Shadow of Despair

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Captain's Log, supplemental

We are heading back Lamogra Imperium space. Before returning to Pinastri we started to unravel the mystery of Malachite Point. A hundred-year-old station once used as the hub of weapons development during a vicious war. This station disappeared for a century and suddenly re-appeared in a nebula filled with ghosts, for lack of a better word. This area of the space hold many mysteries and we seemed to have stumbled into one of them.

As always keep your guard up as the destination sector is close to Borg space. It would be interesting to learn if the Lamogra had any encounters with the Borg or any of the other species we have encountered so far.

Computer, End Log

Crew participation

Rich Lombardia Fema Firefrick Martian McDunner Conrad Starsider Talena Constantine Shirl Srelle Gabriella Santana

Guests Launce Kolbey Kesri Hesse T’Preea Wirefly


Captain’s Log, Supplemental

While on route to Lamogran space we detected a Borg cube. It made no move to attack, scans weren’t picking up much so there was little left to do aside from send an away team to investigate. XO Firefrick and assembled the away team and beamed over. Much to their surprise the cube was seemingly abandoned. It was more than abandonment. Most of the alcoves and machinery were gone. It was a husk, a shell of what one would assume to find inside a functional Borg cube. There were no bodies and all damaged seemed to be from the inside. There was an area where a sphere seemed to previous dock, but it was gone. We managed to find a single alcove and computer to bring aboard and investigate. Although its possible that someone salvaged all the technology the away team seemed to propose the sphere may have packed everything aboard and fled but the sheer volume of the technology taken wouldn’t be able to fill a single sphere, so the entire situation was puzzling. We have a rendezvous to keep and there is nothing more we can do here. I hope an investigation of the remnant can shed some light on what occurred. We are taking the utmost precautions with the Borg technology.

Computer, end log


Ensign Starsider Log the cadet I watched over did a fine job, I trimmed the starboard flow to the port side to equalize the nacelles, I discovered the blank Borg screen, alcove on it's side and the standing Alcove, but am not sure about them, the theory was the borg left in the sphere, however a cube holds around a million drones, a sphere could not, My question, where are the rest of the drones?

Ensign McDunner Log We detected a contact but being in QSD could not get a good reading so we dropped into warp to check it out an found a borge cube ship showing no life signs Captain decided two away teams be sent over. I was with the XO's team. We found the cube ship empty and after through search with science sending any results over to the ship we decided it was a possible trap and returned to our ship.