To Catch a Thief

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To Catch a Thief
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP096
*Initiated: 120108
*Ended: 120108
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: To Catch a Thief
*Previous Mission: Out Like a Light
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

While en route to a location where they hope to find the Captain's stranded away team, the Sheppard and her crew come under attack from the Seekers of the Light.


Location: 20,000 years in the future

Personal log Lieutenant Lavar, Stardate 111204

--An excited looking andorian appears on the screen--

We have done it! we have, I think, located the Captain! The data from the Oclar vessels was enough for the computer to pinpoint our position and establish the date, what's more we got some partial sensor data that was of Federation origin. It seems that while passing through a nearby sector the Oclar picked up a Federation signature very close to a nearby star.

Cross-referencing this position with our previous sensor data, I managed to determine that this system is also home to the Chenae repair facility and it is approximately 3 days before we arrive in the system. If my data is accurate, then there should be nothing of Federation origin in this system.... yet, I have theorized in my report to the commander that as the Chenae facility exists almost exactly on the opposite side of the sun to our stray signal, the signature must be very close to the sun, otherwise it would surely have been detected and investigated by the Chenae by now.

I.... have also filed a formal complaint with my report to the commander on the manner in which we gathered the data. I want to find the captain as much as anyone but we stole that data, we detected the Oclar and instead of asking we just took what we needed because we could... I didnt join Starfleet to be a thief... part of me knew it felt wrong at the time but I was just too caught up in following orders to pay attention to what we were doing. To me, being a Starfleet officer is about doing the right thing, and stealing their data was against their laws and our own. What's more, we got into a firefight with them when they caught us red-handed. We could have... we may have seriously injured or killed people on those vessels.


I imagine Commander Hamelin will not be pleased with my objection to her actions, but just how far will she go to get the Captain back? I mean, she asked me to scan for lifesigns after we hit the Oclar. I half-expected her to tell Commander Marabana to finish them off. It's my opinion that we did not need to fire on those ships, all we did was further implicate ourselves instead of resolving the situation as Starfleet officers.

=^= Commander Hamelin to Lt Lavar, please report to my office =^=

=^= Aye Ma'am, on my way =^=

--Hits a button on the panel and the screen fades to black--


While en route to the coordinates where the crew hoped to find the Captain and her stranded away team, the Sheppard suddenly dropped out of warp and began experiencing massive system malfunctions. It soon became clear that someone with an Engineering code had entered the computer core room and programmed the primary core into a level-1 diagnostic loop. While Ops worked to bring the secondary core online, Executive Officer Jess Hamelin sent Security, under Commander Cordova Marabana, to investigate some weapons fire registered in sickbay.

The switch to the secondary core didn't last long, as someone below decks managed to cut power to all bridge systems. Chief of Operations April Coswell and Science officer Kathen Ohtobide made their way down to the core room to interface directly with the systems in order to restore computer control. But once there, they were met by a less-than-normal Lieutenant Lavar, who kept talking about the Light - it seems that somehow, she had been "converted" by the Seekers. Commander Coswell managed to subdue her and bring her to sickbay before going back to work on the computer core - but after being knocked unconscious in an attack by another "converted" crew member, she herself began acting and talking like a Seeker. Locking out both computer cores, she locked the door to the core room using an encryption before heading for the bridge.

Meanwhile, Commander Hamelin and Ensign Oaksi had gone to main engineering to restore power to various ship systems. While they were doing this, they found that someone was using the cargo bay transporter pad to transport the ship's crew... location unknown. Leaving Ensign Oaksi to restore systems, Commander Hamelin went to investigate.

Up on Deck 5, she was met by an armed and hostile Commander Coswell, demanding the codes to unlock the doors to the bridge. Using her security training, she managed to subdue the "converted" Chief of Operations, who bizarrely lost consciousness in her arms... and shortly after came to, asking what had just happened. Despite having no memory of what she had done while she was a Seeker, Commander Coswell managed to unlock the door to the computer room and reboot both cores, after which both officers and a group of armed crew made their way down to the cargo bay to confront the Seeker who had been transporting crew elsewhere. While Commander Hamelin took care of reclaiming Engineering, which had been taken over by a temporarily-converted Ensign Oaksi, Commander Coswell and an Engineering officer successfully subdued the Seeker-inhabited crew member in the cargo bay - it turned out that over 100 Sheppard crew had been transported to Deck 3 and sedated.

It became clear that the Seekers of the Light had the ability to inhabit and control other beings. Engineering activated an energy pulse to force the Seekers to leave.