UFSI Mission - Sobru Pah 1 - First encounter

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Sobru Pah, First encounter


  1. Officers involved
    1. Lt. Jg. Elle Finistair, Chief Medical Officer, SS Cascadia
    2. Lt. Miumiu Zepp, Chief of Security, SS Cascadia
    3. Ensign Graves Paramour, CO SS Cascadia
    4. Ensign Dalan Shilling, EID Agent UFSI
    5. Medical Officer, SS Cascadia, Dr. GreyWolf Kuhr
    6. Lt. Kazia Ravenheart, Advocate and Diplomatic Strategist
    7. Ensign Harley Quinn, Advisor
    8. Capt. Tycho
Stardate: 110313

History of Contact

  • Our first encounter with the Sobru Pah was when two crates of apples (Kaferian Apples) were deposited on the cargo deck of the SS CASCADIA by a Kressari Merchant Captain named Deloh k'solos Ri. They were to be collected by a Ferengi Trader, Damon Brock.
  • However the crates contained the murdered bodies of a ferengi male and female. What was thought originally to be a tattoo but was found to be a brand mark was discovered on his body. Op’s ran the image through all known Federation databases and came up with a match to a symbol used by a group of slave-traders and mercenaries for hire who worked in the Alpha Quadrant at the end of the Dominion War. This group, Sobru Pah, were thought to have disbanded in 2374 when their leader's ship was destroyed in a clash with Dominion forces.

Technological Profile

  • Warp capable
  • It appears that the Sobru Pah have an advanced subspace communications system, this may account for the unidentified subspace communications, having been picked up on Cascadia, not being indentified
  • They seem to be able to transport through the station shields

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • Humanoid

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • The Sobru Pah are a violent and cruel organisation and for them life is only worth whatever financial consideration they can get.

Threat Assessment

  • They are Slavers. They deal in flesh and have no consideration at all for their "merchandise" as the appearance and condition of several corpses in cargo crates discovered on SS CASCADIA proves.
  • According to sources, their mission objective is to approach a planet as someone who needs help. They aquire the help while scoping out the planet, and return a day later to attack, gather slaves, and pilage the planet for resources and than leave the planet all but destroyed and the Population ravaged as a warning to others who would get in their way.
  • Originally it was thought that the Azure Blue and her crew were the only Pah in the Area. This has proven not to be true. There have been two known attacks on Cascadia and her crew in the Last two Days. Senior Officers have also recieved direct threats. It is believed that they are hiding in the Nekrit expanse.

Strategic Objectives

  • Eliminate and neutralize, maybe infiltrate

Tactical Considerations

  • The Black box that was found contained information about the routes traveled by the Azure Blue and some subspace communications. It is however badly damaged, the information contained within it is degraded, we have retrieved what information we can
  • It was found out, that this ship had been making recent regular journeys between Pinastri Prime, Alexandria station, small outposts and communities and an unknown location in the Nekrit expanse. Also there are flight plans of older journeys to the alpha quadrant to the Orion syndicate space. We are unable to find anything else that is not degraded, but were able to retrieve a partial message
  1. Secured teaching position UFS Academy [missing text]. Admiral makes irregular visits, his slaying [missing text] destabilize UFS.

Vessel Database

  • Azure Blue destroyed by Cpt. Tycho (see debris analyis further down)
  • Fully capable warp vessels, dangerous and well armed

Intelligence Reports

Medical analysis of Cpt. Tycho

  • From Elle Finistair, MD, Chief Medical Officer, SS Cascadia
  • Our ships counsellor, Dr F’raud has conducted a full psychiatric assessment on the above patient. Tyko has repeatedly stated that the destruction of the Azure Blue was a revenge murder. The Captain of the blue, being part of the Sobru Pah slaver ring (confirmed in the post mortem exam, each Blue crew member bore the infamous tattoo of this group) it is alleged by Tyko that this group killed his family and were responsible for the disfiguring burns to his face. The psychiatric assessment asserts that Captain E Tycho is suffering clinical depression, and appears to be articulate but with destabilised moods and mental state, treatment which is complex and largely unknown. The physical results of the scarring and subsequent treatment of his burns by persons unknown appear to have subjected the subject to a radical treatment that has destroyed the nerve endings connected to his skin. As a result the subject has no ability to feel any tactile sensation. The side effect of this is that adrenaline now runs unchecked through his body, and increases his brain's fight or flight response. Thus making this man prone to violent outbursts. He is intelligent, manipulative and particularly violent. Extreme caution is advised. Erick Tycho was fully aware and in control of his actions on the day that he committed these murders. He knew that he was putting the safety of UFS personnel on SS Cascadia at threat when he attacked the Azure Blue. He is competent to give evidence.
  • I must however draw your attention to the fact that a ship of the Sobru Pah was trying to gain access to the station, for what purpose I can only guess.
  • In conclusion, the medical team are able and willing to undertake examination of the debris collected from the Azure Blue, if that would assist.

Security analysis of the SS CASCADIA attack

  • Lt. Miumiu Zeppitay, Chief of Security
  • Log entry: Captain Tycho was questioned further regarding the destruction of the Azure Blue with the loss of all hands and the reckless endangerment of the crew of the SS Cascadia. The respondent has been assigned an Advocate, Lt Kazia Ravenheart and her assistant, Ens. Harley Quinn. Captain Tyko, whilst supported by his advocate was questioned by Ltjg Elle Finistair, supported by Lt Miumiu Zepp. Captain Tyko did not deny any of the charges laid against him. He explained that his actions were taken out of vengeance against Captain Kain, who was a member of a slaver organisation, which Tyko identified as the Sobra Pah. He explained that Kain and his confederates had come to his settlement claiming they needed help and assistance. They returned twenty four hours later and “ he would attack, take, kill, steal and leave’ he encouraged his crew to.... reduce "wastage" but take their sport with those that they wished to”. The Sobra Pah killed Tyko’s entire family and disfigured the captain’s face and body, as a warning to others not to resist.
  • Lt Zepp asserted that whilst she felt that morally, Captain Tyko had sought justice for the death of his family. These actions had put many more people at risk. He had murdered the 22 members of the crew of the vessel the Azure Blue, and should be sent to a penal colony to serve sentence for those crimes.
  • Elle Finistair in weighing the evidence against Captain Erick Tyko found him guilty of the charges the murder of the crew of the Azure Blue and reckless endangerment of the crew of the SS Cascadia.
  • In mitigation for Captain Tyko’s actions and the invaluable information regarding the Sobra Pah. Captain Tyko was offered an arrangement whereby he work with the federation to bring the organisation known as the Sobra Pah to justice. This offer was refused. The meeting was adjourned due to the ill health of Captain Tyko, who has returned to the infirmary.
  • Station log supplemental. Dr G Kuhr carried out a full analysis of the Azure Blue debris and has made some shocking discoveries, which are contained within his report. I would draw you attention to the explosives discovered and the communication piece of equipment that has been analysed. I would like to commend Dr Kuhr for his actions on this day, his loyalty and his dedication to duty are outstanding.
  • Conclusion: If not for the actions of Captain Tyko, although reckless, the SS Cascadia could have been subject to terrorist action perpetrated by the Sobra Pah. It appears that they have infiltrated UFS and are ready to strike at the heart of the federation to destabilise life in the Delta quadrant. A full report will be sent to intelligence. All station personnel should be vigilant.

Debris analysis AZURE BLUE

  • All of the area was fully scanned and all of the data was fully processed, some of the items were retrieved and put through a very detailed series of tests.
  • We eventually located the black box for the Azure Blue, it had become wedged in one of the intakes of Captain Tyko's ship.
  • The results of the tests that were run was that there was traces explosives among the debris and the tests of the bulkhead from the hold had explosives residue, the residue was so strong that the only way that it could have got there in that concentration was it the explosives were stored against it

Diplomatic Assessment

  • To: Cmdr Valerius Swansong, Stardate: 110314
  • An incident happened on stardate 110306 where Captain Erik Tycho comitted a revengeful act against Kain, the captain of a ship known as Azure Blue and his crew known as the Sobrau Pau. All members of the Azure Blue died when Mr Tycho fired on the ship when they were trying to board SS Cascadia.
  • I was called in to aid SS Cascadia into diplomatic response to Captain Tycho to see what next steps could be taken from the information provided. He is from the Colony world of Hadleys Hope thats approximately 37 LY although his birth was onboard the freighter known as Eagle IV. He now commands the Eagle V and trades in commodities such as self sealing stem bolts, agicultural goods and beets.
  • He states that Captain Kain was a slaver who deals in contraband and weapons he and his crew murdered Tychos family and left him for dead and scared. He had managed to track the Azure Blue for seven years by asking around and understanding that other worlds had fallen to the same state as his spanning across the quadrant. When he found his opportunity to destroy Kain, he took it, feeling no remorse of regret to his actions.
  • From what is understood, the organisation was just the group within the ship and were known in the outer colonies in areas away from the UFS were ships would not be seen for months at a time. They had many resources that went well within the reach into this sector and also around the Nekrit Expanse
  • Summerisle was one world three years ago that was left in destruction that the captain remembered this he stated was a warp capable species previously visited by USS Shogun, their planet being 57.68 LY Trailing from Pinastri. Half a dozen worlds with no orbital defenses were pointed out by Captain Tycho that were located 50LY in the diameter of Pinastri.
  • Captain Tycho stated that this group would scope out planets initially looking for spare parts and claim he needed help. He would come down take supplies he requires and then within twenty four hours he would attack, take what he could and kill leaving a number of villages burned down. He encouraged his crew to reduce wastage but to rape those that the crew desired.
  • With the present laws at state the UFS has no right to hold and charge Captain Tycho for the destruction of the Azure Blue.
  • He expresses no desire into becoming an outside intelligence operative for the UFS or having anything to associate himself with.
  • His health he takes note of and expresses pain from his injuries and the loss of his family. I had asked medical if there is anything more that they can do to take the physical side of his pain into more liveable means.
  • Captain Tycho had stated that he wishes to meet his fate and to no longer live this present life. For this, the meeting closed and I had asked for him to rest with medical on standby whilst he is to become fully fit before setting course away from the UFS.
  • I believe it to be in the best interest to locate the planets that have been affected by the Sobru Pah and despatch a crew out to see what assistance can be offered operating within the prime directive.
  • In Service, Lt Kazia Ravenheart, Diplomatic Strategist