Shot for Shot

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USS Sheppard
Shot for Shot
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Listing
*Production number: SHEPRP209
*Initiated: 180
*Ended: Completed
*Year: 2416
*Forum Thread: Shot for Shot
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: [[]]
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: Rich Lombardia

Mission chat log: SHEPRP209


Crew of the USS Sheppard,

We are preparing to embark on a new journey to rescue our fellow fleetmates from the perils of the Karutak. Although peaceful exploration and scientific knowledge are our primary goals, we must be prepared to engage those who would see us destroyed or enslaved. "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum." This is an expression by on Earth, spoken by Roman General Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus. It is Latin for “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

Some conflicts might be fought from the bridge of a starship (or the sickbay, engine room, etc) while others may be fought face to face. I have programed a new holodeck simulation to help us train for hand to hand combat. This training will help acclimate you to Federation weaponry, develop combat tactics individually and as a team, and learn to use your environment to your advantage. I realize this may not be your first rodeo (Earth expression for you have done this before). New opponents, mean new challenges, new tactics and a new opportunity to enhance your combat skills which, thankfully are not used frequently.

Following our drill, we will convene in the Mess hall to once again exchange shots, this time in the form of spirits and other delicious beverages.

In Service, Cmdr. Rich Lombardia

Crew participation

  • Cmdr. Rich Lombardia
  • LTjg. Fema Firefrick
  • LT.jg Emmy Lombardia
  • LT.jg Talon Silvercloud
  • Capt. April Coswell
  • Cmdr. Colin Nemeth


Captain's Log, stardate 180531

Tonight's training was less formal than usual but extremely important. With several UFS ship issuing distress calls, the possibility of a hostile encounter is pretty high. Its one thing to read about how to use a weapon or to fire off some shots on the targeting range but its another thing to engage in combat. Its a different experience to have another person firing back. There are so many considerations inexperienced crew members don't think about in the heat of battle. Examples include remembering to reload, using cover for defense, working with and communicating with team mates, not moving into another's field of fire, and remembering the goal of the mission. I chose a wide variety of scenarios and switched team members so everyone had the opportunity to work together.

I programmed the holodeck to provide an 80 X 40m arena with cover on the main floor and a secondary walkway along the edges. We started with a simple goal. Defeat the other team. Each participant could be defeated x amount of times before they were out. As more participants arrived we would have 3 vs 2 but the mission was the same, defeat the opposing force. In subsequent scenarios, I played as a hostage. I was immobile until I was rescued. Once rescued I had to follow my rescuer back to safety but could not shoot. Each side had two 'lives' except me. If I died, the bad guys won. They couldn't shoot me until I was rescued. It was my hope that the rescue team would remember the mission goal, rescue me instead fight each other. The following scenario I was the target of assassination. I could move but not shoot. The protectors had to keep me alive. The Assassins had to kill me. Each side had two 'lives' except me.

As we concluded, I reflect on the various tactics used in the various scenarios. We will need additional training but it did the crew well to be in a combat situation that they could live through to avoid making critical mistakes that might be fatal later. I think the crew enjoyed shooting one another and it was great for team building. I'll have to schedule more of these in the future.

End log,

Cmdr. Rich Lombardia


Crew Log, stardate 180531

  • Medical - Ensign Emerald Lombardia

This was a training mission to prepare in case of an attack on board ship. The scenarios were to save a hostage.