Tranquility Mission Log 111023

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Tranquility Log 111023
General Data
*SIM Type: SS Tranquility Missions
*Production number: TRA-RP130
*Initiated: 111023
*Ended: 111023
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Captains Log
*SIM Concept: Jessica Xeltentat
*Historian: Grooveshark101 resident

Acting CO Log


On duty: Lt Lei Firehawk and Lt(jg) Yato Jinn, Science; Lt(jg) Cheyenne Houley (Medical), Crewman Cody Carousel (Ops), Ensign Tenzin Xue (Ops), and Captain Penney Lancaster (Marines). XO Lt. Jessica Xeltentat, commanding, and reporting.

The mission commenced at 13:28.

The Tranquility OPS crew moved ahead after having suffered the apparent recent theft of six forward shield generators and sabotage of the main space doors. I directed the Science team to attempt to determine how the generators might have been taken from Tranquility. I further asked Capt. Lancaster to initiate a security investigation, including the possibility that the apparent thieves may have had some help from someone normally on board Tranquility.

To test the replacement forward shield generators that were recently installed, the shields were brought up to 50%. Ensign Xue reported that the actual shield output was much less, only 14%. Raising the shields to full power only resulted in a forward strength of 22%. Upon reaching full shield input power, a radiation alert sounded on Deck 10 in the vicinity of the shield generators. I ordered the shields powered down and all personnel immediately cleared from Deck 10. Doctor Houley ordered a medical team to stand by for any needed radiation treatment.

Captain Lancaster indicated that it appeared that access codes on Deck 10 may have been compromised, specifically, the XO’s access codes. I concurred with his recommendation to disable all XO access codes for Deck 10, pending further security review.

In the meantime the Science team reported a curious anomaly with the masses recorded for the old shield generators. Specifically, the generators that were taken from Tranquility appeared to have a significantly higher mass that their replacements. I had Ens. Xue send an engineering team to Deck 10 to establish the status of the new forward shield generators. Dr. Houley reported 11 reports of radiation exposure and that all affected individuals were being treated in sickbay.

Ens. Xue relayed that the Engineering team on Deck 10 reported that one of the new shield generators was malfunctioning, forward generator #1. Shortly thereafter Lt. Firehawk concluded that the stolen generators apparently contained some liquid latinum, in an amount equivalent to 1000 bars of gold latinum. It thus appears that, in addition to suffering the loss of several shield generators, a considerable amount of valuable latinum was also stolen from Tranquility.

I decided to have the properly-functioning forward shield generators brought back online, following Dr. Houley’s recommendation to again clear Deck 10 for safety. Upon powering up the shields, Ens. Xue reported several uncommanded thruster firings. Shortly thereafter, Lt. Jinn reported the detection of an incoming swarm of asteroids, on an apparent collision course with Tranquility. The mass and number of asteroids did not appear to present a significant risk to Tranquility, given normal shield operation.

I ordered the dropping of the forward shields, logically anticipating that that would prevent any further uncommanded thruster firings. Ens. Xue promptly ordered the correct thruster firings to restore Tranquility to its nominal position and attitude. Lt. Jinn recommended the use of phasers to disrupt the incoming asteroids. I directed Ens. Xue to sound red alert, and had Lt. Jinn bring all shields, with the exception of the forward shields, online and to full power. I had Ens. Xue fire Tranquility’s thrusters to rotate the station to present its aft side to the incoming asteroid stream, where the shields were operating at full strength. Crewman Carousel, who had taken over Ops from Ens. Xue (whom I’d ordered down to Deck 10 to check on the status of all shield generators) locked and fired phasers on command, which instantly disrupted the incoming asteroids.

After all remaining asteroid fragments had cleared the vicinity of Tranquility, I had Crewman Carousel cancel red alert and drop all shields offline. Dr. Houley reported that there were no further radiation alerts. Other than the malfunctioning forward shield generator, all systems on Tranquility appeared to be nominal and the situation, stable. I tasked Mr. Carousel to inform Starfleet of all recent events and request a full accounting of all hardware delivered to, and taken from, Tranquility in the past year. I asked Dr. Houley to send SF a report with the radiation readings, given that those appeared to be unusual for a properly functioning, or even malfunctioning, shield generator. Captain Lancaster was directed to request a complete inventory of all latinum on board Tranquility, and to get a log of all transfers over the past year. I suggested that Lt. Firehawk further study her data on the mass, volume of the shield generators, and the detection of the concealed latinum, with the goal of obtaining further clues into the ongoing mystery of the shield generator theft.

The mission concluded at 15:10.