To go where no woman has gone before

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To go where no woman has gone before
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Banshee Missions
*Production number: Bansh-RP001
*Initiated: 120306
*Ended: 120306
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Next Mission: Search for Brandi
*SIM Concept: Madadh Magic
*Historian: Jamie Czavicevic



Stardate: 120306

Location: Tranquility Lower Docking Pylon 2

Alert Status: Blue

The banshee launched from dry dock in search of our primary mission objective at this time, which was to head to azeroth and locate lt commander brandi meredith, nothing major happened on this date, but during beta shift we was called off course to assist with a attack that was already happening. once that was over the banshee returned heading to azeroth.

In service, Commander Madadh Magic


The USS Banshee is preparing to leave Space Dock on her first mission under the command of Cmdr. Madadh Magic and Lt. Cmdr Jamie Czavicevic. Lt. Sela Baxton the helms officer began undocking procedures and as soon as the Banshee was away from the station she took the ship to warp in route to Azeroth in search for their Chief of Security Lt Cmdr Brandi Meredith. Captain Magic left Commander Czavicevic in command while she went to get some rest. About 20 hours under way Lt Baxton informed Commander Czavicevic that they were receiving a distress call from a Pakleds Freighter under attack by Hirogen hunters. USS Banshee was the only ship in range to assist. Commander Czavicevic ordered the ship to assist. after a short battle the USS Banshee managed to save the crew of the Pakleds ship and flee the incoming enforcement. once clear of the battle the USS Banshee resumed her course for Azeroth.