Strange Ore

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General Data
*SIM Type: SS Athena Missions
*Production number: ATH-RP047
*Initiated: 110306
*Ended: 110306
*Year: 2386
*SIM Concept: Thallanor Rasmuson
*Historian: Thallanor Rasmuson

The arrival of several unidentified ore samples offers the possibility of a new power source.


Captain's log, stardate 110306:

I have received word that a geological survey mission is enroute to Athena with several unidentified ore samples retrieved from one of the outer asteroid belts. I have advised our science department to prepare for their arrival and to take the lead on researching these samples.

Computer, end log.


With the arrival of the survey vessel, the ore samples were delivered to one of Athena's science labs where preliminary visual inspection was performed, followed by unobtrusive scans. During this time, the samples were placed in a secure forcefield.

Preliminary scans seemed to indicate that the ore was in a state of quantum flux. When more intrusive scans were performed, there was an energy feedback which not only injured LTJG Lei Firehawk but burned out several sensors. While engineering worked on repairing the damage, the results of the previous scans were researched and it was determined that we could modify the forcefield around the samples to prevent a simple situation from occurring.

With Lei patched up my Doctor Moonshadow, we continued our scans and determined that the energy feedback was somehow related to the dilithium crystals used in Lei's necklace. Further research is warranted and it might be possible that we have determined a new power source.