Twenty Thousand Leagues

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Twenty Thousand Leagues
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP085
*Initiated: 111009
*Ended: 111009
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Twenty Thousand Leagues
*Previous Mission: Ice World
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

While searching for a lost away team, the crew encounter a strange creature which believes that its planet is dying because of the Sheppard crash-landing on it.


Location: Unknown

Captain's log, Stardate 111009

=^= Hermes 1 to USS Sheppard - Commander Marabana asking permission to leave ship for recon mission of Ice planet=^=

=^= USS Sheppard - we read Commander permission granted=^=

=^=Hermes 1 to USS Sheppard, Crewman Grogolam reporting in, we have flown over quadrant 2A -12D. Mostly Ice and glaciers what we can see through the mist. Our scanners pick up a large body of water under the ice ..... Garbled speech.... loud crushing sound..... Losing Thrusters ...Garbled Speech... Commander Mara... *Garbled speech* as loud popping sounds and the sound of something breaking end of Transmission happens abruptly. =^=

That was the last transmission from Lt Commander Marabana and Crewman Grogolam approximately two hours ago. They were onboard our only shuttle, the rest are either damaged or trapped below decks. Their mission was to scan the surrounding area, perform a scan of local weather patterns, then head into orbit and scan the local system and stellar constellations.

I have Engineering working on our remaining shuttles double time. The longer it takes to get out there and find out what happened, the less likely we will be able to recover the commander and crewman.

Computer, end log.


At 0900 hours, two shuttles departed the Sheppard in search of the missing shuttle and crew. Once they were near the last know location of the Hermes, Captain Dwi ordered Lieutenant Zapatero's shuttle to do a closer inspection of the iceflow sand and try to locate anything that looked like an impact site. Meanwhile, the Captain's shuttle detected faint lifesigns and, after clearing the interference caused by rock formations, they were able to pinpoint two lifesigns - one human, one alien - inside what seemed to be an underground cave system. They disembarked the shuttle to do a search of the immediate area, until the Captain found a way into underwater caves. Once they had rendez-vous'd with the other search team, they proceeded to investigate.

Inside, they discovered that a bipedal alien had killed Crewman Grogolam and taken Commander Marabana hostage and was quite irate with the damage done to its planet by the Sheppard's presence - it seemed that the ship crashing into the planet was leading to its death, and the creature informed the crew that they needed to leave immediately.

The Captain tried to reason with the alien but was struck unconscious in the process. Science officer Araulya Coronet was the one who finally managed to mollify the alien by showing it, with her phaser, how easily the ice of its home was destroyed. As the caves became unstable, the creature agreed to accompany the crew back to Sheppard.