UFSI Mission - R&R Mission from Hell

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R&R Mission from Hell

Location of planet : The Grand Canyon Holodeck and Cabos, Class M Planet, 4 LY rimward from Pinastri

Equipment Utilized: USS Magellan, Tricorder. Workbee, Headsets, Space suit

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Calypso Titanium
    2. Gijsjan Broek
    3. TPrai Helix (aka Ruth Mistwallow)
    4. Buck Ghostraven
    5. Daddy Meriman
    6. Deanna Sukra

Civilian clothing, phasers, tri corder, medical equipment


We were on an R & R following a long spell of operations. We used the holodeck to replicate Earth's Grand Canyon on the USS Cutlass to recuperate. While there, team members started to disappear. All returned with stories of being abducted by some strange being who did some sort of medical experiment on them. We tracked the being down to an asteroid and found out that it required our DNA to save its people from extinction. We then dealt with the species.

History of Contact

No previous contact with this species

Technological Profile

Entity had a laboratory of sorts located in uncharted space. High tech equipment, transporter technology. No weapons were observed. Unknown species was warp or prewarp. With certainty, it did have high technology.

Physiological/Medical Profile

Species on brink of extincion due to viral DNA. Entity was a hybrid of it's alien form and foliage. Similar to a Dryad - a Greek mythological creature.

Cultural/Historical Profile

Insufficient data to form a conclusion, further contact needed to be established to ascertain.

Threat Assessment

Insufficient data to form a conclusion, further contact needed to be established to ascertain. Though the crew felt threatened by the entity.

Strategic Objectives

Use the holodeck with caution until it has been given clearance.

Tactical Considerations

Use protective suits, helmets. Get inoculated against larva sickness impregnation. Use constant communication devices.

Vessel Database

Asteroid was used for laboratory. Only transporter was used for transpiration. We saw no actual transportation vessel.

Intelligence Reports


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