The Proof Paradox

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The Proof Paradox
General Data
*SIM Type: SS Tranquility Missions
*Production number: TRA-RP175
*Initiated: 140828
*Ended: 140828
*Year: 2411
*Forum Thread: Executive Officer Log
*SIM Concept: Siobhan Crystal
*Historian: Grooveshark101 resident

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

Tranquility Mission Log


Executive Officers Log

Stardate: 140828

Report submitted by: Siobhan Crystal

Subject: SS Tranquility Mission log

XO Log, Stardate: 140828.0921

Returning to Tranquility following the encounter with the Elemental on The Waters, the USS Cheyenne was instructed to deliver supplies to Colony 34, a small mining colony situated on a small asteroid at the edge of the Pinastri sector.

Upon arriving, the previously busy and productive colony it was found to be deserted. A small away team consisting of Capt Rasmuson, FCAPT Crystal and science cadet Alystin -Dejah- Whitefalcon was took a small New York-Class shuttle to dock with the colony and entered the facility. They were amazed that everything, all people, all organic material, even all the mining equipment and living facilities were missing. It was like the inside of an egg being completely removed leaving an empty shell. Tri-corder readings showed no unusual readings, Sensor reading from the Cheyenne were showing nothing in the way of energy fluctuations, trails, radiation or anything out of the ordinary other than the absence of all evidence of life on Colony 346.

Ca[t Rasmuson ordered a return to USS Cheyenne. Further tests were carried out and signal beacons and probes with interlocking ranges were deployed. Starfleet was notified of the condition and a warning was broadcast from the beacons to advise all vessels to steer clear of the area.

Opening the discussion to speculation, it would appear that either a dimensional rift, or tear was used, deployed or was the cause of the colony's disappearance. Additional tests and investigations are to be conducted.

In Service,

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal

Report submitted by: <Siobhan Crystal>

Executive Officer

Sector 001