Search and Rescue

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"Sometimes it's better not to know."
Search and Rescue
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Wildfire Missions
*Production number: WLF-RP0001
*Initiated: 130123
*Ended: 130123
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: N/A
*Next Mission: AI Apocalypse
*SIM Concept: Nikond40 Resident
*Historian: Nikond40 Resident


Captain's Log, I feel like things have been shaping up well for me and my crew of 6. We may have been assigned the smallest viable ship in the fleet but from what I know of her, she was the fastest in her hey-day. Let's hope she can serve us well in our mission to locate UFS's missing Norway Class.

Crew Participation


The Wildfire departed Tranquility on route to sector 001D, halfway into its voyage there was a leak in the warp plasma bypass systems, which resulted in the ship having to be stopped for repairs. During that time, the crew made note of the wreckage of a borg cube, a remnant of the war between Species 8472 and the borg. After alerting UFS command as to the discovery, the Wildfire's engineering staff reported that the leak had been plugged and that they could resume. Homing in on faint impulse and warp emissions, the crew was led to an uncharted planet with the completely abandoned Masters fully powered in orbit. realizing the warp trail they were following was not from the Master's engines, Luna Harper alerted UFS to their locating the ship, and set off to find the ship that seemingly abducted the entire crew.