The Future and The Past

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Mission Briefings & Reports

  • Stardate : 100410

We are living in the Pinastri-System , the home of federation colony in the Delta Quadrant. In comparison the rest of the galaxy, an outpost – “The final frontier”. What do we know about our colony ? – what is not to find in the astrometric databases…

During the past year (2384) we found out, that the Pinastri System was inhabited by an ancient human race the “Rajans”. A race with marked similarities to the ancienct egypts on the earth. The theory is, that this human race were settled down artificially on three planets of the Pinastri System more than almost 25000 years ago. This theory based on Professor Galen´s theory of the “ancient humanoids” and the “genetic program”. The Rajan civilization was destroyed about 9000 BC by an still unknown power. Federation scientists discovered a lot of ancient high developed technology. The Rajans had contact to a dragoon race which lives on asteroids in an unstable wormhole and which helped to raise up their technology level and knowledege (Psi-Matter, knowledge to handle psionic energies, advanced dillithium, etc.) Pinastri IV is also the base of an Iconian-Stargate, a still mysterious galaxy-wide transportation system. At Pinastri VIII was found a space station (Deshima) – a hidden traffic junction for travellers of another secret transportation system of the galaxy or the quadrant – or just an observation point ?

So it is a fact, that the Pinastri System is, till nowadays, a primary target for any kind of travelling, infiltration, scientific researches, treasure hunts – and destruction. Since the founding of the Federation Colony on Pinastri IV in 2381, the system was attacked or infiltrated by remained Delta Quadrant BORG, different other Delta Quadrant species, several unknown species, other organizations – or just simply treasure hunters from all known Quadrants (Orion fleet and infiltration attacks, murdered scientists and company managers, smugglers,etc.)

The extensive environment and surface changings during the last months, with all these geologic and meteorological activities opened new opportunities to discover more secrets of this planet and the whole system (the discovery of the aqua-based telepathic lifeform, known as “Sea-Creature”, etc). All this leads us to the question :

What is the REAL importance of the Pinastri-System in the Delta Quadrant ?

Pathfinder Research Facility is the ground based station of the federation colony here and it´s the primary goal of this station to do every scientific or every other research to find the answers on all the questions and secret mysteries about and in this star-system.

So it is ordered to continue the following projects : - Pinastri “Moonraker” (Exploration of the outer planets Pinastri VII, VIII and its moons) - Pinastri „Asteroid Observer - Pinastri outlying district“ - Pinastri “Fauna and Flora” - Lab analysis of the recovered databases of the Pinastri VIII space station (Deshima) - Medical research of the viruses from the space station

Main Mission Goals :

Additional to that we got some worrying informations and scans which need to be investigated with top priority. After the geological changings, the scans, of the planetary sensor system, discovered peaks of gamma radiation and a green fluid which comes out of some underwater pipes in the sea area nearby the beach at Sector 001 In this sector were also discovered unknown underwater strucures (ruins). In Sector 002 the planetary sensors detected some caves in the geological formations nearby the new building. In this caves were measured little energy peaks and blurry movements. Energy signatures are not clear at the moment and have to be classified as “unknown” , yet

Find coherences between the latest incidents and findings.

This findings demands extensive investigations and it is a fact, that we just can have success, if all departments work close together and support each other.

Mission Logs