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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP086
*Initiated: 101120
*Ended: 101121
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Tatters
*Previous Mission: My Kinda Town
*Next Mission: The Tear
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Valerius Swansong, Teresa Firelight

With the Captain back to full health, the USS Shogun tracks heavy chroniton radiation from a nearby nebula.


Captain's Log

Stardate: 101117

Location: 94.28 LY Trailing Pinastri System

It feels good to be back on the bridge however, there are a number of problems we now face ourselves with.

I believe we have come closer to finding The Snake than ever before. The Landing Party definitely were onto something on the planet they recently visited. The problem is that The Snake's ship has left a huge wake of Chronitons. This, of course, makes it easier to track him, however logistically we have to be careful not to dip the ship directly into the strange radiation lest it have strange effects on us or the ship.

We have become aware of a large nebula that the wake seems to be passing close to, if not through. Readings are off the charts and sciences are already warning of the effects of having an intermingling of chroniton radiation and whatever radiations and other properties exist within the nebula. For this reason, we are cautiously investigating.

For this reason careful detailing of departments is necessary:

Security as always, we will need to be vigilant of potential threats via space. For this reason Tactical/Security will have to monitor the area. There is a chance that the ambient radiation will negatively affect tactical scanners.

Sciences continue to analyse the radiation found in the nebula and its interaction with the chronitons deposited by The Snake.

Medical monitor the effects of the radiation on the crew of the ship and ensure that proper precautions are taken.

Engineering will give reports based on technology levels when it comes to energy, safety issues, etc. Make regular adjustments to compensate for the effects of the nebula.

Operations needs to ensure that powerflow on our ship to ensure all departments can carry out their tasks. Ensure that the proper compensations to powerflow are achieved to deal with the effects of the nebula. Priorities are shields, helm control and damage control.

I worry that the Snake may have done real damage to this area of space. If that is the case we may have to spend some time figuring out how to undo the damage. We also are not sure of other affects that may have been caused.


Chroniton radiation led the USS Shogun to a nebula that was emitting several types of radiation: chroniton, polaric and omicron. They tried to scan the nebula from the outside, but the high levels of radiation made it impossible to get reliable scans. After determining that it was “safe” to enter the nebula for a short period of time, Captain Ulrich Bechir ordered the Shogun to move into the nebula. They set course for the strongest source of chroniton radiation, so they could investigate it. As they approached that source, a rift (or rip) in space suddenly appeared. Another ship emerged through it.

At first the radiation blocked their ability to scan the newly emerged ship. They tried to hail it, but the ship did not respond. Then they detected a repeating signal coming from the ship. It appeared to be old-earth style Morse Code, signaling an SOS (or request for help). As the Shogun got closer, scans revealed it was a Sabre Class Federation ship. Captain Bechir sent teams over on a shuttle to assist. The ship turned out to be the USS Conan Doyle. (There is no record of a USS Conan Doyle in the UFS LCARS, and the uniforms the crew wore were similar to UFS uniforms but not an exact match. The ship was suspected of coming from an alternate time line or parallel universe.)

It turned out that the ship was in very bad shape from a recent battle, and several of their crew had been injured. XO Valerius Swansong assisted with medical care, and engineering began to assist with physical repairs of the ship. Captain Bechir talked with the Conan Doyle's acting captain and discovered that they had been fighting species 8472—a threat that had long ago been eliminated in “our” time line.

The repairs were massive and engineering determined they would take longer than it was safe to remain in the nebula. So the shuttle returned to the Shogun, bringing the senior crew of the USS Conan Doyle with them. The Shogun used a tractor beam to tow the disabled USS Conan Doyle out of the nebula. After it was successfully extracted, Shogun engineers continued working to repair the damaged ship. The crew of the Conan Doyle was brought on broad the Shogun and given guest quarters. However, many of the Shogun senior staff were suspicious of their guests, and put security measures in place to encrypt security systems, and to guard vital stations.


Crew Manifest