The Cloaked Ship

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The Cloaked Ship
General Data
*SIM Type: Pathfinder Research Missions
*Initiated: 101211
*Ended: 101211
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: The Cloaked Ship
*Previous Mission: Previous
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*SIM Concept: Nabuleone Rhode
*Historian: Nabuleone Rhode

PRF System Check Mission

Mission Briefing & Objectives

Commanding Officers Log

Stardate: 101211

Location: Pinastri System, Pinastri V

On the last mission we discovered an unknown cloaked ship in the orbit of Pinastri V and we reached it through the gate in the quantum mine in the crater-lake at Pinastri V. Further visits to it should take place in order to see what the connection is between the ship and the antenna. Additional research into the antenna is necessary to still determine if it was meant for peaceful means, or to maliciously cause the sun to peak and wreak havoc on the worlds in the system.

Next Mission Objectives:

- Examnination and research of the cloaked ship in the orbit at Pinastri V - Find a connection between the antenna facility at Pinatri V and the cloaked ship. - research and examination of the crysatl, found in the mine in the crater lake at Pinastri V

Mission Logs

Command Log :

The mission objectives today were a special challenge. Again we wanted to explore the cloaked ship in the orbit arround Pinastri V. It is very odd and extraordinary how to get on this ship. We cannot fly with a shuttle and dock at the ship. We know that the ship is in the orbit of Pinastri V, but its very difficult to define an exactly position. So our way leads us to the cave in the crystal mine in the antenna crater lake at Pinastri V and the transport gate. Today we experimented to isolate the gate coordinates , which were taken from the gate in cave at Pinastri V, and implement them into the iconian gate at Sector 002 at Pinastri IV. The first tries failed, but after a while we could get contact to the receiver inside the cloaked ship. So we walked to the iconian gate and made our trip through the gate and again we entered the cloaked ship in its hangar bay. We discovered a passenger gate and a lift und made our way up in the dark ship. After a while we reached a kind of a medical area with a medical bay and a large area with cryo stasis chambers. The environment was dark and depressing and we found everywhere splattered blood. The Medical Team took many samples for further DNA and other analysis. We investigated the cryo stasis chambers and found them empty and the whole area was effected by malfunctions, it was cold and there was a lot of ice at the walls. We couldnt found any lifesigns or bodies. The ship was so confusing and dark, that we lost some team members out of sight, but we could keep contact via the comms. On our way through the ship we discovered a secured bridge area and an enginnering deck , water and sewages and an secured area with plant lifeforms with tentacles. A few from the team get headaches and start to feel bad and have problems with their eyes and couldnt see very well. So we started our way back and returnded safely. Just Lt. Hyland needed a more intense treating , but he wasnt injured seriously. A lot of new questions need to be answered and I hope the analysis of the team will bring some light in the darkness.


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