UFSI Report - Kemocite and The Toymaker

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Mission Report Kemocite

Location of planet: Insilico M-Class, 8.3 LY rimward from Pinastri

(110, 62, 24) / (135, 212, 250) / (189, 181, 3602) Stardate: 101207 / 101209 / 101216

  1. Officers on mission
    1. LtCmdr Dusti Dagger
    2. Lt JessicaClaudia Maynard
    3. Lt(jg) Calypso Titanium
    4. Lt(jg) Kazia Ravenheart
    5. Ensign Tennant Hyx
    6. Ensign Josie Sauber
    7. Ensign TPrai Helix
UFS Light Combat uniform, Equipment: Phasers and Phaser Rifles

  • Aboard the USS Cutlass, in search of the "Toymaker" who has been planting kemocite bombs in the Pinastri sector. The mission was to seeking out the location of where the Toymaker may have bought and manufactured the kemocite for his kemocite bombs. The USS Cutlass rendezvous with Lt. Maynard and her shuttle which has been hiding on the planet surface. Back aboard the USS Cutlass, the Away Team waited on a small asteroid for orders from Command. Lt Maynard and the crew of the shuttle had remained hidden on the surface at Insilico. The Away Team received coordinates to what was believed to be the Toymaker s location on Insilico. The Away Team returned to Insilico disguised as a Ferengi freighter, for security reasons the audio transmissions were programmed to set their voices to sound like male Ferengi merchants. After returning to Insilico the Away Team detected pirate activity on the surface and vessels of unknown type in orbit of the planet. An Ion storm around the planet delayed the Away Teams transport to the planets surface. After reaching the planetary surface, plasma radiation was detected by science. The Away Team made contact with the MACOs that were in orbit on the far side of the planet and received information that Lt. Maynard was found and captured by pirates. The MACOs also reported that there was fighting between pirate factions and that a vessel had been destroyed leaving plasma radiation just in the outskirts of space.
  • The only species noted were two non-functioning robots that could carry out manual mining work. The robots are designed for a bipedal species to sit inside the robot and operate it. Parts of the planet are inhabitable where a dampening field is placed around cities. Other areas of the planet are open for mining and excavation. A titanium pyramid which may have been used to protect barren areas and cover mine shafts was observed. There were no signs of wild forests or natural plantation. The outer edges of the cities contained rundown factories and homes built from natural crushed aggregate. High toxic levels and dust content within the atmosphere maybe the reason for the cities abandonment. The Away Team was transported five kilometers South of their target location. Their route took them Eastwards past a crystalline formation growing from the planets surface skyward. The Away Team observed what appeared to be four satellites shaped as plants. It is believed they carry communications readings from a nearby source. Three Insilico guards were seen posted at the entrance of a damaged tall building. The Away Team split up and confirmed positions prior to reaching the target location without being seen. Scans of the location revealed traps, the ground sunk into a pit of water below, circumventing the exterior walls.
  • Lt. Maynard's hologram was projected inside the building, once it was deemed safe the away team was beamed inside the building one by one while continuing to monitor the guards positions. Investigations inside the building determined that it was living quarters but not for subsequent periods of time due to ill kept conditions. It is believed the Toymaker will know about any infiltration into the quarters. This was determined after finding a painting of one left eye with a remote sensor attached to the back directly within the pupil. Someone had been in the building prior to the arrival as a tepid temperature of tea was felt. There was a mannequin which wore a kemocite necklace, presumed to counteract intrusion and detonate once taken. There were several other booby traps in place, one was to fill an entire room that was staged to appear to be a plant or flower laboratory. Two Intelligence teams were sent in to meet with the MACO crew, each team taking separate routes to cover more ground for reconnaissance of the area. The routes took the teams over rocky terrain and mud that reacted like quicksand. The teams also came across writings on the rocks, presumed to be pirate code writings. Old boats and other man made materials were observed scattered about the area. After a disturbance was detected above the teams, scans showed traces of emissions from cloaked ships operating in the region. The MACOs helped detect and track the movement of the pirates who had taken Lt. Maynard and contacted the teams once they considered it safe for infiltration. Two Intelligence officers covered the front and side while other team members retrieved Lt. Maynard.
  • The Away Team found out that Kemocite, a mineral that has multi-physic isotopes of radiolytic compound, was detected as a creator of light source within the titanium pyramid. The beam of light shined from the mantel, created by underground reactions. When the Away Team detected armed guards drawing in on their location they transported back onto the USS Cutlass to avoid confrontation. Once systems were checked the USS Cutlass set a course heading back to the small asteroid. After retrieving Lt. Maynard from the pirates strong hold a fire fighting broke out with the pirates and the MACOs and the two Intelligence agents that had been covering the extraction team. An emergency beam out using transport enhancers was necessary. Lt. Maynard was in a delirious state and injured. The Dr. reported that Lt. Maynard was intoxicated with chemicals, scans showed it was a troilic compound. During the flight back the away team exchanged fire with pirates. The ship suffered a hull breach in one of the cargo bays. Some of the Kemocite that the away team brought aboard for further investigation was lost in the a hull breach.
  • Prior to the Away Team landing sensors detected phaser fire from the surface, pirates and Insilico Security were exchanging fire, no one detected the Away Team upon landing, leaving the area open for investigation. Beta team experienced two explosions from an undetermined source, Ensign Tennant Hyx suffered minor injuries and will make a full recovery. After completing their investigation the Away Team returned to a small asteroid where they waited to receive new orders from Command. Planetary communications and traffic are continuing to being monitored. The location the Away Teams investigated does not appear to be the actual home of the Toymaker but rather a safe house or staging area due to limitations of the living area. The INTEL shuttle remained disguised on the planets surface. The toymaker seems to be using the pirates to defend the territory. The Toymaker maybe trading arms for the pirates protection. The Toymaker does not seem to have the intent to kill UFS officers but only to mock them.
  • IAD recommends keeping Lt. Maynard and the INTEL shuttle hidden on the planets surface and continuing to search for more evidence of the Toymaker and his hidden location. The Toymaker used the UFS network to place kemocite bombs around the UFS. Possible site to site transport was used to place the bombs. Sensor networks should being thoroughly searched by recursive algorithms for any suspicions of the subjects trafficking. Planets containing the sources of kemocite should be investigated and residents questioned about transactions.
  • IAD further recommends that UFS Security began an investigation within Pinastri sector. Time indexes of the security cameras should be replayed and careful examined. The audio will need investigation into depth of background noise to distinguish possible whereabouts the Toymaker was at the point of making speech. It could be assessed that the subject is a UFS officer.
  • All personnel to be on guard and be vigilant for any activities that are outside the laws of UFS.