmdr.Broek, Lt.Fleury and me manned consoles and observed and supported the research. Suddenly we got a warning from the OPS that there were tectonic actvities caused by the volcano. There was less time to prepare and so were shaked by a heavy tremor. The Station took some damage and part of floors fall down. Cmdr. Broek broke his leg and I got hurted at my head. The Station had a big leak and was on the way to get flooded very quick. After some difficulties with comm and transporter connection, Cmdr. Broek and me could beamed to the sickbay and Chief-Engineer Meriman took charge of the leak. Meanwhile many more sea creature appeared on the scene, but they were all friendly. After an excellent treatment from Dr. Winslet and the succor of my beloved Laren, who supported the medical dept after the tremor, I could return to light duty.

End Log Entry Computer Stop recording

Sea Creature Redux #3 - 100116 - Engineering Mission Log :

Officer Name: Sov Meriman Your Rank: LT.CMDR Your Position: PRF C.ENG

Incident Report (i.e what happened): SD 100116

Engineering team Ensign Shran Zeid Lt Cmdr Ronin Calayan

Sea creatures detected on vector approach with intermittent pauses Potential security breach of the perimeter however raising any fields could be interpreted as hostile.

Boosted power to SIFs due to sensor readings of tectonic activity.

Signal of comms disrupted, boosted signal gain to clear the transmission as best as possible.

PRF suffered structural damage due to an earthquake. SIFs did hold though the primary computer went offline. Switched to aux systems.

Attended call out to underwater lab exterior panel crack with water damage. Recalibrated a replicator to create a seal and with synchronised with transporters to integrate it into the panel. The seal held however enabling rescue time for the occupants, whilst the lower levels flooded. Without main power, pumps were unable to keep the water from flooding. Evac order for the lab given.

Returned to Ops to find structural damage as a second quake hit, and a beam had knocked Cmdr Calayan down, Thankfully Dr Piper John took charge and the patient into her good care. The fallen PRF sign a sign of a lot of repair work to do.

Sea Creature Redux #3 - 100116 - Medical Log Summary :

United Federation Starfleet Sector 001 & 002 Pathfinder Research Facility

Pathfinder Research Facility Medical Report

Officer Reporting: LTjg Sounj Winslet Mission Name: Sea Creature Redux Pt 3 Stardate: 100116

Today mission start with Ensign Firehawk and creture at Substation and a few report that more Sea Creature was roam around the planet. Science goe down to help Ensign Firehawk with the creture, beecaus she was go to try to do a bit more then just observ. The creature deside to summan all other Creature that it ok to roam around planet.

I gettes a subspace messege from Cadet Sword that she need bee beem up for medical attention, but from beecaus of techinickal difficulty ((lag)), it taked a few minute to get her on sickbay. She was hurtes by a creature in Welcome Centre, and telles me of other was roam around, wenn a report comed in comfirm for this fact. I treet Cadet Sword and she recover.

Cadet Swords reported later :

"Arrived at Wecome Center approximately 1020 hrs. Shortly after arrival, a member f the sea creature appearned and began attacking. Called for Security, by time they arrived creature had changed locations and was at Quarks. Creature returned to the WC with another of its speicies, and began attacking once more, and trying to access the transporter board. I was bitten and sent by security to Pathfinder Sickbay and treated. Upon completion of treatment I stayed to assist Dr Winslet."

A few minute later, LT Skytower finded and warn of a earthquake can happan at any of time. When this is happan, LT Octavio Baily was beem in sickbay from bee attack by a creature. Cadet Sword place beehind forcefeld and I try to treet him. I make him stabil and let computer run test on him with EMH help, for a poison ist in him system that ist unknow about.

From the earthquake, we has a few hurted peepel, Cmdr Rhode, LTCmdr Ronin Cayaman, and LTCmdr Broek. They all was come to sickbay, and treet and relesed. Dr John offer assist, and it was accept, and this was good, as hour hand was tie beehind our back in a way it seem.

Dr. John reported :

"After arriving at Sickbay I does a full body scan and connected my Tricorder to the Bio Bed Monitor Cmdr. Calayan had major inner injuries. In the meanwhile Cadet Swords informed me that Cmdr. Broeks Nanos where at 35%. I told her that his arm med kit can handle this and that i immediately need her help with Cmdr. Calayan. I told her to prepare a Protoplaster for me. As she gave me the Protoplaster i immediately put it on Cmdr. Calayans Body. I also administerd him Trianoline to help with the neurologic injuries. I asked Cadet Swords to close Cmdr. Calayans wounds and handed her a Dermal Regenerator. After the Protoplaster has done his work and another scan which shoes success on the healing, Cmdr. Calayan opend his eyes. I removed the Protoplaster. His Vital signs was back to normal and he has no neurological injuries. I told him that i want to monitor him at Sickbay for the next 30 Minutes. After the final scan which showed no complains i sent Cmdr. Calayan back to light duty, but ordered him to report to Sickbay the next day. After that i took a look on Cmdr. Rhode. I was happy to see that he was ok. Dr. Winslet ordered him to go to his quarter and take some rest for the next 24 hours."

All return back to normal, but LT Baily ist in sickbay beeing work with.

Commander - Pathfinder RF Moderator Emissary

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Re: SEA CREATURE REDUX - PRF Mission Summary « Reply #15 on: 100131.1030 » Reply with quoteQuote Modify messageModify Remove messageRemove Split TopicSplit Topic Sea Creature Redux #4 Final Mission - 100130:

PRF Crew Attendance

Commanding Officer - Lt. Domhnall Skytower Executive Officer - LtCmdr. Nabuleone Rhode

Scientist - Cmdr. Gijsjan Broek

Operations Officer - Lt. Kryjeck Martynov Operations Officer - Ens Melina Firehawk

Doctor - Lt.JG Sounj Winslet

Engineer - Ensign Shran Zeid

Sea Creature Redux #4 Final Mission - 100130 - XO Log :

Computer Start recording Executive Officer´s Mission Log Lt.Cmdr. Nabuleone Rhode Stardate 100130

After the heavy tremors and the changings on the surface of Pinastri Prime, it seems the sea creatures disappears. Today we checked sensors and monitored every movement in the areas of the sea creature has appeared, but the sensors showed ... nothing. Its assumed that the discovery of the pipes with the toxic green fluid which contamined with radiation can have somthig to do why the sea creatures disappeared. In future it we need to investigate this phenomenons and the new discovered underwater ruins in this area. It will be a task for our biologists, ecologists and me as archaeologist. Projects needs to be initiated soon.

First of all we have another exciting mission to accomplish a recovery mission of the large space station we discovered at Pinastri VIII. LCARS :

Preparartions for this project are ongoing.

End Log Entry Computer Stop recording

Sea Creature Redux #4 Final Mission - 100130 - Medical Log :

United Federation Starfleet Sector 001 & 002 Pathfinder Research Facility

Pathfinder Research Facility Medical Report

Officer Reporting: LTjg Sounj Winslet Mission Name: Sea Creature Redux

On a month ago, Medical gettes a sample of some remain... Upon test of this remain, it was descover that they beelong posible to the Sea Creature that was encounter of last year. However, off course, it was deaf- so we was see how deaf comed to it.

It was study on the remains, and it was finded a mercury coating on them. Wenn this mercury was study- it was finded it have a few property of Alchohol in it. Upon more of reserch, think this mercury/alcohol mix is normal for this creture, but is can bee use as poison on other creature.

About a week or two pass this first time, a few other 'Sea Creature' comed up from water, it was hurted, for old injured no heal on right, and it need food. A skin sample was taked and finded that there is radiation, but a small form of it. This bringed a few idea of into light. The remain of the deaf sea creature was look at again- this time, but it very hard was to see, it was finded radiation in it. We is still look into this, for this can bee cause for deaf of creature.

Buy the time comed to look onto Ensign Firehawk, it was finded that this creature was leafed the area, so was all the other creature. Medical think radiation was drive them out. There ist a few more thing that was finded, but Medical ist look into to see if this has a thing to do with the deaf of the one, or if this was what maked Sea Creature leaf beecaus of unhealth.