The Unknown Robots

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Mission Objectives

After the Dead of the Hirogen and the nanite infiltration our main task is to find out more why the Hirogen died so suddenly and we need to find out more about the nanites. Where did they come from ? Who programmed the nanites and Why? We need to encrypt their messages and still search for any kind of nanite infection of the Pathfinder Computer systems.

Mission results

Commanding Officer Lt. Cmdr. Nabuleone Rhode Stardate 100911 Mission Log

We still had to deal with the mysterious nanite infection of our systems. Medical is ordered to research the dead of the Hirogen under medical aspects and maybe to find out how the nanites can "control" biological lifeforms and cloak as bio-pathogens first, before we found out that we have to deal with micromachines.

The last days we worked hard to remove every nanites , but today it seems like we stired up a hornets' nest. Again the nanites starts to become active and try to get control over our comm systems. For a moment they had success and again they could communicate with other nanites somewhere else. The sensor readings confirmed , that the "PRF Nanites" send comm messages to the direction of Pinastri VIII. It seems nanites were everywhere in the system and they found access to the ancient Rajan comm station at the Pinastri VIII Moon Gene.

Meanwhile Chief Operations Officer Lt. Friehawk worked together with CM Zanzibar to encrypt the machine code and try to find a way to communicate with the nanites network in the PRF computer system. The started to have access and found out that the nanites named themselves as "Servantor"

After the first communication tries we detected an unknown ship approaching the Pinastri System. The vessel appeared in the orbit of the Pianstri IV Moon Cazalet and aproached Pinastri IV. They didnt react on every communication tries and beamed down something. The scans showed , that there were no biological lifesigns aboard the unknown vessel and a few minutes minutes later the station was under intruder alert. The machine ship sent a robot down on the surface and to the Pathfinder station. Lt.Cmdr. Aeon run the standard security procedures and required support from the Marine Corps who accomplished another mission right before. The search didnt took much time. The Servantor robot looked arround in the PRF building a few minutes and found the way to the command deck very quickly , surrounded and followed by the security forces and the Marines.

The Servantor Robot tried to communicate first and spoke in a binary mathematic code and used terms like : "search", "nanites" and he spoke about a "malfunction" and a "master code". Then he tried to take over control of our systems and the Marines need to shoot him down. We couldnt allow the robot to get uncontrolled access to our computer systems.

It is my hope , that we can enable a stable and friendly communication with these robots and find more about them and their mysterious search.

Further researches and invetsigations of all PRF Departments are ordered.