UFSI Report - Planet Pandora

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To: Lt (jg) Hidalgo Dorchester, Lt Toe Fermi

Author: Ensign Kazia Ravenheart

Report Title: Region Report Pandora Magic

Who: Lt (jg) Stephanie Imari

What: Planet Pandora contain species called the Na'vi. The Na'vi have separate clans in this world, they are Maguyuk, Tipani and Omatikaya. Humans are also involved in this world. They start as RDA newcomers and advanced to recruit, soldier, medical student / trainee researchers, doctors/ researchers and then RDA Avatars. As a blue avatar creature, entrance to the group, you would be known as a novice/eveng and the clan leaders will test you once they think your ready to be excepted into the clan. the upxare eveng are contenders researchers, these are the observers to the sky people who have inquisitive minds as they are curious. Tirey eveng are the most peaceful of the Na'vi and always eager to give Eywas and preserve the traditions and to pass on. A Taronyu Eveng is the tomboy of the Na'vi. Aggressive, fast and a good fighter,

Where: OUTWORLD INDUSTRIES Pandora Ava Pandora Outworld 101 155 44

Worn: Disguised as Na'vi species.

When: Stardate 100823.20:00

With: Human species have to wear breathing gear if entering the Na'vi worlds atmosphere. There are currently fourteen sentient species found in this world.

Report text: Once entered in the groups, you will be monitored and a path made out by the leaders. Full training will be given to the department you choose to be in.

Analysts comments: Groups are most likely to be split up. To recruit all in one group to the Na'vi will make them suspicious.

In Service Ensign Kazia Ravenheart ACE Department Chief | I2A2D