To Catch a Killer

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To Catch a Killer
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP175
*Initiated: 130525
*Ended: 130525
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: To Catch a Killer
*Previous Mission: No Good Deed...
*Next Mission: After Aid
*SIM Concept: Mac Gaelyth
*Historian: Kermie Mistwallow

Stardate: 130525 Current Location: Pinastri Sector, Mu Draconis system, Al Raqis


Captain's Log

This past week has been naturally one of intrigue in the the Imperial Concordate world Al Raqis. We have been in orbit for almost a fortnight, and have been privy to a number of goings-on locally that, surprisingly, includes Federation Citizens.

Over the past month Al Raqis has been interfered with by a local band of pirates, who have murdered and robbed several shuttles and freighters of many different cultures: Members of the Orion Confederate, an Inquisitor of the Imperial Concordate, memberes of the UAE, and, surprisingly, Federation Citizens were among those killed.

According to the local Coroner, bodies of the Federation Citizens were found to have information encoded directly into the DNA of their bone marrow, information forwarded to us for decoding. Whilst this has the horrible hallmarks of yet another instance of pirates stealing federation intelligence, it makes me wonder who these people were. I certainly for one was not familiar with the practice, even in Starfleet Intelligence.

During our time in orbit, one of the local settlements was attacked by these pirates, one which our own Roberta Melodie, a Civilian Scientist, was residing; Fortunately she was aboard ship at the time of the attack; unfortunately however the entire settlement was decimated. We are in the process of rendering aid by giving medical supplies. Their Highport has also been recently attacked, currently sporting an unexploded Nuclear Device in its superstructure.

Once the Device has been scanned and all available humanitarian aid has been offloaded to Araxes, the main city, we will be following the Orions to a UAE world called Xin Caodi, a corporate planet, which has been under Orion blockade for the past month. The commander of these Pirates, Jo Massenberg, has been effectively trapped aboard her D2 Warbird, clamped to their orbiting starbase. We will be requesting permission to continue our investigation into the murders of the Federation Citizen, and try to find out why these people were killed.


Before Departure, the Beta Shift of the USS Shogun endeavored to finish off the Humanitarian Aid to be sent to Araxes (also known as Arrakis), especially as now it became apparent that the Nuclear Device was deactivated and removed from the Hull of the Highport.

Lieutenants Isis Gaelyth and Kazia Ravenheart were instructed to help crack the encryption fully and discern whether or not the data inside was relevant, or at least 'worth stealing', with Doctor Piper730 Resident, assisted by a medical Intern, was to scan the remaining tissue, Bone Marrow left at the Scene, to find any further samples of artificial DNA used as a code to conceal documentation.

As the Shogun was cleared for departure, with Commander Izzy Baum clarifying there was no hostiles in sight, we established that the UAE itself was unfamiliar with the Federation as a whole, utilizing the 'softly, softly' approach. Having a large Federation Starship warp into a midst of Blockading Orions and defence ships with itchy trigger fingers seemed unwise.

Upon arriving at the Territorial Border and hailing Xin Caodi's central port authority, 'Skyplex', it transpired that Massenberg's forces, teh J'est Neb, had come in to effect a rescue. A battle ensued; costing the lives of many locals, damaged ships, and pirates themselves. It seems that the D2 Warbird carrying Massenberg was destroyed in the conflict, likely killing Massenberg in the process; however there is no evidence to rule out the possibility of escape.

After scanning much of the region, among the debris scans showed a match for the phaser and disruptor signatures found in the original piracy attacks; concluding that the ship that was responsible for the deaths of the civilians in Al Raqis was in the region, likely her D2.

Shogun is currently in very high orbit around Xin Caodi away from debris in the region. She is currently standing by to render Medical and Engineering aid to the locals.