The Tear

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The Tear
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP087
*Initiated: 101127
*Ended: 101128
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: The Tear
*Previous Mission: Tatters
*Next Mission: Planetary Unbirth
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Valerius Swansong, Teresa Firelight

Having spent a week repairing the USS Conan Doyle, the crew of the USS Shogun must work out how to seal the fissure and assist the Conan Doyle's crew in the decision they must make.


Captain's Log

Stardate: 101125

Location: 94.28 LY Trailing Pinastri System

For several days now we have worked diligently on the USS Conan Doyle from a Universe that is parallel to our own. Many of their core systems are up and running, although there are limits to what even the Shogun engineering staff can do, especially considering the condition the ship was in. During this time, the various survivors from the Sabre class vessel have been learning about our universe and Shogun's missions. Soon, they are going to have to decide how best to pursue their own destiny.

We have been holding fast just outside of the nebula. The chronitons have dissipated somewhat in the area, however the tear between our universes still is open. While we are no longer in visual range, some probes modified by engineering and sciences have been able to monitor and aid us with the further study of the anomoly.

In the end, we hope to find some way to repair the fissure after the crew of the Conan Doyle decides to stay in our universe or return to the war in their own.

For this reason careful detailing of departments is necessary:

Security as always, we will need to be vigilant of potential threats via space. For this reason Tactical/Security will have to monitor the area, including the tear between universes.

Sciences continue to analyse the tear and try to find a reasonable way to close it when necessary.

Medical monitor the effects of the radiation on the crew of the ship and ensure that proper precautions are taken.

Engineering will give reports based on technology levels when it comes to energy, safety issues, etc. Make regular adjustments to aid in the closing of the anomaly or any other repairs necessary to Shogun or Conan Doyle.

Operations needs to ensure that powerflow on our ship to ensure all departments can carry out their tasks. Ensure that the proper compensations to powerflow are achieved to deal with the effects of the tear. Priorities are shields, helm control and damage control.

I have decided to place a full detail on the Conan Doyle on 101127, including myself, working on final repairs and upgrades to that ship. If they do decide to go back, we want our new friends to have at least a fighting chance.


The crew of the USS Shogun worked hard to repair the USS Conan Doyle. At the same time, they educated the Doyle's crew on their universe, trying to give the enough information so they could decide whether to stay in our universe or travel back through the rift to their own. Senior staff also debated as to whether or not to give the Dolye the nano virus that Voyager had developed to defeat species 8472 in our time line. After much soul searching, they finally decided to prove the Conan Doyle with the nano virus weapon. The Shogun crews completed repairs and returned to their own ship, while the Doyle's crew returned to theirs.

The crew of the USS Conan Doyle decided to return home and bring this new weapon with them. But before they could do that, another ship began to emerge through the rift. It did not come all the way through, but straddled the rift and began firing on both Starfleet vessels. At first the Shogun tried to defend itself using conventional weapons, but those weapons had little or not effect on Species 8472's bioship. Finally they decided to use the same nanoprobe weapon they'd supplied to the USS Conan Doyle. Doctor Fargus Skytower rigged up a torpedo to carry the virus, and tactical deployed it. It was successful and destroyed the enemy bioship—but not before the Shogun had taken significant damage (which took 3 days to repair).

Once the Species 8472 bioship was destroyed, the USS Conan Doyle flew back through the rift to their own universe. As soon as they were safely through, the Shogun used a gravimetric pulse to close the rift.


Crew Manifest