UFSI Mission - Faraday buoy

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Scraps at the Table

Location: Al Raqis, Splintered Rock, Desert East Basin, Deep Desert, Wadi Emet , Class-M Planet, 12.5 LY spinward from Pinastri

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Ensign Daddy Meriman
    2. Lt. Ruth Mistmumble
Attire: Subdued desert clothing , Equipment: Object scanner
Stardate: 110722

History of Contact

  • The Orions claimed the USS Faraday and USS Ohio as salvage. We are to investigate and determine the circumstances, retrieve the log buoys and establish long term covers in the area.

Technological Profile

  • Technology equal to UFS but they tend to use ships and stargates rather than transporters. No local transporting done.

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • n/a

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • A real melting pot of culture and species. There is a great deal of civil unrest in the area with factions constantly vying for political or commercial influence.

Threat Assessment

  • I doubt this area and people could be unified enough to be a threat to UFS as a whole. But any one of their factions could easily terrorize isolated UFS interests.

Strategic Objectives

  • The location has no real strategic importance.

Tactical Considerations

  • Although divded the area would unite with violent and immediate force against any threat. They would likely kill each other over the bones of their enemy; but that enemy would likely end up as desert worm food.

Vessel Database

  • Wide range; mostly transports and freighters and personal crafts.

Intelligence Reports

  • The recovered logs from the buoy are detailed below
  • Further comments and recommendations

We believe, that the Faraday, Ohio and the Ohio's logs are now long out of our reach. We recommend that we continue to maintain the outpost and Intel longterm covers for further assessment and continuous monitoring.

Captain's logs

  • United Federation Starfleet, USS Faraday NCC 644, Cpt. Arkady Renko
  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110601, Location: SS Cascadia

Alert Status: GREEN I have been ordered to take command of the USS Faraday, an Oberth class vessel. Once, she would have been the vanguard of a new breed of ships, but now, almost 80 years later she is just an old workhorse. However, I have been ordered to take command of her, crew is five hands, three scientists and myself. Oberth class ships can run with between five and eighty personnel, but these days tends to be fewer personnel. We are to cast off, and chart stellar activity en route to the Mu Draconis system. I expect our arrival will take about three weeks, as there are a number of anamolies that we will need to investigate en route. Once we have the last of the supplies taken aboard, I will signal the dock and request clearance to depart.

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110603, Location: 2.2LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: GREEN Internal sensors have failed catastrophically. We have taken this opportunity to catalogue a nebula, and two class III comets whislt we attempt to repair them, the crew dissatisfied about something. Seemed scared, but would not speak out.

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110604, Location: 2.2LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: GREEN I am somewhat anxious about crew. XO reported in the morning that one of the crew, Petrofsky, was missing. Could not account for him. He took beta shift watch last night, was relieved by Amramoff, but did not go to bunk. Men more downcast than ever. All said they expected something of the kind, but would not say more than there was SOMETHING aboard. XO getting very impatient with them. Feared some trouble ahead.

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110605, Location: 3.2LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: GREEN Yesterday, one of the men, Olgaren, came to my ready room, and in an awestruck way confided to me that he thought there was a strange man aboard the ship. He said he saw a tall, thin man, who was not like any of the crew, come out of the Jeffries Tubes on Deck Three, and go along the deck forward and disappear. He followed cautiously, but when he got to bows found no one, and the hatchways were all closed. He was in a panic of superstitious fear, and I am afraid the panic may spread. To allay it, I shall today search the entire ship carefully from stem to stern. Later in the day I got together the whole crew, and told them, as they evidently thought there was some one in the ship, we would search from stem to stern. XO angry, said it was folly, and to yield to such foolish ideas would demoralise the men, said he would engage to keep them out of trouble with the handspike. I let him take the helm, while the rest began a thorough search, all keeping abreast, with tricorders. We left no corner unsearched. Men much relieved when search over, and went back to work cheerfully. XO scowled, but said nothing.

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110608, Location: 4.2LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: YELLOW Heavy Ion Storms last three days, and all hands busy, no time to be frightened. Men seem to have forgotten their dread. XO cheerful again, and all on good terms. Praised men for work in extreme conditions. All well.

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110609, Location: 4.4LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: YELLOW Last night another man lost, disappeared. Like the first, he came off his watch and was not seen again. Men all in a panic of fear, sent a round robin, asking to have double watch, as they fear to be alone. XO is angry. Fear there will be some trouble, as either he or the men will do some violence.

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110613, Location: 6.2LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: RED Four days in hell, knocking about in a sort of ionic malestrom. No sleep for any one. Crew all worn out. We seem to be drifting to some terrible doom. Sabotage to more systems....

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110614, Location: 6.5LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: RED Had single watch tonight, as crew too tired to double. When morning watch came on deck could find no one on the Bridge, systems were on automatic. Raised outcry, and all came to the Bridge. Thorough search, but no one found. Are now without Second Officer, and crew in a panic. XO and I agreed to go armed henceforth and wait for any sign of cause.

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110614, Location: 6.5LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: RED Rejoiced we are nearing Mu Draconis. Retired worn out, slept soundly, awakened by XO telling me that both man of watch and steersman missing. Only self and XO and two hands left to work ship. Without long range communications, cannot advise of issues to Starfleet Command

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110616, Location: 7.0LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: RED Two days of Ionic interference, and not another vessel sighted. Had hoped nearer Mu Draconis to be able to signal for help or get in somewhere. We seem to be drifting to some terrible doom. XO now more demoralised than either of men. His stronger nature seems to have worked inwardly against himself. Men are beyond fear, working stolidly and patiently, with minds made up to worst.

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110617, Location: 7.1LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: RED Woke up from few minutes sleep by hearing a cry, seemingly outside my ready troom. Rushed on bridge, and ran into XO. Tells me he heard cry and ran, but no sign of man on watch. One more gone.

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110618, Location: 7.2LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: RED At midnight I went to relieve the man at the helml and when I got to it found no one there, ship was under computer control, so shouted for the XO. After a few seconds, he rushed up on deck out of uniform. He looked wild-eyed and haggard, and I greatly fear his reason has given way. He came close to me and whispered hoarsely, with his mouth to my ear, as though fearing the very air might hear. "It is here. I know it now. On the watch last night I saw It, like a man, tall and thin. It was in the bows, and looking out. I crept behind It, and gave it my knife, but the knife went through It, empty as the air." And as he spoke he took the knife and drove it savagely into space. Then he went on, "But It is here, and I'll find It. It is in the hold, perhaps in one of those boxes. I'll unscrew them one by one and see. You work the helm." And with a warning look and his finger on his lip, he went below. I could not leave the helm. He is mad, stark, raving mad, and it's no use my trying to stop him. So here I stay and mind the helm, and record these notes.

It is nearly all over now. Just as I was beginning to hope that the mate would come out calmer, my commbadge broke the silence. His cries of horror turned to despair, and in a steady voice he said,"You had better come too, captain, before it is too late. He is there! I know the secret now." Before I could say a word, the alarm sounded that the port side docking hatch had been opened... I suppose I know the secret too, now. It was this madman who had got rid of the men one by one, and now he has followed them himself. God help me! How am I to account for all these horrors when I get to a safe port. When I get to port! Will that ever be?

  • Captain's Log, Stardate: 110619, Location: 7.4LY Spinward of Pinastri

Alert Status: RED I dared not leave the helm, so here all night I stayed, and in the dimness of the night I saw it, Him! May I be forgiven, but the XO was right to commit suicide. It was better to die like a man. But I am captain, and I must not leave my ship. But I shall baffle this fiend or monster, for I have locked the Computer controls. I am growing weaker and mayhap this log buoy may be found, and those who find it may understand and investigate...

  • Computer end recording and jettison log buoy