The Kellen Empire - The Nile Part 1

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Kellen Empire - Nile Part 1
General Data
*SIM Type: Pathfinder Research Facility
*Initiated: 110806
*Ended: 110806
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Gremlins
*Next Mission: Kellen Empire - The Nile Part 2
*SIM Concept: AndromedaStJohn Aeon
*Historian: HarleyQuinn69 Resident

After weeks of preparation, the crew of Pathfinder station will embark upon a mission to locate a possible Kellen base. For weeks now, the UFS has been dealing with the threat of a possible re-establishment of the Kellen Empire that once controlled a large section of the Delta Quadrant. The Kellen race fell to Borg assimilation over a decade ago. Since that time, it has been believed that they seek to re-establish their power base in the quadrant.

Intel informed us that one of their agents has located an active base. Our mission will be to travel to S11-258 on board the USS Cortana to verify the base’s existence and to recover anything that remains. Our Preliminary reports show that the planet is inhabited by a primitive culture that resembles Earth’s ancient Egyptians. Due to this nature, the Prime directive is being enforced. The Pathfinder engineers have designed equipment that we can use covertly. All members of the away mission will have to dress native. Our non-Terran looking member will have to wear a holo-cloak to disguise their appearance..


Commanding Officers Log

Stardate: 110906

Location: In Orbit of S11-258

Alert Status: Green

The voyage to S11-258 was uneventfully. We completed the final mission briefing and beamed down to the planet. We split into two teams to cover ground. Alpha Team, under the command of Lt CMDR St John, searched the harbor area while Bravo Team searched the temples and pyramids. Both searches were going slowly but smoothly when a crewmember from Bravo Team was caught using her communicator. The local guards were called in Lt Simmy Starr reportedly defended his team but was later taken hostage. The rest of Bravo Team made it to safe cover to be beamed out.

Computer End Log