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Tombstone Mission

INTRODUCTION (Theme of sim) Tombstone is based upon the American Wild West circa 1886

Location: Tombstone System, 18,3 LY spinward from Pinastri

Equipment Utilized: USS Magellan, Tricorder. Workbee, Headsets, Space suit

  1. Away Team:
    1. Lt. Buck Ghostraven
    2. Cmdr. Gijsjan Broek
    3. Lt.Cmdr. Calypso Titanium
    4. Ensign Daddy Meriman
    5. Lt. Ruth Mistmuble
    6. Lt. Deanna Broek
    7. NPC Joe Duddle
Attire: Civilian Western 19th Century
Stardate: 111018

History of Contact

  • Originally discovered during a flight by another of our starships who had no time to do an in depth study of the planet..

PLANET PROFILE The planet is mostly desert and consists of a number of towns, small homesteads and regions, each with its own seperate identity. Some of the towns and regions are very quiet peaceful and quiet with some great countryside. The main town is Tombstone and this is far from quiet with many shootings and robberies going on at all times of the day. The buildings in all the towns are 19th century American Mid West in style and according to our historic data base are very authentic. Due to the desert conditions most of the plants there were of the cactii variety although where there was water nearby there were some really nice and colourful plants dotted about

Technological Profile

  • The planet is now very much a 19th centtury society although this has not always been the case. During our investigation we found hidden in a cave a 200 yr old warp core and we found out that a couple of centuries ago that the people whose planet this was (The Skagaran) had warp technology.

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • Mixed Humanoid and Skagaran. The humanoid people here varied between the very friendly and the downright physcopathic, especially in the case of Sirius who we seemed to come into contact a lot. They had a real distrust bordering on hatred for the Skagaran who were classed as outcasts. The humanoid people were generally fit and healthy. There are medical people in all of the towns to look after their welfare.

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • We discovered from questioning the Skagaran that two centuries ago, this planet belonged to them. They were very industrious as the many old mines we saw bore out. They needed extra workers for these mines and went to earth abducting humans from an american mid west town and bringing them back to their planet to work as slaves in the mines. As time went on the humans rebelled and managed to take over the planet from the skagaran who in turn were banished to slave in the mines. They were then treated as outcasts. They were not allowed to live in the towns and had to stay in camps and their children were not allowed to be taught in schools. A condition that still exists today.

The leader of the anti Skagaran movement is a man names Sirius. We found out that he is in fact half Skagaran and its the shame of finding this out that has driven his anger against the skagaran's. We also found out that there are many more like him. It seems that in the past there has been much fraternisation between the two species.

Threat Assessment

  • These people with their 19th century technology posess no threat to the federation at this time and in no forseeable future.

Strategic Objectives

  • During our stay there we were able to talk to the Skagaran and to the leader of the humans. Having found this information we were able to talk Sirius into trying to bring peace between the two species. To monitor this we placed a buoy in orbit around the planet. Our objective will be to keep track of activity there.

Tactical Considerations

  • There was nothing there that we need to consider at this time.

Vessel Database

  • Apart from the warp core we found there was nothing in the way of space ships. The main method of transportation there is by horse or foot.

Intelligence Reports

  • Recommendation that we continue to use the buoy to monitor the peace treaty that hopefully will bring harmony between the two species.