UFSI Report - Hale's Moon

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Region Reconnaissance Hale's Moon

Location: Hale's Moon (186, 200, 24) 22.3 LY rimward from Pinastri

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Cmdr. Gijsjan Broek
    2. Ensign Buck Ghostraven
    3. Ensign Athena Dax
Non UFS Casual dress worn with UFS headset for communication
Stardate: 110420

History of Contact

Assigned mission

Technological Profile

There did not appear to be any current form of technology on the planet at all although from the museum, it appears that once upon a time there had been.

Physiological/Medical Profile

Species : The only non-human species observed was some type of snake. This became extremely aggressive when approached and should be avoided where at all possible on any future mission here.

Cultural/Historical Profile

In this museum, items from their history are displayed. Currently on display are items from previous quests and contests. The Blue Sun notebook was found hidden in a crashed vehicle in the Blue Sun Compound. The metal square block is one of the Dream Squares being collected, and transmitted, by the genetic construct named Lily. The Sanctuary notebook was used to direct people to a secure safe house. The Official Alliance ID is the sort that all Alliance personnel had during one deployment of Alliance forces here on Hales Moon. It was stolen from a downed Officer. The test tube was found in a crashed ship. The quantum bus squid was used in an attempt to remove an Ardra drone from its host.

Threat Assessment

further investigation needed

Strategic Objectives

none so far

Tactical Considerations

  • This is a planet for the lawless, A note in the cavern tells that it is a place for bounty hunters, mercenaries and kidnappers and wanted posters abound on the abandoned buildings. Any law enforcement presence seems to have been got rid of.

While there we observed other human looking beings who seemed to be friendly. I approached one of them who was engrossed in egg decorating. I tried to engage in conversation with him however it appears that when we visit the planet we become invisible to those living there.

  • Out of the center there are the disused mines and the wasteland. The outskirts are a very dangerous area and we were constantly on the alert for danger with strange whisperings and groans to be heard.

The wasteland is pretty much that, a central plain surrounded by mountains and nothing appeared to live there. The only signs of habitation that I saw was a very basic shack.

Vessel Database


Intelligence Reports

  • Planetary surveillance

The landing point is an underground chamber with steps leading down to a museum and also up to the planet surface. A notecard is available from within giving lots of information about the planet. The museum has artifacts which have been preserved. In one of the rooms there was what looked like a cryogenic chamber or space pod.

  • Once you go up the steps to the planet surface you are greeted with a very run down of what perhaps was once a welcome center. A lot of what once was here has been destroyed.
  • What used to be a major highway is now in ruins.
  • In the center there still remain some buildings. One of the first to be seen is a restaurant with a rather grand name.
  • All in all Hale's moon appeared and felt to be a very violent place to be.
  • EID further comments or recommendations.

Recommend further missions to Hale's Moon to ascertain what had occurred here to bring the planet to its current state of decay. Recommend that if these were to happen that no exploration outside of the center to go ahead without phasers being worn. This is a dangerous place.