The Search for the Hirogen

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Mission Briefings & Reports

  • After the evaluation of the last mission reports from the crashed shuttle (The Falling Sky) it seems, that we were infiltrated by a mixed group of foreign species.

The Medical investigations discovered Hirogen blood and DNA material. It is assumed, that this Hirogen is still on the planet and we cannot allow to be infiltrated members of this hostile species.

  • We searched, hunted and captured an Hirogen , but he still remain silent and tell us no word to his intentions to be here and no word to the mysterious crash of his shuttle and who else was aboard and why.

Pathfinder sensors scans discovered unusual energy signs and signatures in the asteroid belt. Due an electromagnetic storm on Pinastri VII, we cant get clear sensor data from that sector of the asteroid belt where the energy signatures have been detetced. We decided to send a shuttle mission to that area. UFS Starfighter Command send us a wing to support and secure this mission.

  • The last missions led us to the asteroid belt in the Pinastri System where me made exciting and worrying discoveries. SFC lost a pilot MIA and we discovered an ancient ship.

PRF Science is advised to intensify the researches in the asteroid belt. The PRF long range sensors detected chroniton particles. This MUST be checked as soon as possible. Maybe we have a temporal affair. So we need all PRF pilots and shuttles to accomplish our researches in the asteroid belt and continue our investigations on the planet to detect and close security gaps.

  • Stardate 100703 :

Extensive researches of the crashed shuttle , which impacted nearby the Federation Colony at Pinastri IV at stardate 100602 , resulted, that there must be members of the Hirogen species were aboard, but we found no dead or hurted body. So it was assumed, that minimum one Hirogen is still alive and infiltrated our colony. Today, suddenly a Hirogen appeared at PRF Sickbay , stole medicaments and escaped. PRF security was immediately alerted and an extensive search of all available PRF personal started. With help of SFC the Hirogen was encircled and arrested after a hectic hunt. The Hirogen was wound and will be questioned about his motivation to infiltrate the Pinastri Colony.

  • Stardate 100717 :

Today we started a common mission with SFC to investigate unusual sensor readings in the asteroid belt of the Pinastri-System. Due the latest Hirogen infiltration we assumed, maybe more Hirogen ships try to infiltrate the Pinastri System or rescue their captured comrade, who is still sitting silent in the PRF Brig. Together with Lt.JG Faulkes and Ensign String I entered the shuttle USS Raven from the SFC and we started to the target coordinates in the asteroid belt - escorted by a SFC wing under the command of SFCapt. "Revlon" Otsuka. We started our short-range scans with on the runabout and detected unusual metallurgic and energetic readings and signs. After our pilot SFCapt. Nemeth brought the runabout closer to this area , we dicovered an old abanbonded ship. A rusty bucket, but there were interesting similarities to scans we took on the world steeltopia earlier this year. At first our sensors we affected by the magnetic storms on Pinastri VIII and the readings showed us from a BORG Cube to Hirogen signatures everything, but closer scans confirmed , that we a ship which cosntruction is unknown. A few minutes later after our scans it starts to get rough and the SFC Figthers were attacked by an unknown black vessel. The USS Raven made an emergency start out of the asteroid belt back to Pinastri IV and after a rough ride we reached the planet hsave and healthy. I heard that one SFC Pilot is MIA after the actions in the asteroid belt. SFC and PRF are preparing further missions to the asteroid belt to continue our investigations and researches.

  • Stardate 100731 :

The mission was a great success and an example for a good cooperation with UFS. Again we made a flight to the asteroid belt to investigate the latest discoveries. Aboard the USS Magellan Cmdr. Broek, CMO Dr.Winslet, Ens.Gausman and me, we made the short flight to the asteroid belt. Our mission was to continue the research of the ancient ship we discovered two weeks ago. Since a few weeks we have unsual and strange sensor readings - unknown energy signatures and a few days ago peaks of chroniton particles. On the Pinastri IV , where we detected chroniton particles, too, the security continued their patrols and investigations to find a coherence between the crashed shuttle incident (100602) and the latest incidents in the asteroid belt. After the short flight we reached the target area and it seems to be save. No other ships were detected and we quickly reached the unknown vessel inside a dense cloud of smaller asteroids and lots of asteroid debris. The first time we had the chance to make intensive scans from the ship. After the first close range scans we confirmed the first assumption, that it is a space ship from the planet Steeltopia. Metallurgic Scans , energetic scans resulted , that we found an iron based hull , filled with technology which has a level of our 22nd century. All other specifications look like Steeltopia technology - and this is a warp capable ship with a Tesla / Cavorite engine stranded in the asteroid belt of the Pinastri-System. Scans of the crew quartes showed bones of dead bodies. Cmdr. Broek, Ens. Gausman and me continued the technological research of the ship and Doctor Winslet was busy with her medical scans and treat Cmdr. Broek who reacts allergic on Cavorite. Again we detected peaks of chroniton particles and I hope we will find out how this ship came into the Pinastri System and if there is a coherence to the latest Hirogen incidents or the attack of the unknown black vessel two weeks ago. The research of this interesting discovery in the vacuum and inside the debris of the asteroid belt was a took high risk for the research team. We also couldnt eliminate the possibility of appearings of unknown hostile vessels again, so we decided to send a request to the Cascadia-Shipyard to support us with the researches and recovery of the ship. Cascadia agreed our request and we towed the ship with tractor beams to the shipyard and docked it in Drydock 5. In this save environment and with the technological help from the Cascadia engineers we can start a procreative and successful research of the Steeltopia ship. Cascadia and PRF Crew worked well together and finally this mission came to an successful end. A few questions are still open : When does the Steeltopia ship stranded in the Pinastri System ? Why we detect always chroniton particles? Are they artificial or natural ? Have we a temporal affair or not ? Is there a coherence of the steeltopia ship and the Hirogen or the black vessel appearance? We also need to continue our scientific and technological researches of the steeltopia ship and continue our security investigations of the Hirogen incidents in the Colony.

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