UFSI Report - Airithia

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Reconnaissance Mission Airithia

Location of planet : Airithia (135, 161, 21), Class M Planet, 6.3 LY spinward from Pinastri

Stardate: 110502

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Buck Ghostraven
Attire and Equipment Utilized: Tricorder, Scuba Gear, non UFS casual clothing


  • Reconnnaissance of AIRITHIA (135, 161, 21)

History of Contact

  • There is currently no previous contact with the people of Airithia

Technological Profile

  • From my reconnaissance Airithia is void of any advanced technology

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • Evidence of deep sexual undertones

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • Airithia welcomes all races and religions to experience many different ways of living.

Threat Assessment

  • The lack of any advanced technology in this region, only one ancient cannon was observed during my visit, indicates that there is no threat to UFS.

Strategic Objectives

  • n/a

Tactical Considerations

  • n/a

Vessel Database

  • This population is not capable of advanced aeronautics. Aside from rudimentary sea faring vessels, there is nothing else to report

Intelligence Reports

  • Planetary profile: On the surface this region appears to be a perfect paradise. Airithia welcomes all races and religions to experience many different ways of living. Surrounded by water with waves gently lapping the shore. The interior is lush and rich with plants and trees and lots of varied wildlife. Bird song fills the air. Lots of activites such as sailing, surfing, fishing and scuba diving are all around. an abundant underwater cave system throws up more wonderful sights.

But all is not what it seems here. Look beneath the surface and it is a much darker place. The region is home to many species, such as furries, nekos, elves, dragons, tigers, wolfs and mermaids. However there is evidence of capture and slavery with evidence that the Goreans may occupy this place as well. Slaves and their masters are welcome here and slave collars are on open sale in one of the stores in the region here. Children are not welcome here, so in begs the question of what actually goes on in this region.

  • Further comments and recommendations : No further action considered necessary