UFSI Report - Caledon System 1

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CALEDON SYSTEM, Search evidence of a Space Program and a Warp ship.

Location: Caledon System ( 56, 87, 1200 ) Class-M Planet, 27.5 LY spinward from Pinastri

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Cmdr. Gijsian Broek
    2. Lt. Calypso Titanium
    3. Lt. Zach Mammoth
    4. Ensign Buck Ghostraven
    5. Ensign AthenaDax Zoon
Tricorder, Victorian attires, Base Ship USS Cutlass
Stardate: 110202

History of Contact

  • Planet was discovered by the USS Magellan during the early days of Project Magellan around Stardate 071201. First Contact made with Timelord Shalmendo near the Capital City. Since the society is prewarp no official first contact with any Caledonian was established.

Island Profile

  • 35 planets ((SIMs)) attached to each other housing a Steam punk community.

Technological Profile

  • Prewarp society with Victorian culture. Heavy industry and Steampunk. Many brick buildings and airplanes along with a train system and zeppelin transport A few floating airships are found along with a huge floating air force base.

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • n/a

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • n/a

Threat Assessment

  • The Warp ship does not pose a threat but the time travel machines could be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Analysis show that they are capable of linear time travel. Meaning moving trough time while staying on the same physical spot. How this is done is unknown.
  • Obtained a time machine and a Temporal viewer for analysis.

Strategic Objectives

  • Close monitoring of the warp ship and time machines are highly recommended.

Tactical Considerations

  • Lots of Ironclads, infantry, cavalry and airplanes. No naming designations found. Gun powdered weapons, either hand or mounted and semi automatic. A Gatling machine guns was also found.

Vessel Database

  • None specific.

Intelligence Reports

  • During the mission a Warp ship was found in Victoria City. Powered by a Cavorite/Tesla engine. Analysis shows a top speed of Warp 1.5 but this ship was not Government funded but privately by pirates from that Arial base.
  • Also numerous time machines are found on the planet.
  • A space program seems to be in place ran by a professor who is alone with a space station and a small base on Caledon 4.