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The Second officer is the 3rd in command of a starship or spacestation, this officer is one of the department heads and is responsible for assisting in additional command duties as and when the CO/XO requires.


  • Management and integration of ship actvities and integration with other UFS fleet vessels and facilities
  • Reporting to CO/XO of their specific duty station
  • Assuming command in the eventuality that something happens to the CO or XO.


"Academic Mandatory"

  • Introduction to UF Starfleet
  • Protocols and Procedures
  • History of UFS I
  • History of UFS II
  • Bridge Duty Stations
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Command Protocols: Starbase and Starship Command I


  • Introduction to UFS Communications
  • Communications Officer (to be developed)
  • Helm Protocols
  • History of Starships I
  • History of Starships II
  • Groundschool
  • Flight 101
  • Workbee Operations

""Suggestions (Not Required)""




  • Is required to be a current department head on the ship/station.


  • N/A

Suggestions (Not Required)


Minimum Rank

Starship/Station SO:

  • Lieutenant JG
  • No reprimands on service record
  • Good behaviour and reputation