Tale of Two Lionhearts

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Demasiado trevido a donde nadie he ido antes
Tale of Two Lionhearts
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Veracruz Missions
*Production number: VERA-RP6x02
*Initiated: 160113
*Ended: 160113
*Year: 2391
*Forum Thread: Tale of Two Lionhearts
*Previous Mission: Repair and Reload
*Next Mission: Rifting Apart
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Aryela Dagger


Captain's Log:

Stardate: 160113

Alert Status: Green

With our battle damage repaired, and the USS Exeter on its way back to Pinastri after resupplying us, carrying our Romulan captive and Captain Pendleton as well.

We are now setting course to intercept the USS Lionheart, carrying Major Asbrink and his team after their training on Pinastri. However, before we can do that, Commander Brit has discovered an unknown nebula nearby the merits investigating.

In service, Flt Captain Kinney Randt-Rhode


Stardate: 160113 Location: A strange "nebula"

Personal Log - Fred McCellan

We were pretty much minding our own business when Commander Brit reported seeing what appeared to be a nebula at the edge of our current sensor range. That was a bit strange since the nebula was not in our astronomical data base. Captain Randt had us go to warp and we headed out to investigate the phenomena.

Not long after setting course for the nebula, we quite surprisingly received a distress signal from inside the nebula. Initially we could not pinpoint exactly where signal was coming from. The captain had me open a channel and we heard a mayday message from Major Asbrink stating the Lionheart had taken heavy damage and was adrift. The distress message repeated on a periodic basis. As far as we knew, the Lionheart and Asbrink should not have been anywhere near the nebula and if he was near it he was quite far off course. Major Asbrink should have been on a course to the Veracruz having just completed a training mission on Pinastri. I performed a voice print analysis and found it was compatible with Major Asbrink's voice.

Captain Randt requested a scan of the Lionheart. Results were not all that great due to interference but they seemed to indicate heavy damage. At that point the captain had us go to yellow alert and took us into the nebula. A few minutes later he had us raise our shields as well. A registration scan confirmed the vessel was indeed the Lionheart. Not wanting to be taken off guard, the Captain then ordered our phasers to be armed.

As we got closer we could detect the Lionheart was leaking warp plasma, had hull fractures, and had lots of scoring. Major Asbrink was doing everything he could think of to draw attention to himself and the Lionheart. Lifesigns showed he was quite stressed. There were supposed to have been two other persons aboard the Lionheart but we only detected one life sign. In addition, scans showed life support on the Lionheart was entirely offline and showed no internal atmosphere.

As we approached transporter range, scans showed the Lionheart had been hit by both disruptor fire and plasma beams, almost certainly Romulan. Finally we arrived and an away team in EVA suits was beamed over to the Lionheart. They found Major Asbrink suited up and quite badly injured but still alive.

Using its tractor beam, the Veracruz pulled what was left of the Lionheart into its shuttle bay. The Lionheart was venting some brown smoke but fortunately it was not lethal. I turned on a fast venting system to clear the contaminants out of the shuttle bay. Doc McKay hit Major Asbrink (who had started making his way to sick bay) with some kind of hypospray, presumably to stabilize him.

About this time Ensign Tonwen Su noticed Asbrink's quantum phase signaure was not normal but it did match the Lionheart's. This seemed to indicate that this Lionheart and Major Asbrink were not from our universe but from some other.

Upon hearing this and also because of a potential Romulan threat, the Captain ordered us out of the nebula.

A short time later, Lt-Cmdr Hanfoi announced that the "nebula" appeared to be expanding. These two pieces of news caught the attention of both the Captain and the XO. Commander Aryela immediately headed for a science station.

Major Asbrink next told us what had happened to him. He frowned and said: I took the pre-plotted route to our agreed rendevous point. I ran into the Romulans, a Mogai class and two T'varo's. I was able to take down the Mogai while it was cloaked but one of the two smaller craft struck the cockpit with a torpedo as I beamed a torpedo onto the larger cloaked ship. After that I was able to break contact and hide in the nebula...thats about when power cut out...what 2 days ago?'

Apparently the torpedo that had hit the Lionheart had plowed right through it without exploding, leaving a rather large hole in the Lionheart.

Cmdr Aryela soon confirmed Hanfoi's report that the "nebula" was indeed expanding and the origin seemed to be where the Lionheart had initially been found. This seemed to indicate the "nebula" was in fact some type of spatial or dimensional tear. Ensign Tonwen Su also confirmed that the Lionheart was not Starfleet issue, at least in our universe.

At this point Captain Randt had me hail Major Asbrink on the Lionheart (i.e., "our" Asbrink and Lionheart) to see if there was a response. On the second hail Asbrink responded and I opened a channel for the captain. The captain asked Major Askbrink for a report of his status and location. Major Asbrink replied that he was heading to our rendezvous point after a very successful training mission on Pinastri. He said he would arrive in about two days at his present speed. At that point Captain Randt sent Asbrink data about the nebula and told him to avoid it. So we now knew that the real Major Asbrink and Lionheart were safe and sound.

Meanwhile, questioning of the Major Asbrink in our sick bay was continuing. When asked if he had arrived at Pinastri shakes he shook his head and said: "No...I was near Tupor when the first ship ambushed me. I was able to beam a torpedo onto it while it was cloaked and destroy it but its escort craft got the jump on me." So that pretty much confirmed yet again that we had a "different" Major Asbrink on board.

So now we are left with the task of setting things right again. Somehow we have to send this Major Asbrink back to his own universe and close this rift.