The Retrieval

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The Retrieval
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP101
*Initiated: 110219
*Ended: 110219
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: The Retrieval
*Previous Mission: The Undiscovered Past
*Next Mission: From Sailboats To Steamships
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Teresa Firelight

Will the crew of the USS Shogun find their missing Captain in the Nexus? Will they all return to their own ship?


Computer Begin Log

Acting Captain's Log

Stardate: 110219

Location: 161.45LY Trailing Pinastri System

Alert Status: GREEN

After the events on the USS Excelsior, we have again started on our chase to find the Snake Man. However, the Science team has discovered that the “ribbon of light” that was seen while we were in the Excelsior might be similar to some historical events of the Enterprise-B. The residue energy that surrounded the Excelsior in our time was similar to the Nexus energy signature.

More study must be done, but if the Excelsior was hit by the Nexus Ribbon, we must investigate. A trajectory for the Nexus Ribbon in question has been discovered, and we are changing course toward it. The crew is working overtime to study all they can as we have renewed hope that we may find our Captain.

Crew teams have their orders:

Science, Engineering and Medical – team up to determine a way to safely enter and exit the Nexus without getting stuck inside or any other possible effects.

Science, Tactical and Operations – design a better tracking system for the Ribbon and anything that might be contained within it.

Computer End Log


A ray of hope pulls the USS Shogun crew out of mourning over the loss of there captain. Science officers discover evidence that perhaps Captain Ulrich Bechir was pulled into the Nexus at the moment when he was sucked out of the hull breach on the USS Excelsior into open space. The crew, led by Acting Captain Rosine Heinkel began working furiously to locate the Nexus in hopes of retrieving their captain. Operations devised a new tracking method and Science applied it with brilliance. Once they located and arrived the Nexus, Engineering developed a brilliant strategy to safely transport away teams in to search for their missing captain.

Three away teams arrived the Nexus to find themselves on a very authentic recreation of Bolarus, Captain Bechir's home planet. Two of the teams began searching for the missing captain, while the third took scientific readings and measurements. The Nexus began to effect some of the away team members, who became convinced that they were seeing and interacting with deceased loved ones. Three of the four members of the Beta Team were effected and had just barely pulled themselves back together when Ulrich Bechir and his younger brother Posla walked up to them and greeted them. (Posla is deceased in real life, but was alive and well in the Nexus.) While they recognized the away team members as Starfleet officers, Ulrich Bechir did not seem to personally recognize and the any of his crew or have any knowledge of his career as a starship captain.

A small group of those closest to Ulrich Bechir began trying to convince him to accompany him back to the Shogun. His mother began to interfere and try to convince him to stay at home where she said that he belonged. Doctor Fargus Skytower was finally able to talk Ulrich Bechir into returning to the Shogun. Once Captain Bechir left the Nexus and arrived the ship, his memory began to return rapidly. He was examined and cleared by the doctor, and restored to command.


Crew Manifest