UFSI Report - Half Hitch

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Reconnaissance Mission Half Hitch

Location of planet : Blake Sea Half Hitch (151, 176, 32), Class M Planet, 8.2 LY spinward from Pinastri

Stardate: 110428

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Buck Ghostraven
Attire and Equipment Utilized: Tricorder, Scuba Gear, Yacht, Non UFS Casual clothing


  • Reconnnaissance of Spyglass chain of islands: Half Hitch (151, 176, 32)

History of Contact

  • There is currently no previous contact with the people of Half Hitch

Technological Profile

  • Reconnaissance of Half Hitch showed it was void of any advanced technology

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • The inhabitants observed here appeared humanoid in form. Lots of drinking going on here so alcoholism and liver disease may be present

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • Appears to have always been used as a fishing port, no notices were found indicating otherwise

Threat Assessment

  • Due to the lack of advanced weaponry the planet of Half Hitch does not pose a threat to the Federation or to the UFS in general

Strategic Objectives

  • Half Hitch has not strategic importances to UFS at this time

Tactical Considerations

  • There is no tactical considerations at this time

Vessel Database

  • This population is not capable of advanced aeronautics. Aside from rudimentary sea faring vessels, there is nothing to report

Intelligence Reports

  • Planetary surveillance

Half Hitch island lies quite a distance to the south of the Spyglass rez zone, however it can still be reached by sea from Tradewinds yacht club (94, 189, 22) There is no suitable landing site for a shuttle. This is a busy fishing community with a deep sea port on the northern side of the island. Around the port are buildings mainly connected to the fishing industry. The island can be approached from the North or South, the northern entrance marked by a crude lighthouse leading into the fishing port. The southern tip is more suitable for pleasure going craft. the Island contains of the same structures seen on Spyglass, one of the structures seemed to be a radio mast, although it was very rusty and worn, it did not look like it had been used in a very long time. During underwater exploration of the sea surrounding the island an underwater shrine and a new species of aquatic life looking very similar to an earth octopus was discovered.

  • Further comments and recommendations

Science should sent a team to study the underwater discoveries No further action considered necessary