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Mission Report Spaceleggy

Location of planet: Telos sector, Wasteland System, 20.8 LY rimward from Pinastri

Stardate: 110208

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Cmdr. Gijsjan Broek
    2. Lt JessicaClaudia Maynard
    3. Lt. Calypso Titanium
    4. Lt. Zach Mammoth
UFS Light Combat uniform, Equipment: Phasers and Phaser Rifles, yet while amongst the citizens the away teams were undercover
  • Traveled aboard the “USS Magellan” to the Wasteland system. The majority of the travel was uneventful. An unidentified ship was detected following the USS Magellan after leaving Arrakis. During repairs in the photon bays a tracking device was located. In order to loose our pursuers, the tracking device was placed on a disarmed photon torpedo and fired toward a nearby planet. Shortly there after, the unidentified ship that was trailing the USS Magellan changed course to follow the torpedo.
  • Arrakis is the third planet orbiting the star Canopus, and it in turn is orbited by two moons. Arrakis is a dry, inhospitable , and unforgiving place void of surface water.
  • This planet is a post nuclear world that suffered from a nuclear war about 50 years ago. Many ruins and settlements are scattered across the planet. There are still survivors, some mutilated but most of them suffering some form of radiation poisoning.
  • Arrakis has several city centers, but much of the planet is uninhabited. In the desert, there are numerous artificial, cave-like settlements called sietches.
  • Stillsuits are worn by the native Fremen of the desert planet Arrakis to maintain their body moisture in the harsh
  • The Fremen are organized into communities called sietches. Each sietch has a naib leader, who has ascended to the position by challenging his predecessor and proving himself the strongest in the tribe. The Fremen system of justice relies primarily on trial by combat; individuals may challenge each other hand-to-hand duels to the death over matters of etiquette, law, or honor. The victor of these challenges becomes responsible for the wife, children, and certain possessions of the defeated. Because a duel is fought without water-retaining stillsuits, the victor is entitled to the deathstill-reclaimed water of the deceased to make up for the moisture sacrificed in the fight.
  • Each sietch also has a Sayyadina, a wise woman trained in the spiritual traditions of her people who can serve as a spiritual leader or as an acolyte to a holy woman who is the Fremen version of a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother. A significant part of the Fremen mythology was created by the Bene Gesserit Missionaria Protectiva, an arm of the matriarchy which practices "religious engineering" by introducing contrived myths, prophecies and superstition among the populations of the Empire with the intent to later exploit them to the advantage of an individual Bene Gesserit or the entire order. he Fremen have a language unique to them, but also use Chakobsa for ritual purposes.
  • The drug Melange,Melange (pronounced /meɪˈlɑːndʒ/[1]) – also called the "spice", an extremely valuable commodity in certain parts of the universe, is everywhere on Arrakis, and the Fremen diet is rich with it. Such a level of exposure to the spice tints the sclera, cornea and iris of the user to a dark shade of blue, called "blue-in-blue" or "the Eyes of Ibad."

Threat Assessment

  • Arrakis is a pre-warp society that has been devastated by an nuclear war. There is little sign of technology that could be a threat to UFS or her allies.

Intelligence Recommendations

  • IAD recommends returning to Arrakis to observe the increasing political tension on the planet between the Fremen and the ruling family on the planet and investigate a faint signal that was detected coming from a previously believed uninhabited planet. Coordinates were marked.