Splintered Rock Treaty

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Treaty between UF Starfleet and Splintered Rock


Ambassador Exchange: - Both Groups agrees to exchange Ambassadors and Embassies as an option.

Mutual/Joint RP Compact: - UFS and Splintered Rock agrees to perform Cross RP's. Mostly being performed in the Splintered Rock sims. All Cross RP's are free choices for both Groups.

- All UFS Branches and Ships/Facilities may host/join Cross RP's with Splintered Rock and Vice Versa.

- UFS have the option of placing either a surface or orbital Outpost in the sim of Splintered Rock. UFS rents prims as needed with a guideline of 600 L$ per 100 prims a month. To be placed at the discression of the simowner of Splintered Rock.

- Both groups may rez RP props on mutual sims for the duration of said Cross RP. Rezzers are optional or requested. 0 prim (temp) rezzers are forbidden.

- Any RP wars/battles must be discussed and negotiated with both Groups first. Any unscheduled and unauthorised RP battles will be considered as griefing and will be dealt with accordinly if needed.

- For RP battles/wars, UFS uses either DCS or LL (sim damage enabled) and Splintered Rock uses DCS (LL damage will be enabled on request).

- Before a combat RP, a notecard with the ROE (Rules of Engagement) will be reviewed and agreed upon by both groups.

This is a proposed Treaty between our peoples with acceptance of UF Starfleet Command and the Leaders of Splintered Rock.


Signed by my hand on stardate 090514
Admiral Mike Calhoun
 United Federation Starfleet
   Vice Commander UF Starfleet (Acting)
   Commodore Taylorholic Durant
   UFS Head of Operations
   United Federation Starfleet
   Ambassador of Splintered Rock
   Vooper Werribee