Tin Can

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Tin Can
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP042
*Initiated: 111202
*Ended: 120108
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: The 42nd Rule of Acquisition
*Next Mission: Menagerie
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Previous Log, Stardate 111209: The excellent crew aboard the USS Faithful, sent to assist a trading vessel in distress and check on the activities of an unidentified warship which turned out to be firing upon the freighter, were tricked by the Ferengi. After the Faithful had disabled the so-called battlecruiser, the crew transported aboard to find the vessel empty and in anything but mint condition. By the time they established these facts, the freighter had disappeared and the “pirate” crew were firmly ensconced on board the USS Faithful -- probably cheering as they planned their escape back through the anomaly with a state-of-the-art Starfleet runabout. Our quick-witted helm officer was able to contact the computer aboard the runabout and lock out navigational controls after remotely setting course for Astraios, before the Ferengi were able to access computer controls. The Ferengi were apprehended when they reluctantly entered the Sector and are currently in the brig.

Current Log, Stardate 120106: The crew from the runabout is still aboard the Ferengi cruiser, heading for home… they are having some difficulty with systems aboard the vessel… communications are intermittent... but they have managed to send a signal advising they are having trouble sustaining even warp one and have dropped to impulse. They also have detected a sensor ghost that appears and disappears from scans.

I've ordered the closest Starfleet ship to rendezvous with the Ferengi vessel as soon as possible. Still it may be some hours before they can be reached...

Crew participation

USS Faithful

LT Cmdr Karl Quar, captain

LT Dolfke Barbosa, security officer

LTjg Genny7 Markus, medical officer

LTjg David7 Bravin; helm/sciences officer

USS Argonaut

Ensign Jimbob Ross, 2nd Officer


Reporting: Second Officer Jimbob Ross, USS Argonaut, 120108: I had just sat down in the big chair to start my shift as acting captain, I need as many hours as I can get in the role of command. We were testing out some recent repairs to ensure we were functioning efficiently, all was well and quiet, a nice and easy shift I thought. An incoming communication from SS Astraios was to change this.

We were informed of the situation: apparently the Ferengi captured USS Faithful whilst the Faithful's crew were investigating the Ferengi ship, resulting in the UFS crew being stranded on the Ferengi vessel. By all accounts that ship is in a bad way and the Faithful's crew may well be in a life or death situation. Coupled with the fact that there is a black hole in that area things could turn nasty, very quickly.

I gave the order to helm to lay in the course and proceed at full speed, I then relayed the information to USS Argonaut's captain. He told me to proceed and that it was my show, however he let me know he would be there to assist should I need it.

With a deep breath and a sense of urgency I made sure the crew were aware of the situation and to ensure that all teams were prepared.

Communications were bad, try as we might we couldn't make contact. I had asked science if there were any communications buoys in that area, and was heartened to find that there were, so relaying the communications through that buoy, we at last, made contact with the crew. After receiving their coordinates and course heading we determined that it would take approximately 2 hours to get to them, the report I received from the Ferengi ship was very serious indeed. The warp core was leaking serious radiation and they only had impulse power but the power was draining fast, life support was under threat. With that in mind I requested engineering to give me more speed, but even with the USS Argonaut at full stretch, I was certain we would be too late, I pushed that thought to the back of my mind.

I was aware that the Ferengi ship was to be preserved as evidence, which brought logistical problems in itself, however I remembered in the back of my mind a similar situation from history, where the rescue ship used a tractor beam then extended its shields around the crippled ship and towed it this way. I asked engineering to explore this possibility.

Whilst monitoring the communications between our ships, I became aware of a serious warp core breech on the Ferengi ship, they were going to have to eject the core, I had another idea... very risky... but it might work. I relayed the Idea to Lt Dolfke on the Ferengi ship, the idea was this... When they eject the core,to divert as much power to aft shields and then detonate the core, they could then.... in theory... ride the shockwave kind of like a surfer... but there were serious risks to this.

It showed how desperate the crew were when they implemented this idea and we all held our collective breath whilst the plan was put into place. As the core was detonated we could see that they were pushed towards us at an incredible rate. There was a price to pay however, as more damage was done.

By this time we were almost within transporter range, only a few minutes more and we would have them, there was a shout from ops that the Ferengi ship had lost power and was drifting toward the black hole, with microseconds to spare we managed to engage the tractor beam, and stopped the ship from drifting any further. Engineering extended our shields around the alien vessel and we beamed aboard the crew. I was shocked to see them materialise in space suits, it was only then I realized exactly how bad the situation was. I went to greet a grateful crew and ensured they were safe and that all their needs are met, before relinquishing command to USS Argonaut's Captain.

As I write this report, we are heading back to Astraios at warp two, it will take around a week or so to get back.


This is my continued report from the bridge of the Ferengi spacecraft nicknamed "The Tin Can" by the Captain. Our progress if you can call it that has been very slow, we began at Warp 1 but have now been reduced to impulse power. We continue to send out Mayday calls but as yet no one has heard us. The crew have received radiation shots from me as the levels of radiation from the warp core have been steadily rising since we left the vicinity of the black hole. I keep asking myself just what can go wrong next and then Lt. Barbosa reports that there is a ghost signal on the LRS. Could it be that it is a Starfleet ship coming to rescue us, but no, so that remains as yet another worrying problem. Suddenly everything is going wrong, the warp core, our power supply, life support, and the Captain orders one more try to contact any ships in our area.

Imagine our delight when the voice of Ensign Ross aboard the USS Argonaut from Astraios answers our call for help. He reports that the ship is approx one hour from our position at warp 9. After hearing of our situation he orders his engineering crew to find a way to get more speed to reach us faster. It was at this moment that the warp core went critical and the Captain made the decision to eject the warp core. Ensign Ross made the suggestion that if we were to eject the core and then fire phasers at it as it exploded it would give us a much needed push nearer to the USS Argonaut. The Captain agreed to this plan as it seemed our only hope of ever reaching the Argonaut and safety. I had earlier also administered Tri-ox to the crew to help lower their need for oxygen but the air is almost depleted and the Captain orders us into some space suits we'd found.

Just as we are about to give up hope the voice of Ensign Ross tells us that they are five minutes away from our position and are extending their shields around us and preparing to transport us aboard. What a welcome sight is the transporter room of the Argonaut, I cannot praise Ensign Ross more highly, and we owe our lives to him.

In Service,

LTjg Genny7 Markus

Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Stardate: 120108