The Servantor

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Mission Objectives

The Unknown robots became a name : The Servantor

After the evaluation and analysis of all mission reports and the internal and external sensor and communication logs I could make some interesting findings. The Servantor Robots seems to be on a search for something. The result of the examination of another partial destroyed data storage, ins, that tey were apparently built by an unknown race (biological lifeform) which seems to be a kind of human lifeform ( Two legs, arms and a head) which is called: The Blue Master-Builder. Maybe they search for their constructors or their search has soemthing to do with this mysterious master code, which was mentioned by the Servantor Drone C-26-1789, before it was destroyed.

Next Mission Objectives: The investigations of the Servantor technology, metallurgic analysis and the analysis of the destroyed Servantor Drone will be continued. We just know a few things about the Servantor robots, more hints than facts, yet and our next objectives will be to find out more about the Servantor itself (age, provenance, etc.) , their constructors or whoever the „The Blue Master Builder“ are and this ominous „master-code“.

Mission results