Smugglers Blues

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General Data
*SIM Type: SS Tranquility Missions
*Production number: TRA-RP857
*Initiated: 110223
*Ended: 110427
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Operations Log
*Previous Mission: Natural Flares
*Next Mission: Into The Past
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Aryela Dagger

The SS Tranquility gives sanctuary to an escaped fugitive from another race. But things are not as simple as they seem.

Captain's Log

All was quiet at ops, and I was just about to turn command over to Commander Aryela when an unknown scout ship came into range, being persued and fired upon by two other unknown ships. The pilot has requested asylum, and we are launching runabouts to assist. Clearly sickbay would need to wait...


What started off as a routine day on Ops quickly changed when an emergency distress signal was picked up by Ens Tess Tison. It was difficult to unscramble, but the word 'Asylum' was distinct. Engineering was able to boost the signal and sensors picked up the location of the ship.

The Trafalagar reported that she was attacked and under fire, that her vessel was not handing well and requested assistance. Cmdr Kinney Randt ordered Ops to send a signal (guide beacon) to the shuttle for them to follow it in to the station. The San Pedro was dispatched to intercept the attacking ships, manned by Lt. Commander Brent Darkwyr and Ens. Jamie Czavicevic. The attacking ships responded to the cease fire call, but continued to pursue. They explained that they were on a police action and the vessel contained a fleeing criminal.

The damaged shuttle was allowed to land and Security teams were dispatched to the shuttlebay to meet the arriving pilot. I turned out that she was injured and had to be transported to sickbay. We did discover that the pilot had stolen the shuttle craft from those pursing her. Science was sent to examine the craft and see what we could determine about the pursuers.

Cmdr Randt invited the pursuers to land as well, providing they did so “without weapons,” so we could discuss the matter and sort out what was going on. But they were unwilling to do so. They simply repeated that they were on a police action and demanded that we turn the “prisoner” over to them. In response, Cmdr Randt ordered Tison to tell them that we will keep the pilot here for the time being. He also told them to have their superiors contact us for further discussion relating to the disposition of that pilot. They were not happy and their response was barely civil, but they did not engage in any overt acts of aggression.

Shortly after that, Tison received a subspace message that used some sort of sophisticated concealment algorithm. The message came in nice and clear, from a Sr Cmdr Chou of Treilous III, and it was very curt. The message basically said that we were interfering in their routine police matters, advised against it and contained a veiled threat if we continued to interfere. Cmdr Randt ordered Tison to send back a reply that we were going to investigate further and get back to them.

Cmdr Randt left the Op Deck to talk to the pilot in sickbay. Lt. Commander Aryela Dagger assumed command of the Op Deck.

The response message said: “Federation. While it is unfortunate that our criminal has entered your space, we do not recognize your authority over the fugitive. We claim sovereignty in this situation. We advise you to comply with our expectations in order to prevent unfortunate conflict.”

Our response was simply a reiteration of our earlier invitation for them to come and talk, as resolution would be better face to face than over origin-concealed subspace messages. Their reply was curt and hostile. They said that the refused to have subsequent dialog with us on this matter, as we were already aware of their demands.

Science reported that we were most likely dealing with reptilian species called the Vizintian, from the planet Vizinti. Unfortunately the LCARS did not have much data on this species—nothing to give me a hint of a more effective way to communicate with them.

Cmdr Randt was able to talk to the guest in sickbay. It turned out that her name was Keldra and that she was also a Vizintian. She had been kidnapped at a young age and passed around the galaxy as a slave and received a lot of abuse. She was last on an asteroid and she stole a shuttle craft to escape. Could this asteroid be Treilous III that the hostile Cmdr Chou claimed to be from? If so does he represent some planetary authority or is he simply some rogue and slave trader?