The Interregnum

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP033
*Initiated: 091121
*Ended: 091122
*Year: 2384
*Aliens: Various unidentified
*Forum Thread: The Interregnum
*Previous Mission: << Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: T'Rennek Yuitza, Damien Korolev

The Shogun investigates an area where heavy weapons discharges have been detected and winds up caught in the middle of a dispute between warlords


Captain's Log - Stardate 091120

"We are now two weeks clear of Devore space and continuing on to our objective. As we continue through, our suspicions intensify. Each new contact and finding shows us that we are on the proper path. Our current plotted course will bring us to our objective in a matter of months. Of course, however, there is a problem.

We seem to have come upon an area of system wide conflict. Sensor readings and tactical readings show many ships concentrated in the eventuality of our current path. Also showing on our regular readings are weapons discharges and proof of intense conflict. I've ordered communications to begin attempts to hail the warring sides. We have no desire to become embroiled in conflict, but we do need to pass through this region. Calculated course corrections to go around it will add at least six months to our overall journey. Perhaps we can have them declare us a non-combatant, or find a way that they'll allow us through unmolested."


As they got closer to the area detected on sensors the Shogun was hailed by the commander of a nearby convoy. He quite bluntly demanded that they join his convoy. Although suspicious, the Captain agreed to the demand, the ship could simply not afford to be caught alone in this dangerous area of space. The commander's ship was familiar to the crew; it bore striking similarities to the ship they had encountered recently, near Albion V.

The Shogun proceeded at the head of the convoy for sometime. They were interrupted by a rival convoy, which began to attack theirs for no discernible reason. The Captain ordered that they stay out of the fighting, the attacking convoy appeared to have weaker weaponry in either case. Unfortunately the attackers did not let this get in the way of their objectives; when it became apparent that conventional tactics were failing them, they began a series of suicide attacks, ramming the ships of the friendly convoy. The damage on both sides began growing.

Ensign Sorrowman put through a hail from one of the ships in their convoy. It was a distress call. Still not willing to involve the Shogun in direct combat, Captain Bechir ordered that shields be extended around the damaged vessel. Together they waited out the rest of the battle, which resulted in all but their two ships being destroyed.

The remaining convoy ship was in poor condition, and some of it's damaged systems were inadvertently preventing the transport of injured from certain parts of the vessel to the Shogun's sickbay. To this end, the Captain ordered Commander Dwi to lead an away team to the vessel, to assist with injured, and with repairs.

The away team first encountered Slade, the commander who had earlier corralled them into the convoy. He was quite badly injured and, in his mistrust, began firing wildly at the team. Commander Dwi tried to diffuse the situation but her diplomacy fell on deaf ears and in the end it fell to Lieutenant Hyun to stun him. Dr.Skytower immediately began treatment of his injuries while he was unconscious.

The away team went onwards but before going far Commander Dwi was impaled through the abdomen by the remnants of a bulkhead, loosened by the recent firefight. Doctors Skytower and Swansong immediately rushed to her aid, beginning an impromptu surgery right there. It was extremely touch and go, with Dwi's condition being far from certain even as she was transported back to sickbay.

The rest of the away found no further survivors and instead began inspecting the vessel itself. The engine, like the one they had previously encountered, contained trace elements of Shogunium. Even though it was a small amount, the ship's damaged condition meant that it was a potential disaster waiting to happen, and they began work to neutralize the ship's propulsion system.

Ensigns Sorrowman and Schoonhoven hooked up a pad to some exposed control circuitry and, working together, managed to shut down the engines, bringing the Shogunium count to near zero. During the operation, Schoonhoven noticed a substance around the various consoles, that apparently served to shield other systems from the radiation emitted by Shogunium. She called Ensign Kelberry over to take a sample.

As the away team made to leave Ensign Schoonhoven was struck and trapped by a falling bulkhead, which landed across her legs. With the help of Kelberry and Lieutenant Mirabeau she was brought back to the Shogun's sickbay and treated successfully.

Already in sickbay was Commander Dwi, who after a lengthy operation was upgraded to a stable condition. An artificial coma had to be induced to aid her recovery.


Captain's Log - Stardate 091121

Crew Manifest