UFSI Report - Colchester

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Reconnaissance Mission Colchester

Location of planet : Colchester, 171.196.39, Class M Planet, 7.1 LY rim-ward from Pinastri

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Lt. Zach Mammoth
    2. Ensign AthenaDax Zoon
Clothes worn: Non UFS uniform, but dressed in local wardrobe for covert reconnaissance

Equipment included Mk7 Tri-Corders, universal translators, and holo-imaging equipment

Stardate: 110415.

History of Contact

Standard search list and analysis, no special reason

Technological Profile

  • Landing pads were present in a number of areas and a tower that appeared to be a control tower. There were very large fuels tanks near the landing pad and an area that was sectioned off with a security fence that had very large containers. Surrounding land and buildings observed: Based on the architecture on Colchester, these people seem to have had very rapid technological gains. The hospital for example, is in a cramped old building. Inside however, the medical supplies and equipment are quite advanced. Similarly, there is an advanced system for aerial navigation which implies routine space travel. There appears to be some incongruencies when assessing the rest of the area we explored.

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • Species : Individuals are a Carbon based humanoid life forms

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • none special

Threat Assessment

  • Several buildings had security cameras and it was noted that the closest buildings to the main landing pad area was first, a customs building that was equipped with several security features. Then a medical building, followed by a law enforcement building. Each of these were also equipped with various security features. Due to the order of the buildings in relation to the landing pads. There does seem to be an indication of some danger. Although there seems to be some advanced technology available on Colchester, for the most part it appears to be benign. Although there are other areas of Colchester that have not been surveyed, there appears to be no threat to the safety adn security of UFS in the Pinastri Sector.

Strategic Objectives

  • Further observation and investigation is required.

Tactical Considerations

  • Though no weapons have yet been noted, the level of security present is a good indication some may exist. Further from the landing main landing pad area was a very tall tower that is assumed to be for traffic control, however it could be for observation of ground activities as well. The reason for this assumption is that it is filled with monitors and consoles that may be monitoring the security features found.

Vessel Database

  • There were no ships in the area during this initial survey, however, the type of fuel and landing pads and a local repair shop are consistent with their presence on some type of basis.

Intelligence Reports

  • Planetary surveillance

Class M planet that is arid with sparse plant life. Planet temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Atmosphere is heavy cloudy, with frequent rain.

  • EID futher comments or recommendations:

It appears that the area is active at times but there was little activity during our presence, with the exception of a humanoid who was passing through the area. On one area, there was a sectioned off place that had some very large tanks in it with warnings signs. The contents are not know at this time. The amount of technology was surprising given the appearance of the surroundings. Recommend further surveillance.