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Mission Objectives

After some exciting research missions we found the Servantor robot civilization - a friendly robot culture just build to help and suppport. And now they themselves need help. Thousands of years ago they started their search for their constructors and the "Master Code Alpha 1" - the only code which can repair their malfunctions. The Servantor visited and observed the Pinastri System to find the "Blue Master Builder" , their constructors. The Pinastri System is also the place for their hidden maintenance base and they use the ancient rajan technology as a communication center. Time for a general checkup of the Pinastri System. To find more Servantor Technology and / or places. And find out more about their "Star-Transport-System" of artificial wormholes.

Next Mission Objectives:

- Evaluation of the collected data of the astronomic anomalies in the Pinastri System - Examination of the recovered bio samples of the Servantor "BLUE BOX" - Continue the evaluation and decryption of the Servantor comm datas - Find out more about the Servantor robot civilization and technology

Mission reports & results


A team of me, LT. Melina Firehawk, LT. Kondrad Hyland, Ensign Dana Offcourse and Doctor Ruri Rotaru went to Pinastri 1 in order to find any other Servantor bases inside the solar system. We landed safe with Shuttle Callisto and started the survey. We located lots of toxic geysers spewing out hot sulphure and we got strange energy readings. We found a unknown device with a duranium casing near some hills. We noticed a EPS conduit disappearing in a big rock. This rock appears to be a chameleon cloak and inside we detected 4 Rajan Laser Generators and a central placed device. 2 of the generators where offline. Seems the Servantors are also utilising Rajan tech. for some reason. During the analysis the suit of Ensign Offcourse started to leak and i ordered her to return to the shuttle. I powered the other generators and a wormhole formed outside. I decided to enter the wormhole to see if its leads to a Servantor base. I had a bumpy ride and soon the rest arrived we all got knocked down by the wormhole. After my arm computer woke me up i woke the doctor up and she treated the whole team. Suffice to say we got trapped. I know those Rajan generators uses huge phase shiftings so i decided to pass trough the wormhole and try to stabilize it. The rest of team surveyed the base and discovered the code we where looking for and the base is not the same as the one in Gene. I succeeded to stabilize the wormhole and the team returned safely. We headed back to PRF and the Doctor treated us.


As part of the ongoing investigation into the Servantor, Commander Broek led an away team to another of the moons in the Pinastri system. This one was almost like a Demon planet, with a lot of acidic discharges from the surface that could have potentially ruined the EVAs that we had to wear just to survive on the planet. As we explored the surface, eventually we found what looked like an emitter of some type. What was strange is that the power supply it was getting seemed to come from within a rock that was nearby. As we continued to examine the area, we discovered that the rock was actually a holo-cloak, hiding the Rajan power generators on the inside. Two of the generators were active, and two were inactive. Once the other two were turned on, a wormhole appeared like the last time. Taking a chance, we went through it and ended up unconscious on the other side. When we were awakened, we discovered another Servantor chamber . . . although there were a few differences to the one we found on the moon Gene. Either the Demon moon is artificial like Gene is, or there was a chamber elsewhere and activating the other two Rajan power sources turned on their own version of a transporter that led us there. We took the time to explore the interior for a bit, and downloaded the data from the console, before having to return through the wormhole and back to PRF. Lt JG Hyland got caught up in one of those toxic discharges, and both the Doctor and myself pulled him to safety. Once back on PRF, he was treated for his encounter with the toxic vent, while I was treated for the tremendous heat build up within my water-filled suit, that almost cooked me alive.

Follow up actions (if applicable):

Using the information downloaded from the moon Gene, the new data should be compared to that to see what differences there are between the two Servantor assembly and maintenance areas. Further research also needs to be done to determine, exactly, what the relationship is with the Rajans, Servantors, and even the former Borg.