Shapes in the Mist

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Captain's Log, stardate 180807

It feels good to be out and about again. This time we are not rushing out of space dock, half finished trying to rescue our fleet-mates. I have selected an area of space to explore just beyond Borg space. Having our Quantum Slipsteam drive back in action is a blessing. We arrived 12 hours ago and I ordered preliminary scan of the surrounding areas. It appears there is a class 9 nebula only a few hours away at warp 5. I'm going to allow the scans to complete then I think we'll head over and check out this new nebula. I much prefer to be an explorer than a soldier.

Computer, End Log

Crew participation

Rich Lombardia Fema Firefrick Colin Starstrider Conrad Starsider Emerald Lombardia Martian McDunner Talena Constatine

Guests Archi merlin Dazria mel Marc-man Paris Kes Ellison


Captain’s Log,

What started out as a study of a nebula in a new region quickly turned into a fight for our lives. Two probes stopped responding but reported something metallic inside the nebula. We went inside to investigate and found an entire space station with intermittent life signs. There was no response to hails. We beamed over an away team to investigate. Our telepathic and psionically sensitive crew members started to experience violent attacks to their psyche. Other crew members also began to experience head ache. Electronic devices and our EPS system started to fail. We were under attack they didn’t appear to be any way to defend ourselves. The we lost internal and external comms and sensors. This made it difficult to gauge the complete situation on the ship. Ensign Constantine was able to use her mental powers to communicate with one of the “ghost” for lack of a better word. Their message was to leave the nebula, but we couldn’t leave out away team nor did we have power to beam them back. We couldn’t even get them a message. Ensign Starstrider had a plan to propel us our of the nebula. I managed to reconfigure our deflector dish to emit light pulses to signal the away team. We were able to visually see the station move from the mess hall, so we knew they got the message and managed to get the stations thrusters online. AS both the station and Sheppard emerged from the Nebula, we immediately saw power restore to certain system. We had limited comms and sensors come back online and saw a warship of unknown origin. IT was ready for battle and sent us a hail.

Too be continued…….


Lieutenant (JG) Fema Firefrick Actiong Executive Officer

Stardate: 180811

Begin Log

XO's log, supplemental:

Having completed repairs and ships crew compliment at full status we we embarked on our first full mission of exploration. The Captain having deciding to investigate a Class 9 Nebula in the Ba'Nobion system, we proceeded at warp 5 to the leading edge. Upon arrival to the Nebula we started receiving conflicting scanning data and decided to send a Class 3 probe.In addition to the normal gas and strata analyses we started receiving abnormal interference from the data scans. The data settled into scans of a small unknown space station drifting at 200,000 klm inside the nebula. Telemetry form the probe then totally ceased. A second probe with enhanced shields was sent. The second probe continued to show erratic and intermittent readies from the station. The Captain noting no hostile intentions shown we set a course to enter the nebula and intercept the station.

Upon rendezvous with the station the Sheppards scanners detected unknown bio-signs. It was then that members of the crew started having seemingly bizarre and erratic disillusion of an unknown nature. As more data was collected , analyzed and correlated it was discovered that the station was much larger than thought of and was drifting on minimum power. An away team was assembled and embarked to the station. Leading the away-team I set the engineering staff to restoring power, propulsion and stabilizing life support. Having lost Communications with Sheppard, we assumed we may be on our own. Life signs were still intermittent at this point, however the entire away-team started having head-aches and minor disillusion. Dr. Lombardia started administrating anti-psychotics and stimulants to the entire away team. All team members were experiencing sensations of have physical contact however nothing was visible.

End of supplement, Mission ongoing:

End of Log

In service Fema Firefick Lieutenant (JG) Acting XO- Team Leader

Ensign McDunner’s Log, Here we go again. Away team sent off into an apparently abandoned space station. Everyone felt bad feelings around the station, then things started explo9ding or stopped working all together. Everyone of us on the away team were getting really bad headaches and i ended up with a bloody nose. Finally the XO and i found a working set of controls in engineering that ran the stations positioning drive and got the station moved out of the Nebula.