Special Sniping Forces Squadron Treaty

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Treaty between UF Starfleet and SSFS.

The provisions herein are to:

  • Define Neutral relations between United Federation Starfleet and SSFS in a mutually beneficial and lateral agreement to be utilized in the future relations between the two sovereign groups.
  • Encourage the foundations of agreement in the Delta Quadrant through the cooperation of United Federation Starfleet and SSFS taking steps to avoid an armed conflict with one another.
  • Encourage the unifications of officers and individuals by the cooperation of the two groups to ensure trade and neutrality to one another.


The following provisions are the result of the cooperative and mutual agreement of United Federation Starfleet and SSFS serving as a standing document between both groups. Provisions

Section I: Establishment of Sovereignty

  • Article 1

United Federation Starfleet and SSFS recognize each other as:

▪ Sovereign, independent groups with a rich cultural and ancestral connection. ▪ Members of the intergalactic community. ▪ Groups with a responsibility to protect and serve their populations on accordance with their own laws and traditions. ▪ Neutral parties in the affairs of one another.

Section II: Cooperative Interaction

  • Article 2

United Federation Starfleet and SSFS will relate in a neutral manner to one another. Formation of trade agreements is permissible, however other pacts are not likely to happen.

  • Article 3

United Federation Starfleet and SSFS agree to not annex or occupy territories belonging to each other unless is is under a mutually approved joint agreement.

  • Article 4

United Federation Starfleet and SSFS recognize the possibility that conflicts could break out on both sides however will endeavor to ensure that relations stay neutral rather than degrading to full-out warfare.

  • Article 5

United Federation Starfleet acknowledges SSFS' status as a paramilitary group and understands that at times agents may attack forces as part of a contract given to them by other groups.

  • Article 6

United Federation Starfleet and SSFS agree they will not make aggressive actions towards each other. Aggressive action is defined as an action which is directed to harm in a manner which leads to a loss of life or property.

  • Article 7

United Federation Starfleet and SSFS agree to have trade of goods and resources. Technology deemed as restricted will not be traded.

Section III: OOC Explanation

  • Article 8

United Federation Starfleet and SSFS will by and large likely relate in a way that is peaceful, however if SSFS is hired by Orions Sword or another group that UFS interacts with, it should be understood that they would be fighting under the command of those who hired them. No actions should be taken against SSFS unless there is a formal declaration of war.


The Provisions above represent the article herein that a state of Neutral agreement and understanding will exist between United Federation Starfleet and SSFS so long as both sides recognize this document as legal and legitimate. Parties agree to pleasant OOC relations and on an in character level to utilize force against one another as a last resort, and will utilize diplomatic process to revise, appeal or terminate the agreement herein.

This is a proposed Treaty between our peoples with acceptance of UF Starfleet Command and the Leaders of SSFS.


Signed by my hand on stardate 110422


Admiral Mike Calhoun

United Federation Starfleet

Leaders of SSFS

Delta Umino