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[[Category:Positions in UFS]]
[[Category:Positions in UFS]]
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Sector 002
General Data
*Branch: Command
*Founded: 2385
*Status: Active
*Homebase: Starfleet Command
Division Staff
*Division Head: Luciano Scariano
*Vice Division Head: Vacant
*Chief of Staff: Vacant
Division Structure


Sector 002 is the assigned Sector for all Mainland Europe.


Sector Commanders are the official designated representatives for their respective sectors and represent the members and Ships of the Line in their sector. They provide a liaison between the members and UFS Command.

Requirements for the position include completion of the Command & General Staff Development Graduate Program; a good understanding of UFS practices, procedures and manuals; administrative & organizational experience; the use of google docs and other computer tools; a frequent presence in the applicable Sector; and excellent personal skills.

Sector Commanders are required to send a Monthly Sector Status Report to the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff AND the Commander-in-Chief, United Federation Starfleet.

Division Staff

Office of UF Starfleet Sector 002
Sector Commander 002 R-o6.png Luciano Scariano
Vice Sector Commander 002 R-blank.png Vacant
Yeoman to Sector Commander R-blank.png Vacant

Staff Archive

UF Starfleet Sector Commander 002

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