The Magic Subsystem

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Mission Briefings & Reports

We are living in the Pinastri-System , the home of federation colony in the Delta Quadrant. In comparison the rest of the galaxy, an outpost – “The final frontier”. What do we know about our colony ? – what is not to find in the astrometric databases…

After the evaluation of the last mission reporst results, that we not know everything about our planet. The last exciting discoveries discovered some more mysteries of the planet and the civilizations which lived at Pinastri IV before us.

The last findings discovered a larger subsystem under the colony. It is a dangerous subsystem. The examination of the green goo , which is coming out of the pipes in the sea area at sector 001 shows that these discovery is not harmless. Doctor Bareil found out that the goo is very toxic and can cause diseases. Additional to this findings there are still geological and volcanic activities, which should be monitored very careful.

The mission from 100508 discovered not the awaited entry to the Pinastri IV subsystem and the mystic rajan underworld, instead the survey team found an ancient portal system with a permanent connection to Pinastri III. The ancient portal , just worked with the rajan power supply which we found an earlier missions to Pinastri III and the Pinastri asteroid belt. This technological finding is amazing. Were the ancient Rajans able to create an own portal system to do interplanetary travels or interstellar? Or did they used an foreign technology ?

A Transportation System was found (Portal) whcih allowed interplanetary travels.

Conclusion/Theory. The Entity within me is the Katra or spirit of an ancient Vulcan that traveled to the Delta Quadrant so long ago. He during questioning suggested that he left Vulcan during the times of the great conflict. This was around the same time that the other faction had broken off and later formed the Romulan Empire. I will attempt to bond more with this Entity to learn from it and understand what it was doing on Pinastri III. Perhaps there are some connections between the Vulcans and the inhabitants that once flourished there.

Mission Logs & LCARS