The 42nd Rule of Acquisition

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The 42nd Rule of Acquisition
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP041
*Initiated: 111202
*Ended: 120108
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Buccaneer
*Next Mission: Tin Can
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Sector Commander's Log, SS Astraios Ready Room, Stardate 111209: I find myself veering between laughter and disbelief. The excellent crew aboard the USS Faithful, sent to assist a trading vessel in distress and check on the activities of an unidentified warship which turned out to be firing upon the freighter, were tricked by the Ferengi. After disabling the so-called battlecruiser, they transported aboard to find the vessel empty of crew and in anything but mint condition. By the time they established these facts, the freighter had disappeared and the “pirate” crew were firmly ensconced on board the USS Faithful -- probably cheering as they planned their escape back through the anomaly with a state-of-the-art Starfleet runabout.

However, my quick-witted Assistant Science Officer, who was handling helm for the mission, swiftly transmitted a message to the Faithful computer to set a course for home, and was able to lock out the navigational controls before the Ferengi terminated the link and took over the runabout. I don’t know how the Ferengi were able to override our systems, we’ll need to investigate that further. I’m sending an urgent message to Starfleet Command to inform them that security protocols have been compromised and immediate measures should be taken in response.

In any case, I have security standing by to rendezvous with the Faithful and take the Ferengi into custody when the runabout enters the Sector in about three days time.

Meanwhile, my crew is aboard the Ferengi cruiser, also heading for home at warp one… they are having some difficulty with systems aboard the vessel… communications are intermittent... and they are reporting a sensor ghost that appears and disappears from scans. Chief Engineer Quar, assisted by other members of the crew, is working on keeping the engines running and getting the Ferengi weapons back on-line. I’ve ordered any Starfleet ship in the area to locate the Ferengi vessel and offer assistance but I’m afraid the fleet is spread out performing various assigned tasks and it may be some hours before our Ferengi ship can be reached. My crew is on their own for now.

I’ll be interested to see the Ferengi vessel when it docks here. I’ve never considered them to be enemies of the Federation, just out for their own interests. It will also be… intriguing to see their reaction to our possession of their vessel. I’ll remind the Grand Nagas of the 42nd of Acquisition, “What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine too."

Crew participation

LT Cmdr Karl Quar (OPs Officer - Julian Brown / Ferengi)

Ensign David7 Bravin (Security Officer - John Deen)

Ensign Grahamkitt Resident (Visitor from SL) (OPs Officer)

LTjg Genny7 Markus (Asst Chief Security - Elma Luisa)

Jay Ramino (Civilian Observer)


Reporting: LTjg John Deen (Ens David7 Bravin), Security Officer, SS Astraios; Stardate: 111211: The crew of USS Faithful, having beamed across to an old Ferengi vessel, are now stranded aboard it, heading back to Astraios at warp one.

The Ferengi are aboard the USS Faithful (having beamed across from their vessel at the same time as our crew) heading for Astraios, since the auto-pilot had been set and locked by one of our officers.

We had received a message to the effect that the USS Faithful was about to land and that we should detain any Ferengi aboard for interrogation.

We stood and watched the USS Faithful land. Our Security Chief told us to have our phasers ready and set on stun. Once the runabout doors opened we were ordered to approach with care, which we did but could not see anyone. I went inside the runabout, but it was empty. We discussed what might have happened and concluded that it was possible that the Ferengi may have beamed outside the runabout as it landed, in order to avoid being captured. Our Security Chief ordered that we spread out and search the immeadiate area. This we did and soon found one lone Ferengi. We took him into custody and led him back to the Security Wing under protest.

Once inside the Security Wing, we took the Ferengi to the Brig and placed him in a holding cell. Our Asst Security Chief started the interrogation of the prisoner, who continued to protest his innocence. The Ferengi's version of events as to how he came to be aboard the USS Faithful left many unanswered questions. He seemed to think that since he needed to get away from the Black Hole, it was perfectly reasonable for him to "borrow" the USS Faithful for this purpose. The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition may apply so far as the Ferengi are concerned, but I do not accept that they allow our runabout to be stolen from us.

Our prisoner asked of the whereabouts of his old vessel, so we told him that it was on its way back to Astraios and that he could wait here in the Brig until it arrives. But we didn't tell him that it could be a long wait.


I have received a subspace message from our Chief of Security that she is currently aboard an old Ferengi ship, whilst the Ferengi are aboard our USS Faithful, which is heading back here to Astraios. My orders are to give any Ferengi aboard the USS Faithful a warm reception and the hospitality of our Brig. Once there I am to carry out an interrogation to find the facts behind this embarrassing course of events.

With my Security Team, phasers set on stun, we waited for the USS Faithful to land. To my surprise, we found that the runabout had no one aboard. I surmised that the Ferengi may have beamed to the surface as the ship was about to land. As such I ordered my Security Team to search the area.

We soon found a lone Ferengi, whom we arrested and took back to the Brig. There I questioned him about his involvement in the theft of the USS Faithful. At first he maintained that he knew nothing and said he was a trader. After prolonged questioning, he admitted that he needed to escape from the Black Hole and that the USS Faithful was available for him to do so. He did not seem to think that he had done anything wrong, as the 42nd Rule of Acquisition stated that "what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too"

I decided that we should leave him in the Brig until our Chief of Security returns with the other Starfleet Officers, aboard the Ferengi ship.

In Service,

LTjg Elma Luisa (LTjg Genny7 Markus)

Asst Chief of Security, SS Astraios

Stardate: 111204