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Year: 2378

  • Realising that because of the distances involved they could never support fleet operations in the Delta Quadrant, they start feasibility studies for a permanent Federation colony in the Delta Quadrant.
  • The Borg Collective collapsed, due to the infection delivered by future Janeway. Borg Tribes emerged.

Year: 2379

  • The Federation attempts to mediate power-sharing talks between the numerous Romulan and Reman factions. An agreement is eventually reached whereby Remus is made a protectorate of the Klingon Empire and the Reman people allowed to settle on a Romulan continent.
  • The Federation begins providing material and humanitarian aide to the devastated Romulan Star Empire, and attempts to facilitate negotiations for the re-establishment of permanent government. Starfleet Vessels routinely patrol the Neutral Zone and the Star Empire. Not only did Starfleet see this as a tactical necessity, it was also a chance for a new dawn of exploration, which had been stagnant for nearly 12 years.
  • During routing patrols on the edge of the Romulan Border near to Khittomer, the USS Wraith, an experimental scout ship, detected an anomaly which turned out to be an intermittent wormhole.. Intensive scientific study of the phenomenon begins

Year: 2380

  • The Klingon Empire agrees to make the planet Remus and the Remans their protectorate. After a failed attempt at Reman colonization of a continent on Romulus, the Remans are eventually relocated to the Klingon planet of Klorgat VII.
  • Scientific studies identify the anomaly as a wormhole that spawns at random, anywhere within a 20,000 light year radius. Ongoing scientific studies result in being able to predict where and when the wormhole would next appear. It is also discovered that whilst it opened randomly this side, the far side remained at a stable, permanent location in the Delta Quadrant.
  • Starfleet also soon realise that the length of time between each opening of the wormhole gets greater between each event. This means that opportunities for future travel between the Alpha Quadrant and Delta Quadrant would become more and more limited as time progressed, as the wormhole would open less frequently. Starfleet recognises that any colony in the Delta Quadrant would need to be totally self sufficient

Year: 2381

060112 Federation Council finally approve funding for the Delta Quadrant Expedition with the intention of a two phase journey through the wormhole to set up a Starfleet colony

060129 Construction of Cascade Station begins on Earth in preparation for transport to the Delta Quadrant where it will be assembled

060208 Intensive ship building program begins in the Alpha Quadrant at Utopia Planitia and Beta Antares Shipyards for the mission.

060325 Initial fleet of Colony ships, scientists, engineers and Marines under the command of Admiral Stewart Price journey through the now named Khittomer Wormhole to Pinastri to begin colonisation

060330 Construction of Sharfleet HQ and Academy buildings begins on Pinastri Prime.

060416 UFSMC establish base and training facilities on Pinastri Prime under command of Commandant Kathryn Maxwell

060501 Delta Quadrant Expedition and Pinastri Colony formally placed under the command of Admiral Mike Calhoun

060515 Cascadia Shipyards construction completed

060601 Under the command of Admiral Calhoun, the second fleet of Starships, Transports and Freighters departs for the Delta Quadrant. Population includes, officers, cadets and civilians

060812 In space assembly of Cascade Station

061017 A pre forecast opening of the Khittomer Wormhole allows Admiral Price return to the Alpha Quadrant aboard the USS Wraith NX-97511

061207 Lt Allen Blatchford assumes position of Division Head of UFS Security

061230 The Redeemer Class Project begins under the command of UFS engineer, Lt. Ronin Calayan

Year: 2382

070104 UFS Academy opens its doors for the first time at UFS HQ on Pinastri Prime.

070119 Lt Chakotay300 Ebi assumes position of Division Head of UFS Science

070201 Security Division announces creation of "Sector001 Security" a Special Ops sub department.

070222 Captain Darren Reiner assumes position of Chief of UFS Operations

070227 Lt Louis Lazarno assumes position of Division Head of UFS Security

070408 Ensign Samuel Whizenhunt assumes position of Division Head of UFS Science

070408 Ensign Tourmaline Falken assumes position of Division Head of UFS Medical

070408 Lt Allen Blatchford assumes position of Division Head of UFS Communications

070409 Colonel Sanstrom Laxness assumes position of Vice Commandant UFSMC and commander of FORCECOM

070413 2nd Lt Zander Uralia reported missing in action

070503 Medical checkup program of all UFS personnel commences

070511 Colonel Sanstrom Laxness assumes position of Commandant UFSMC

070620 Lt Data Spectre assumes position of Division Head of UFS Security

070701 Lt Allen Blatchford assumes poition of Division Head of UFS Engineering

070716 Specialist UFSMC Training Division TRACOM is established with 1st Lt Dray Maverick as CO

070803 Tranquility Station undergoes intensive redesign work

070810 The Terran Empire crosses over into our universe and initiates the Terran Empire Campaigns

070813 Project Firewall - Grounbreaking experiments in combatting Borg assimilation technology were begun aboard Cascade Station by Dr Damion St. James

070920 Commodore Mateo Infinity assumes position of Division Head of UFS Communications

071001 Colonel Sanstrom Laxness assumes position of Vice Commander UFS and thew rank of Commodore

071001 Major Tig Spijkers assumes the position of Commandant UFSMC

071004 1st Lt Dray Maverick assumes the position of Vice Commandant UFSMC

071008 1st Lt Renpat Greggan assumes the position of CO UFSMC TRACOM

071008 Project Magellan instigated by UFS Science Division under the leadership of Lt Gijsjan Broek

071026 Ensign Kevin Fremont assumes position of Division Head of UFS Science

071029 UFSMC initiate reservist program

071101 Vice Admiral Rafkin Ashbourne assumes poition of Division Head UFS Support Services

071130 Assembly of UFSA Athena Station is completed.

071207 Assembly of Defiant Class USS Caracas NCC-74305 at Cascadia is completed

071214 Bio-Mechanical Hybrid Borg Nanoprobes discovered by USS Caracas, resulting in the ship becoming infected.

071226 The USS Redeemer NCC-100753 is destroyed in battle with the Terran Empire.

071226 Destruction of the inter-universe portal marks the end of the Terran Empire Campaigns

071228 Magellan explorer Lt Gijsjan Broek discovers metamorphic rock on one of the moons of Caledon

Year: 2383

080111 USS Caracas - Jaye Jeffries, Kosmos Asturias and Shana Flute jointly find a way to contain Bio-Nanoprobes and remove them by utilizing transporters. Bio-Nanoprobes were transferred to USS Freedom and taken back to Cascade Station for further research.

080115 UFSMC relocate to new HQ and training facilities on Pinastri V. The facility is named Camp Dieppe

080117 Office of Personnel created

080121 Lieutenant Samuel Whizenhunt assumes position of Division Head of UFS Communications

080130 First Contact with the Timelords

080205 1st Lt Januarius Allen assumes position of Vice Commandant UFSMC and commander of FORCECOM

080220 1st Lt Sam Christiansen assumes the position of CO UFSMC TRACOM

080310 UFS Archaeologists report that surface scans of a planet in Sector 3556 have a set of ruins on the Southern Continent that bear a striking resemblance to ancient ruins that were discovered on Earth Centuries ago.

080312 UFSMC Camp Dieppe is raised to the ground after earthquakes rock that region of Pinastri V

080317 Construction of USS Emily Lynn NCC-61907 begins at Cascadia

080318 Formal representatives of each of the many species that make up UFS are appointed.

080319 Romulans for Romulans(RFR) begin to rise as a threat to the Federation/Romulan negotiations

080323 Battle of Starbase 427 (Delta Quadrant) marks the loss of more than 15 allied Federation ships.

080328 Engineering works to Cascade are near completion, and the station is duly renamed Tranquility Station

080405 A secret meeting between the RFR and the Breen is interrupted by the USS Redeemer. Their leaders are killed, thus ending the problems with the RFR

080415 Alpha Quadrant negotiations with the Romulans are finalized, forming the first Romulan / Federation Alliance.

080421 The Office of Intellectual Property Management (IPM) is created

080420 Construction of New UFSMC Camp Dieppe is completed on Pinastri V

080430 First Contact with the Kingdom of Syldavia

080506 2nd Lt Rasim Aeon assumes position of Vice Commandant UFSMC and commander of FORCECOM

080510 UFSMC Camp Dieppe on Pinastri V is renamed Camp Casey

080513 UFS Support Services Division Dissolved. All departments transferred to UFS Command

080513 Vice Admiral Rafkin Ashbourne returns to service in the Alpha Quadrant

080513 Office of Public Relations & Marketing is created

080513 Renowned explorer Lt Gijsjan Broek assumes control of UFS Diplomatic Corps

080513 First Contact with the Beenobians.

080514 Januarius Allen assumes position of UFS UFS Command Master Chief

080528 Official UFS disciplinary procedures come into effect for all active personnel

080531 Vice Commander UFS, Commodore Sanstrom Laxness retires

080602 Project UMMIE, a top secret experimental communications network gets underway

080603 Major Missy Halderman assumes position of Vice Commandant UFSMC

080603 Captain Zed Drebin assumes position of Vice Commander UFS

080603 Lt. Commander Taylorholic Durant assumes position of Second Officer UFS, and Head of UFS Operations

080603 Lt. Daneil Collins assumes position of Superintendant UFSA

080603 1st Lieutenant Varon Vandeperck assumes position of CO UFSMC FORCECOM

080610 Formal Diplomatic Treaty between UFS and Syldavia is signed

080614 UFS Science survey mission of the planet Svarga reveal evidence of ancient Linden Dynasty

080617 Lt. Ronin Calayan, the designer of the Redeemer Class, returns to the Alpha Quadrant to work on improving Redeemer Class vessels.

080622 Formal Diplomatic Treaty between UFS and FFESP is signed

080623 [1] at Pinastri took place. The USS Emily Lynn and the USS Redeemer-A responded to the call from Tranquility Station and offered their assistance in defending Sector001. Ground forces battled the Vaadwaur's re-animated Borg Drones while the Fleet battled the Borg Spheres and the Vaadwaur's hijacked Turei vessels.

080624 The USS Redeemer-A and the USS Emily Lynn remain in a Cascadia Shipyards drydock for repairs. They were heavily damaged and nearly destroyed in the battle with the Vaadwaur.

080624 Solar flares from Pinastri's sun cause power outages and also cause climate controls malfunction, resulting in massive torrential rainfalls and flooding across huge regions of Pinastri Prime. With power failures and continuous rainfall, waterlevels began to rise.

080627 UFS Ally Syldavia breaks the Warp Barrier for the first time.

080628 The Prometheus class USS Menelaus is commissioned at the Cascadia Shipyards

080702 MCAPT Azalia Cazalet reported missing in action

080706 Restructuring of UFS intorduces new Branch layer to better facilitate future growth.

080706 Lieutenant Chase Quinnell's new design UFS Uniforms are introduced throughout the entire fleet.

080706 The Andromeda Research Lab and Sensor Array in orbit of the Pinastri Sun is commissioned.

080707 USS Emily Lynn is renamed USS Kallima and given a new registry of NX-61907

080707 Lieutenant Jeffery Biedermann assumes position of Division Head of UFS Security

080707 Merissa Milena assumes position of UFS Command Master Chief

080710 Commodore Sanstrom Laxness comes out of retirement to head up the newly formed JAG Office

080711 The Pathfinder Research Facility is comissioned at UFS HQ on Pinastri Prime.

080715 The S'raris colony is destroyed by the Borg. The USS Redeemer-A and the USS Colossus take heavy damage in the ensuing battle.

080717 1st Lieutenant Lothar Bereznyak assumes position of Commandant UFSMC

080720 Lieutenant Haku Yiyuan assumes position of Division Head of UFS Engineering

080722 2nd Lieutenant Daz Clip assumes the position of CO UFSMC TRACOM

080722 Lt. Colonel Allen Blatchford assumes position of Vice Commandant UFSMC

080723 Lieutenant Sam Christiansen assumes position of Head of Strategic Operations

080727 First Contact with the Talgorans

080729 The Treaty between the UFS and the Timelords is terminated by the Timelord Ambassador.

080801 Admiral Margot Lorefield assumes position of Superintendant UFSA

080804 The USS Caracas, as a NX test- bed vessel, is returned to Cascadia drydock to be fitted with a classified prototype "Holo- Masking" System and Sensor Pallet array.

080805 The USS Champion and 40 crewmembers are lost on the latest mission to test Transwarp Drive

080809 First Contact with the Mendari More Info

080816 An Inter-Galactic Portal was discovered by the USS Redeemer. It appears to lead to the Windsor Galaxy, the Mendari's home galaxy.

080826 The USS Redeemer hosted a peace-negotiation between the Mendari and the Federation. Captain Zed Drebin represented the Federation with Ambassador Lok Mandwe representing the Mendari. More Info

080906 First Contact with The Veoi

080915 The USS Redeemer and its compliment of Academy cadets is nearly lost on a routine Cadet Cruise. More Info

080919 The modified Intrepid class USS Sheppard NCC-74679 is officially launched from Tranquility Station

080922 BGen Sanstrom Laxness resumes his former position of Vice Commander UFS.

080922 VAdm Margot Lorefield assumes command of the JAG Office

080922 Captain Zed Drebin assumes the position of Superintendant UFSA

081010 Commander Cyril Barthelmess assumes position of Branch Commander of UFS Engineering

081103 All further experimental work on the USS Kallima NX-61907 is halted, and the ship is decommissioned by order of Admiral Calhoun

081110 Whilst performing studies at the edge of the Pinastri Sector, scientists aboard the USS Yellowstone detect an M-class planet in an uninhabited star system in the adjacent sector. Sensors indicated that its moons were rich in many minerals including the highly prized Dilithium. Even though this system was closer to Borg space, UFS Command see this as of great strategic value as it would not only provide for much needed ongoing resources to Pinastri, but also provide UFS with a great means of trade. Admiral Calhoun personally authorises further scientific study.

081126 Extensive terraforming begins on the Eastern continent of Pinastri Prime.

081126 Construction of the new UFSA Jupiter Class station nears completion after nearly 3 years of intense engineering work.

081220 USS DaVinci and USS Talisman are both recalled to Cascadia drydock for refit as per UFS Command orders.

081220 The Vulcan UFSA Professor Abulafia Gray led an away team on the Arakeen Mission to the desert planet Arakis learning much about the inhabitants and making some fascinating discoveries. Click [here to read the official report.

081221 FCAPT Kate Platt is recalled to UFS Headquarters for reassignment and assumes the position of commanding officer of the USS Aviator, currently docked at Tranquility Station

081224 The USS DaVinci and USS Redeemer-A reach the end of the road and are decomissioned.

081227 Two Starships are destroyed by the Borg in an intense attack on Pinastri. The USS Aviator is badly damaged and tractored to Cascadia Shipyards for repairs. The Borg are repelled but the loss of life is high.

Year: 2384

090106 Lieutenant Commander Sheridan Jewell assumes position of Chief of UFS Security

090106 "Alexandria Station" is chosen as the name for the soon-to-be commissioned Jupiter Class Station

090115 The Sovereign Class Starship vessel under construction at Cascadia Shipyards is commissioned as USS Shogun NCC-73812. The ship will be Captained by Lt. Ulrich Bechir

090119 UFS Scientists based at the Pathfinder Research Facility on Pinastri Prime, discover evidence of underwater structures whilst doing a deep sea archaeological scan of Pinastri V. Plans are being drawn up for further research missions.

090124 Captain Darren Reiner is selected to lead the UFS colonisation of Trailwan Sphere in the Excalibur Star System.

090126 Renowned UFS Magellan explorer Gijsjan Broek completes his 100th mission

090129 Unknown suicide bombers detonate explosives during a routine cadet inspection near the Pathfinder Facility. Commodore Durant and Chief of Security LTCMDR Jewell are amongst many injured. The attack was the precursor to a land invasion from unkown enemy faction. Fighting was fierce and many lives were lost. Read personal logs here, here

090131 Sector002 is officially opened by Admiral Calhoun with a ribbon cutting ceremony that is followed by a spectacular show of fireworks.

090131 The first annual Admiral's Banquet is held on Pinastri. Distinguished guests enjoyed an high spirited evening of http://www.ufstarfleet.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=6745 awards] and dancing.

090206 Pathfinder Chief of Science Nabuleone Rhode discovers 15,000 year old evidence of a previous civilization on Pinastri V. Read the UFSNN report here

090210 The USS Aviator and a number of transports depart the Pinastri System for the M-class planet Trailwan Sphere in the heart of the Excalibur Star System.

090215 Circumstances again allow Major General Sanstrom Laxness to retire from active duty as Vice Commander of UFS

090216 Admiral Stevan Seriman is assigned command of the Defiant Class Starship USS Caracas

090216 UFS Intelligence, formerly a division of UFS Command is granted full UFS Branch status.

090216 Lieutenant Commander Klawdija Shelman assumes position of Branch Commander, UFS Intelligence

090222 A creature of unknown origin but most likely native to Pinastri Prime attacks a UFS officer close to the Pathfinder Research Facility. Pathfinder's science and security teams are undergoing further investigations.

090403 Construction of the Sovereign Class USS Shogun NCC-73812 is finally completed, and the ship is commissioned at the Cascadia Shipyards

090407 Ongoing studies of ancient artifacts recovered from Pinastri V and Pinastri III reveal they are from an ancient civilization called the Rajans who at one time occupied the Pinastri System

090411 USS Shogun visits the Amphora System en route to Devore space. Read the mission reports Children of Destruction

090417 UFS Command issue orders to the USS Menelaus to investigate unidentified energy readings in Pinastri's Asteroid Belt

090418 The USS Shogun discovers dead members of a species of genetic augments called The Duco on a deserted space station 25LY from Pinastri Prime. Read the CO's report Message in a Bottle

090425 After more than two years in the post, Commander Tourmaline Falken steps aside as Branch Commander of UFS Medical. She will remain in the branch in an advisory capacity.

090425 The USS Shogun visits the Polenta System and docks at the impressively designed Mongo Station for repairs and some brief shore leave.

090502 Lieutenant Commander Dusti Dagger assumes position of branch Commander, UFS Medical

090504 Unexpected seismic activity on Pinastri Prime causess the virtual destruction of the Jonathan Archer building, along with some severe damage to the supporting structure of the Pathfinder Research Facility. Read the Report of the Pathfinder CO here

090505 The Andromeda Science Research Outpost in orbit of Pinastri's sun is [2] by a warp core breach.

090511 Hostilities with the Kingdom of Syldavia surface again. Pinastri is placed on Yellow Alert

90513 PRF scientist Nabuleone Rhode confirms that the ancient Rajans had colonies on Pinastri III, Pinastri Prime, and Pinastri V.

090514 UFS sign an exchange of Ambassadors treaty with Vooper Werribee of Splintered Rock

090526 An autopsy carried out by PRF doctor Piper John confirms that the body retrieved from Pinastri III is that of UFS scientist LtCmdr T'Wum. T'Wum was a Vulcan serving in UFS who went missing during a mission to Pinastri III in 2381

090530 USS Shogun discovers evidence of two lost civilizations, namely the Alakra and the Krasic on the planet Alakron.

090530 After an extensive refit, the USS Caracas relaunches from Cascadia Shipyards under the command of Admiral Stevan Seriman

090621 Pathfinder scientists discover further exciting evidence of the ancient Rajan civilization on Pinastri III. Lt Rhode's log can be accessed here

090625 The Captain of the USS Shogun, LT Ulrich Bechir, recovers a suspicious barrel on an Oncan Station that contains a heavy radioactive element. Analysis by Dr Skytower and Lt Baxton, reveals the element (now named Shogunium) is beyond the manufacturing skills of the Federation.

090701 A temporal rift opens up off Pinastri's coastline. Out of the rift comes a warship from Earth's past, circa 1944. Read the Pathfinder XO's log here

090701 A terrorist faction launches a devastating attack on UFS planetside operations, by setting off explosives in and around the Pathfinder Research Facility. A total refit is required.

090801 The Borg make a surprisingly undetected venture into UFS space in a never before seen type of cube. Initially discovered in local Pinastri Prime airspace, they were later engaged by the USS Caracas and Pathfinder starfighter squadrons in and around Tranquility and Cascadia Shipyards. Read UFS officers logs here

090812 The USS Shogun becomes the first Federation vessel in over nine years to encounter the Devore Imperium, when it comes under an unprovoked attack

091004 LTCOL Allen Blatchford assumes the position of Commandant UFSMC

091028 Pinastri Prime is rocked to the core as it comes under intense bombardment from asteroids. Planetary defences limit the damage but much destruction of the landscape and facilities occured. The Pathfinder Research Facility suffers huge damage. Read official reports here

091030 UFS Command announces a complete reorganisation of the Senior Command Structure of UFS see the details Here

091030 Commodore Taylorholic Durant assumes the newly created position of Commander Starfleet.

091030 Commander Diemme Morane assumes the newly created position of Starfleet Chief-of-Staff.

091030 Captain Tammy Durant assumes position of UFS Operations Branch Commander.

091102 Lieutenant Wolfton Foulsbane assumes position of Branch Commander UFS Intelligence

091105 Lieutenant Wyp Luminos assumes position of Branch Commander, UFS Corps of Engineers

091123 Lt Commander Jadia Triellis assumes the newly created position of Head of Starfleet Operations.

091129 Pinastri Prime is plunged into Arctic conditions as the planet's Weather Modification Net is sabotaged. See Winter Wonderland

091212 A memorial service for fallen UFS Officer Melissa Ordram was held on the surface of Pinastri. A video of the occasion can be viewed here

091229 Lieutenant Tim Feriszke assumes position of Branch Commander, UFS Security

Year: 2385

100103 - Lt. Colonel Allen Blatchford stands down as Commandant of the UFSMC to aid the Operations Branch as Vice Branch Commander. Major Pema Nakamura is named the new Commandant.

100105 The remains of the elusive sea creature thought to be native to the planet and last encountered mid-2384 has been recovered by scientists at PRF. Read the logs here

100107 Admiral Calhoun was kidnapped by the group of Orion pirates who go under the banner of Orion's Sword. These were the same pirates that have been attacking the system of late. For full story see Have You Heard the Word?

100108 Starfleet Command received Intelligence that there would be a raid against the Pinastry System. The operation was classified under the file Have You Heard the Word?

100117 Following the shocking events of the past few weeks Starfleet Command beings investigating how our enemies were able to bypass our defenses so easily. Details of this operation can be found in the data file Are You My Neighbor?

100124 The upcoming launch of the USS Sentinel is cancelled at the order of UFS Command. The crew of the Sentinel are transferred to the USS Sheppard with immediate effect to continue training simulations under the command of CMDR Mulgrave Dwi until her upcoming launch. The order can be found here

100130 The second annual Admirals Banquet was held on the surface of Pinastri Prime. All the top brass were in attendance and many officers were decorated for their outstanding service to UFS.

100130 UFS Scientist LTCMDR Nabuleone Rhode releses his final report on the history the mysterious Rajans, who were the original inhabitants of a number of planets in the Pinastri Star System

100201 Whilst undergoing a routine surveying mission around grid 008, the USS Yurei suffers an unprovoked attack from an unknown alien vessel

100209 CMDR Cheryl Skinstad takes over as Superintendant of UFS Academy as Commodore Zed Drebin steps into semi-retirement. He remains at the Academy in an advisory capacity.

100213 Following an attack on the USS Yurei Starfleet detects an oncoming flotilla of unidentified craft and from their attack on the Yurei are believed hostel. This operation was dubbed Red Sun Rising

100313 The 2nd and 3rd Fleets engage an incoming alien flotilla at the edges of UFS space. This marks the beginning of a series of skirmishes and battles resulting in sustained attacks on both SS Athena and SS Tranquility

100316 Following the brutal events of Red Sun Rising it was discovered that the enemy had stolen some classified information but due to damage to systems it was impossible to tell what. This operation can be found in the file Yea Though I Walk Through the Valley

100328 Commander Diemme Morane stands down as UF Starfleet Chief of Staff and retires from UFS.

100402 The Intrepid class USS Sheppard is formally launched from Cascasia under the command of Mulgrave Dwi

100420 Major Pema Nakamura stands down as Commandant of the UFSMC. Admiral Calhoun moves the Marine Corp to inactive status until a vast and needed restructure can be completed.

100506 Commodore Taylorholic Durant stands down as Commander UF Starfleet and retires to a civilian teaching position.

100514 LTCMDR Millenia Infinity assumes the position of Branch Commander, UFS Corps of Engineers

100528 Vice Admiral Sanstrom Laxness returns to active duty as Commander UF Starfleet

100530 New Uniforms are introduced throughout the fleet.

100604 Commander Peedy Thor is assigned as the new UF Starfleet Chief of Staff

100806 An unknown object landed on Pinastri Prime and was discovered to be a strange crystal. Further study and actions are under the file Crystal Clear?

100809 UFS Meteorologists studying weather patterns on Pinastri VII discover a belt of ion storms inside the planets atmosphere. Access detail of the study here

100814 The USS Sheppard returns for needed repairs and rest for the crew however appearing out of a strange anomaly the USS Shogun appears and warns of a catastrophic danger to Pinastri Prime. Operations Reports can be found under the file Homecoming

100823 Lt. Commander Jadia Triellis is abducted to the another dimension referred to as The Mirror Universe and an attempt to destroy the UF Starfleet is thwarted Upending the Dagger, Revealing the Conspiracy

100922 After many months of work Admiral Mike Calhoun reactivates the UF Starfleet Marine Corp with Major MilesPrower Dagger as the new Commandant of the UFSMC

100926 The USS Rotterdam discovers an egg on a Y-Class, often called a Demon Class, Planet and brings it back for study. The operation reports are under the file A Time to be Born

101124 The new Joint Chief Position Chief of UF Starfleet Communications is created and Commander Kermie Mistwallow is appointed.

Year: 2386

110921 Commodore Zania Turner assumes Chief of UF Starfleet Communications postion.

110921 Captain Kermie Mistwallow assumes Chief of UF Starfleet Operations position.

110928 Admiral Mike Calhoun Announces UFS Reboot. All information can be found at the following LCARs Location Reboot

110928 Commandant of the UFSMC Position held by Colonel MilesPrower Dagger is elevated to Joint Chiefs of Staff Status .

110930 Construction begins on the USS Solstice under the command of Lieutenant Graves Paramour .

111010 Commander Thallanor Rasmuson recieves command of SS Tranquility .

111010 Construction begins on the USS Veracruz under the command of Captain Kinney Randt .

111013 UFS Academy SuperIntendant Postion held by Lieutenant Commander Hidalgo Dorchester is elevated to Joint Chiefs of Staff Status .

Year: 2387

120114 SS Helmut Kohl is commissioned in the remote Barrett System, Commander Dinero Outlander assumes command.

120114 The USS Menelaus leaves Pinastri Prime following a supply a supply re-fit after a year long mission

120123 The USS Sheppard is discovered adrift in the Midgar Sector, the vessel is salvaged but none of the crew are found.

120130 SS Pegasus is discovered in the Genesis Sector of the Alpha Quadrant. Ensign DDeridex Orici leads an expedition using the disused M.I.D.A.S array.

120229 The USS Banshee, an Akira Class Starship is commissioned under the command of Captain Madadh Magic

120327 The crew of the USS Aviator-A is replaced and the vessel is brought under the command of Commander Azalyna Resident

120329 The USS Republic-C is built from a disused prototype spaceframe for the Legacy Class Starship at SS Pegasus

120408 The USS Sheppard is recommissioned and refitted under the command of Captain Hanna Kestrel

120425 The USS Republic-C returns to the Pinastri System by alien technology and is reassigned to Task Force 3 under the command of newly promoted, Commander DDeridex Orici

120427 The USS Taylorholic Durant, a Luna Class Starship is commissioned as a Cadet Training Vessel, under the command of Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun

120501 Captain Madadh Magic abandons the USS Banshee following a collision with a Borg Cube on it's first mission.

120502 The USS Republic-C makes First Contact with the Pax Magellanic, the Republic is heavily damaged and the USS Sheppard is missing, presumed lost.

120506 The USS Shogun is discovered by the USS Veracruz and is towed back to SS Tranquility, the crews fate is unknown.

120628 USS Cochrane, an Oberth Class Starship is commissioned under the command of Commander Lan Nakajima

120701 The New Orleans Class Starship, USS Expanse is renamed USS Republic-D and put under the command of Commander DDeridex Orici

120703 Commander Jamie Czavicevic assumes full time command of the USS Banshee after intensive repairs to the vessel.

120714 The USS Protector was launched from Cascadia Shipyards, under the command of Commander Benjamin Balan

120714 The USS Republic-C is destroyed over a Class O Planet in Sector 009F while discovering the fate of the USS Renown.

120717 The Battle of Excalibur, EDC Forces engage UF Starfleet. The USS Cochrane suffers heavy damage and is unable to be repaired. The USS Banshee assists.

120718 The El' Dorain Combine (EDC) formally declare war on UF Starfleet

120719 The USS Halcyon, a Champion Class Starship is renamed USS Cochrane after the original Oberth Class Starship is deemed beyond repair.

120726 Grid Reference 002 is evacuated due to disturbing reports in Another Horizon

120726 UF Starfleet HQ is relocated to UFS Grid

120805 The USS Cochrane establishes First Contact with the Avianis

120811 Brigadier General MilesPrower Dagger is appointed UF Starfleet Chief of Staff

120812 The USS Cochrane establishes First Contact with the Nocteen

120818 The USS Republic-D locates the EDC Homeworld after almost 3 months in the Emerald Expanse, the Republic succeeds in stopping a weapon from reaching Pinastri Prime

120815 The EDC War officially ends with the signing of the Armistice Treaty, the EDC retreat back to the Emerald Expanse.

120817 The USS Republic-D goes missing while patrolling the Emerald Expanse boarder.

120821 The USS Banshee leads the Battle of the Corwin Star System in which the Banshee is successful in capturing an EDC Commander.

120905 The USS Shogun is recommissioned under the command of Commander Mac Gaelyth

121010 The SS Helmut Kohl is decommissioned when UF Starfleet decides to withdraw from the Barrett System

121028 The USS Shogun makes First Contact with the "Void Callers"

121104 Lieutenant (J.G.) Jean Hema assumes command as Director UF Starfleet Personnel, Nabuleone Rhode assumes position as Vice Director.

121114 The USS Dauntless, a Nova Class Starship is commissioned under the command of Commander Erin Grandeeva, the Dauntless locates the missing USS Republic-D

121115 The USS Republic-D is decommissioned. The crew are reassigned to the USS Dauntless. Commander DDeridex Orici is missing, presumed dead.

121119 UF Starfleet Academy Superintendant Hidalgo Dorchester announces a general restructuring of the United Federation Starfleet Academy.

121120 The USS Banshee is formally commissioned and Jamie Czavicevic is promoted to Captain.

121120 The USS Talisman-A is re-launched into active duty under the command of Captain Hitman Jayaram

121124 Spies infiltrated the USS Banshee attempting to assassinate Captain Jamie Czavicevic, Second Officer T'mari was killed in the explosion.

121125 The Typhon Corridor, a secondary, fast, and more stable route to the Alpha/Beta Quadrants, is discovered by the USS Cochrane by accident during Slipstream transit to Sector 001D of the Delta Quadrant.

121201 Captain Jamie Czavicevic was kidnapped by the Orion Sword from the USS Banshee

121202 The USS Shogun makes First Contact with the Saka'ari "Ancient"

121205 The Shuttle Montezuma of the USS Veracruz explodes, killing three crew members. The USS Veracruz suspects Romulan involvement.

121213 Pathfinder Research Facility is damaged by a heavy Ion Storm in the Beta Antares system

121216 The USS Shogun encounters a space-dwelling vortex organism.

121217 Brigadier Penney Lancaster is arrested for attempting to kidnap USS Banshee commanding officer, Captain Jamie Czavicevic, he was arrested and awaiting trial.

121219 The Interstellar Concordium invade the Excalibur Star System, the USS Dauntless, USS Bravon and the USS DeBakey are successful in engaging them resulting in them fleeing.

121228 The USS Cochrane is destroyed in the Ravanar System in the Alpha Quadrant when a Tholian Attack ship impacts the ship near it's Warp Core Ejection Hatch, setting the ship's core on it's way to a breech.

121229 Construction of the Steamrunner Class Starship, USS Republic is completed and the crew of the USS Dauntless is transferred to the Republic.

121229 The USS Sunstrider is launched under the command of Commander Brandi Meredith

Year: 2388

130102 The USS Republic is successful in liberating Rakosa V from the remaining Interstellar Concordium Forces. The Concordium lose their only way to get reinforcements into the Delta Quadrant.

130105 Captain Poison Toocool is kidnapped from Astraios Colony, Commander Genny7 Markus takes over command of Astraios and the USS Argonaut in an attempt to rescue her.

130106 The newly built and christened Luna Class, USS Hyperion is launched from Utopia Planitia under the command of Commander Lan Nakajima, and the crew of the late USS Cochrane.

130106 The USS Republic re-establishes contact with the Argussian Federation who attempt to reconquer the Pinastri Sector and capture Lieutenant Colonel Erin Grandeeva

130106 Vice Admiral Rosine Heinkel resigns as Commander UF Starfleet

130112 Astraios Colony Celebrates its 2 Year Anniversary

130113 USS Wildfire launched under the command of Commander Nikond40 Resident and Lieutenant Commander Jean Hema

130303 USS Hyperion is recognised as a commissioned chapter within United Federation Starfleet

130321 USS Curiosity launched under the command of Commander Ben2012rascal Resident and Lieutenant Commander BenjaminBastian Hermans.

130510 Lieutenant Commander BenjaminBastian Hermans assumes command of USS Curiosity

130519 Commodore Hidalgo Dorechester stands down as Academy SuperIntendant

130521 SS Caledonia launched under the command of Commander Ashembers Resident and Lieutenant Commander Edwynnstryker Resident. This marks UFS's new presence in the InWorldz metaverse.

130523 Commodore Rosine Heinkel becomes the new Academy SuperIntendant

130529 Lieutenant Commander Maddox Underwood becomes Commandant of the UF Starfleet Academy.

130601 USS Shogun recognised as a commissioned chapter within United Federation Starfleet

130601 SS Cassini launched under the command of Fleet Captain Nabuleone Rhode and Fleet Captain Piper John.

130624 USS Taylorholic Durant recongised as a commissioned chapter within United Federation Starfleet.

130628 USS Hyperion celebrates the 1 year anniversary of the launch of the USS Cochrane, it's predecessor.

130628 Commodore Kermie Mistwallow stands down as Chief of UF Starfleet Operations.

130706 USS Sheppard relaunched under the command of Commander Cordova Marabana and Commodore Rosine Heinkel.

130714 USS Protector recognised as a commissioned chapter within United Federation Starfleet.

130321 USS Prophetic launched under the command of Commander Wolfton Foulsbane and Lieutenant Commander Nexus300 Resident.

130717 Jean Hema appointed as new Chief of UF Starfleet Operations.

130717 MilesPrower Dagger appointed as Deputy Commander, Starfleet.

130726 To better clarify the duties of several of the JCS the titles of UF Starfleet Chief of Staff and UF Starfleet Cheif of Operations are switched with Jean Hema becomming UF Starfleet Chief of Staff and Piper John appointed Chief of UF Starfleet Operations.

130723 Taurik Xaris and Adlor Tyran take over command of the USS Curiosity.

131105 USS Elysium is officially decommissioned.

131128 USS Sunstrider launched under the command of Captain Brandi Meredith and Commander CD Duffield.

Year: 2412

140101 United Federation Starfleet did a timejump to the year 2412 due to our stories would be limited by Starfleet history of the past BUT also by Starfleet history of future events already written (the things that happened during the years described in the "Path to 2409").

140117 USS Corsair launched in shakedown under the command of Colonel Millenia Infinity and Colonel Penney Lancaster.

140122 USS Wildfire is officially decommissioned.

140124 USS Shogun re-launched in under the command of Commodore Kermie Mistwallow and Commander Izzy Baum.

140126 USS Erebus launched under the command of Cpatain Lan Nakajima and Lieutenant General MilesPrower Dagger.

140401 USS Talisman-A is officially decommissioned.

140407 Lieutenant Commander Eddie Hagoromo becomes Chief of Computer Operations.

140409 USS Davy-Crockett launched in shakedown under the command of Commander Selenmoira Resident and Lieutenant Commander JohnnyB Guardian.

Year: 2413

150211 SS Alexandria is officially decommissioned.

150221 USS Maxwell is launched under the command of Commander Nora Gerhadsen and Lieutenant Commander Ponce Zapatero.

150326 USS Prophetic is officially decommissioned.

150402 USS Nightstalker is officially decommissioned.

150615 Captain James Killian took over command of USS Shogun after Commodore Kermie Mistwallow.

150627 Captain Wolfton Foulsbane took over command of SS Tranquility.

150728 USS Redemption launched in shakedown under the command of Commander Maryanne Slater and Lieutenant Commander Reese Turner in Sector 016.

150802 USS Davy-Crockett launched in under the command of Captain Selenmoira Resident and Lieutenant Commander JohnnyB Guardian.

150829 Captain Genny7 Markus took over command of SS Astraios after Fleet Captain Poison Toocool

150829 USS Longtalker is launched in shakedown under the command of Fleet Captain Poison Toocool and Lieutenant Commander Indie Author at Nyota Colony (Metropolis Metaversum Grid].

151018 USS Thunderbird is launched in shakedown under the command of Commander Azdra Resident and Lieutenant Commander Suzie Setsuko.

Year: 2414

160105 Commdore Cheryl Skinstad is appointed UF Starfleet Chief of Staff

160208 USS Sheppard is drydocked due to repairs and awaiting new captain.

160304 USS Taylorholic Durant is drydocked due to repairs and awaiting new captain.

160313 USS Taylorholic Durant is taken out of drydock with Commodore Cheryl Skinstad as Executive Officer.

160313 USS Longtalker is officially decommissioned.

160323 Brigadier General Kressler Constantine is appointed UF Starfleet Marine Corps Commandant.

160324 USS Shogun is drydocked due to repairs and awaiting new captain.

160324 Commodore Kinney Randt is appointed Chief of UF Starfleet Operations.

160522 USS Sheppard is taken out of drydock under the command of Captain Cordova Marabana and Lieutenant Commander Jim Bomazi.

160703 Captain Jamie Czavicevic takes over command of SS Tranquility.

160809 SS Tranquility is drydocked due to repairs.

160814 USS Thunderbird launched in under the command of Captain Azdra Resident and Commander Suzie Setsuko.

161016 USS Davy-Crockett is officially decommissioned.

161031 USS Protector is officially decommissioned.

161112 USS Vulpine is officially decommissioned.

Year: 2415

170403 USS Bellerophon is launched in shakedown.

171109 USS Bellerophon is disbanded.

Year: 2416

180111 USS Redemption in Sector 016 is drydocked.

180228 SS Peedy Thor is launched in shakedown under the command of Commodore Ravyn Stormchyld and Lieutenant Commander Rich Lombardia.

180505 Commdore Kermie Mistwallow is appointed Chief of UF Starfleet Communications.

180512 Lieutenant Commander Vardasilver Spearsong is appointed Executive Officer of SS Pathfinder

180513 Commodore Kermie Mistwallow is appointed Executive Officer on SS Peedy Thor.

180513 Commander Rich Lombardia is appointed Commanding Officer of USS Sheppard with Captain Indy Firelight as Executive Officer.

180809 Rear Admiral Poison Toocool is appointed Superintendent.

Year: 2417

190120 Office of Computer Operations is made into a Joint Chief.

190226 USS Monarch is launched in shakedown under the command of Commander Sarheni Kanto and Commander WilliamH Greymoon.

190413 USS Christopher Pike is launched in shakedown under the command of Admiral MilesPrower Dagger and Captain Ishan Broek.

190306 USS North Carolina is launched in shakedown under the command of Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson and Lieutenant Colonel TJ Allen.

190406 Captain Luciano Scariano is appointed Sector Commander of Sector 002(Mainland Europe).

160407 Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson is appointed Sector Commander of Sector 013(North Carolina).

190425 SS Peedy Thor is launched under the command of Commodore Kermie Mistwallow and Commander Draco Dimanovic